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Will Friedle at Wonder Con 2015! Finally!

Ok, I think my love for Will Friedle is getting out of control. It may be time to scale back a little. At the end of the day, I am an adult and have responsibilities to tend to…but then again, I ain’t got no kids so, fuck it! I love being able to just leave at a moment’s notice. He tweeted that he was going to be at Wonder Con 2015. My first thought was “Oh NOW you wanna go to Wonder Con? Not when I was there back in 2011? Not when you were a MAIN character for Thundercats?! Comic Con in 2012? 2013? What about ATX?” Sigh…checked my calendar, cancelled my appointment with my tax guy and rented a car. The panel was on Sunday morning so it was actually pretty perfect. I had lunch with some friends on Saturday that I couldn’t cancel…ok, if it was on Sunday, I probably would have cancelled. I’m such an asshole but they would’ve understood. Wonder Con is so chill on Sundays compared to Comic Con in San Diego. I actually really enjoyed myself this time. Well, Wonder Con was chill back in 2011 when it was still in San Francisco but since they moved it to Anaheim, I assumed it had gotten much bigger. Here is the Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts panel he was a part of:

Yeah, I dunno why Will didn’t correct his name. As a person who spent her whole life hearing people mispronounce her name and saying nothing, I finally realized the importance of correcting your name, because it matters, because I matter. Will, you matter. Anyway, so Will’s not even listed as a guest in the program schedule online so if not for Twitter, I would never have known he was there. Enjoy having Will on Twitter, guys. He won’t be there forever so just relish in it for now. However, Twitter has its disadvantages too. You’ll end up seeing pictures you don’t want to see, which is exactly how I know what that feels like and it is not a pretty feeling. I felt it the day after the GMW pilot taping that was cancelled. I was half a block away and he visited the set with Rider. HALF. A. BLOCK. AWAY!!! Right next to Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles, man! I never wrote about that experience due to the level of trauma it was for me. Ah well, what could I have done? Stood outside the gate waiting for him to come out? I’m not gonna do that. That’s borderline stalker-y and I’m not about that.

Although, I have to say that it was really fun to pretend onstage. That’s exactly what my Will Friedle pieces were about in “The Ladies & The Tramps.” I created an exaggerated character who goes above and beyond her fanaticism for Will Friedle and the pieces were dispersed throughout the show, creating an arc that resulted in pure satisfactory resolution and not to toot my own horn but it was brilliant and so fun to play. Lauren and I were in a piece called “Plan B” where we played a couple of crazy girls reenacting a scene from Napoleon Dynamite outside of an address that may or may not be Will’s house. That piece is so physical and always had me out of breath at the end. Apparently, audiences loved it too.


Anyway, my trip was good. No super dense fog this time since I went in the daylight so I didn’t have that “Omg, I’m gonna die out here” feeling that I did that first time. Luckily, all my friends are aware of my Will Friedle fanaticism so I just go to LA and stay with them anytime. The last time I went, I brought 30 It’s Its in a dry ice styrofoam container as a “Thank You for indulging my love for Will Friedle” present. In exchange, she is there to capture my exciting moments and here it is:

He said “I know this lady here” and my first thought was “Haha! I am soooo not a ‘lady’ but I’ll indulge you.” I can get pretty down and dirty. ;0) Y’know, he is just the sweetest celebrity ever and I hope everyone who wants to meet him gets the chance to because they will just love him even more. Will Friedle is a sweetheart like Cory Matthews so imagine that. He’s so gracious and kind and sweet and funny…okay, I’m super jealous. After we left, we went to grab food at the food trucks and while waiting for our food, Zane said “Look, there’s Will” and motioned behind me. I didn’t believe her of course but I turned around anyway and there he was. So, I slowly turned my head away back towards the food truck, hoping he didn’t see me. I know, you’re probably wondering why did I do that. Why didn’t I just talk to him? Well, after meeting so many celebrities, you just kind of know when to push forward and when to pull back. That was a pull back moment. Besides, he was with his gf or wife or life partner or whatever. What could I say?

There was just nothing I would’ve wanted to say to him unless he was alone so that I can embarrass myself on my own. I just, you know, normally, when I’m around celebrities, I’m really calm. Like when I met Jason Marsden? Super calm. No freak outs. On the inside, yes, freaking out a little bit but on the outside, nothing. Maybe that’s why he invited me to his Locker 13 premiere and yes, I totally went. He’s so nice too, not surprisingly. However, I dunno what it is about Will that makes both my insides and outsides just completely lose it and melt and I feel stupid afterward. When I’m normal, I don’t talk fast, I don’t smile all the time, and I don’t forget what I really want to say. I cut it out of the video but between my first pic with him and giving him the shirt, I completely forgot about the shirt until Zane reminded me and even then, I didn’t want to give it to him anymore but she forced me.

This is a list of things I wanted to say but didn’t:
1. “How are you?” Common courtesy, Ava. Common courtesy. You’re an asshole.
2. “I heard you’re writing your 3rd episode of GMW. What’s it about?” Not that he would have told me due to NDAs but I still would have liked to ask.
3. “Why did you take so long to return to GMW? Why not come back in the 1st season like Rider did?” I mean, I did have this theory that he spent a year revamping himself to return back to the 2000 version of himself through working out, shaving and cutting his hair but that’s just a theory. Would have loved to hear it from the horse’s mouth.
4. “What’s your writing process like? Do you use Final Draft?” My writing process involves waiting for inspiration, writing down funny things I hear in my phone so that I can revisit them later, and lots of time spent cooped up in my place, laptop open, and napping in between. Oh, and pencils. I like to write on paper with a pencil in a composition book. The sound of the pages turning after you’ve written on them, I dunno, something so serene about it.
5. “What’s your favorite Asian food? Have you tried Burmese?” I’m just genuinely curious because it’s one of my favorite Asian cuisines.
6. “Will you do the Feeny Call right now?” This should have been number one on my brain…but of course, we all know what was on my filthy brain so it was clouded. Completely clouded.

Ok, reflections. After watching that video of me and Will, I’ve concluded that I hella need to lose weight. No joke anymore. This is the last year that I will be overweight. I used to fantasize about my meeting with Will and in that fantasy, I am not fat, I am normal. Unfortunately, I don’t know what “normal” is but I can’t allow this to continue any further. Whether my theory is true or not, I choose to believe that if Will can do it, so can I. I joined a gym, bought a heart rate monitor, started eating cleaner and walking during my work breaks instead of surfing the web. Damn, I hella wanna challenge Will to a weight loss competition. That would SOOOOOOOOOOOOO motivate me. Haha!

More pics:





Sidenote: Just found out today that Will’s episode “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels” is going to air on 5/15! He tweeted the 14th but I guess he’s at happy hour and that’s ok. I can’t fuckin wait to hear what people say, especially the Boy Meets World fans. They are going to lose. Their. MINDS.

Weekend Shenanigans

My weekend was awesome.

Went to my first TEDx conference…
OxyTEDxIt was inspiring.

Got this awesome book at half the price…
Filmmaker's HandbookThis book is so informative!

Got invited to see Locker 13 & the Q&A afterward…
Locker13I really enjoyed this movie anthology. Plus, Jon Gries & Jason Marsden are in it!

Met Jon Gries…
Jon GriesHe made me pose like that. He’s so funny.

And had drinks with Jason Marsden & his friends…
Jason MarsdenI ordered a Shirley Temple!

The weekend ended with this awesome tweet from Jason.

I was flattered and floored by his compliments.

Life is awesome. And I thought nothing could beat 2013. I was wrong.


Really been bombarded with Will Friedle stuff on the internet the past few months and I must say, I don’t hate it. Here are some things that any Will Friedle fan would love to see:

Jeff started following me on Twitter and when I went to his page, I saw this:

Will Friedle & William Daniels

Will Friedle & William Daniels

Other photos I have found:

I’m sure this is from March 2013 when Will visited the GMW set with Rider. Ugh, this could’ve been me!

Old school photo of Will & Rider with Jeff

Jeff and Will at Vitello’s

Will at Mary Poppin’s 50th Anniversary with Rowan & Maitland

Also found another place to hear Will talking. Just Us Geeks Interview

And another one from Animation Fascination.

And this interview on The Brynne Project.

What I would give to be sitting right next to Friedle in that first picture. I wonder what he’s like in person. To be honest, I have heard/read so many interviews with Will that I almost feel like there is a script. I am starting to know his answer before he’s even said a word. They always ask pretty much the same questions.

“Oh hey Will, so uhhh, you were on Boy Meets World for a number of years and did some films. How did you end up getting into voice acting?”

“So you’re the voice of Bumblebee on Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters. How did that transpire?”

“What do you think of the Girl Meets World project? Are you going to be involved?”

“When you did Boy Meets World, did you ever think it was going to be this popular so many years later?”

Maybe I’m biased or jaded but if I had the chance to do an interview, I would ask the questions that I, as a fan, would really want to know.

1. Are you married?
2. If not, are you seeing anyone right now?
3. If not, what are you doing tonight? Can we hang out?
4. If I were to get in your car right now and your playlist comes on, what bands would I hear?
5. You’ve written some episodes of some cartoons, according to IMDB. What other forms of writing do you do and do you share them on the internet? I want to read your brain.
6. I bet the answer is no but do you have a blog under an alias, maybe Fred Wilhelm or something related to your name?
7. What kind of traveling do you like to do? Spelunking? Sandy beaches? Trekking through Europe?
8. When you write, what is your procrastination process like? Does it involve bubble wrap or youtube?
9. Would you ever attend conventions on any shows that you are on? I noticed you didn’t go to Comic Con when Thundercats was coming out. I know that through firsthand experience.
10. What is your favorite genre/film festival that you attend?
11. I hear you’re not very tech savvy. Have you ever made an online purchase?
12. What are you working on at the gym? Arms, obliques, quads, gluteus maximus or all of the above? *feels*

And those are the types of questions I would want to ask him. Not necessarily about the work he’s done but more about him. He’s an interesting duck there. I sincerely approve. Gotta go to the movies now, bye!

Inspirecreational Weekend

This weekend has been full of inspiration, recreation, and creativity all rolled into one. I am losing sleep each night and my schedule is going insane. Obviously, filming is going well. We shot a bloody killing scene on Saturday where we ended up spraying fake blood all over someone’s van. That was a serious cleanup job. It’s made of corn syrup so imagine syrup all over your vehicle’s interior. Imagine that? Yeah. Afterwards, I got to see my friend dance in a show called “Tagabanua” at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center. It was a beautiful show with great moves and some kick ass indeigenous Filipino music. Very inspiring, I have to say. It made me want to play kulintang again.

And Sunday, we shot a music video for the band, Seeking Empire. It was on their song “Fairytale.” I haven’t shot a music video since 2007 when I helped with Kiwi’s “Imagine” video so it was fun. This time, it was a lot different though because of all the extras that were there. I’ve never really been around so many model-type women and punk rocker dudes. The band was fantastic and the venue we shot the video at was fabulous too! I got to meet Paul Thomas, the bassist from the band Good Charlotte, so that was cool. I can’t wait to see the video when it is done being edited.

On Monday, I got to play a different side of me. I dressed up in goth to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a goth club called Death Guild. I’ve never seen myself look this way before. It was nice to hear that everybody loved my outfit. I have to admit, I loved it too. I wore a short black dress that had tulle for the skirt part. I wore a wide belt that had a corset pattern on it. I also had a lacy bolero on along with a black headband that had a black flower on top. I painted my nails blood red, wore dark cherry lipstick, fishnet thigh-his and as my guy friends would call it, a pair of “come fuck me” heels. I looked like a Goth Lolita. Overall, I had a blast playing dress up. It cost me a fortune though. I think I spent over $200 on everything but I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish so all is right in the world. I would upload a photo except it’s in someone else’s camera and I don’t have it yet.

Reflection: I never thought I would see the things I see in my life. I know I’ve said this before but it’s truly amazing what one can accomplish if you maintain your focus, passion and dedication. I think my only problem is thank there are too many things I want to do. Sticking to one thing doesn’t seem to be my shtick, given my history. I’m a jack of all trades and things can only get better from here. Thank you, Lord! I am feeling truly blessed to be.

Trip to LA

My Labor Day weekend was fantastic! Two of my friends, Judith & Lisa, were supposed to go to Universal Studios back in July but they had to postpone it to Labor Day. I had been wanting to go to Universal Studios ever since I watched Jason Marsden’s vacation video to Universal Studios Florida. While I couldn’t go to Florida, I figured Universal Studios Hollywood was the next best thing. Our plan was to drive down Friday, go to Universal Studios Sat, have dinner with our SoCal friend, Yvonne, & go to Universal again on Sun and go home Monday.

We went to rent an Intermediate car like a Chevy Cruze from Avis Rentals but when we got there, they upgraded us to an semi SUV for no extra charge! It was a Hyundai Santa Fe. Plus, with Avis, if you prepay upfront, it’s discounted so it’s like we got a super discount. Yay for saving money! We stayed at a low budget Travelodge in Burbank and arrived at 4 AM. Right away, we hit the sheets & fell asleep. All that driving took a toll on us even though I took a nap for about an hour.

Universal Studios was our first stop. It’s a lot smaller than I remember. Of course then again, I haven’t been there since 1995 so of course, things changed. My favorite part of Universal was the King Kong exhibit on the Studio Tour! The history goes that the King Kong exhibit was burned down in June of 2008. Peter Jackson, who produced/directed King Kong in 2005 & is also the producer/director of the Lord Of The Rings franchise, was brought in to remake the King Kong exhibit. I was beyond impressed! I took a video and you’ll probably hear me screaming throughout the whole experience trip, haha! It was all in 3D and I’m not talking about that crappy 3D you see with blue & red goggles. It was super realistic! I loved it, I wanted to go back! Peter Jackson should figure out a way to redo the JAWS exhibit. I also went to the Special Effects show which was exhilarating for me since I want to get into filmmaking. (ooh, remind me to talk about that later.)

After Universal, we met up with Yvonne to have a delicious Korean BBQ dinner! I LOVE Korean food. We ended up at Soowon Galbi BBQ in Koreatown. It was delicious! We decided not to get crazy so we just ordered 2 orders of bulgogi to share between all of us. Judith ordered a bottle of soju and drank most of it herself. I’m not a big alcohol fan so I only tried a little bit. I prefer Moscato. :0) Then we went to have some dessert and ended up at House of Pies where I ran into an old friend, Aldrich. I used to be Danny Kalanduyan’s teaching assistant for a music class that taught kulintang and Aldrich was one of the students. I wonder if he still plays. I miss playing kulintang. I’ll have to restart & remember.

Anyway, the next day, we decided not to go to Universal and head to the movies instead. Judith & Lisa wanted to see The Help and so did I. I found a theater on fandango near us so we went to the Arclight Sherman Oaks theater. We got there just in time. However, since we had never been there, we had no idea that the movie was $14.50 and assigned seating! What the hell! I was outraged. So, in our own defiance, we sat in seats that we were not assigned so there. Take that, Arclight! Haha! The movie was great!! But no movie is worth $14.50, ok? And that’s that. Afterwards, we didn’t know what to do so we searched the internet for activities and ended up at the Museum of Death. It was soul disturbing, to say the least. I never knew Freddie Prinze Jr.’s dad committed suicide. There were displays that made it seem like you were walking into a DOA scene. *shivers*

After we left the Museum of Death, we were so down & depressed that we needed to find something to do that would pull our moods back up. We decided that looking for the Hollywood sign would do just that! We found some directions online and followed the yellow brick road to Hollywood. So, you go to the corner of Franklin & Beachwood, you turn into Beachwood in the direction towards the mountains. There will be a sign saying No Access to Hollywood Sign but just ignore it and keep going. Eventually, you will get to a driveway and there will be a small parking lot up the hill. Then you have to hike your way up to the sign. We were not prepared to hike up all the way so we went as far as we could and took some photos from afar. After that, we decided to go get dinner. I was in the mood for pasta so I yelped it and made a reservation at a place called Osteria La Buca. We got there and were seated near the door. During dinner, Lisa & Judith noticed a guy outside with his girlfriend and they both realized it was David Anders from Alias & Heroes. I don’t watch much TV so I was like, “Who the fuck is that?” However, I was very entertained by their excitement.

That night, I went out and drove myself to Pink’s because I had been wanting to try their hot dogs for the longest time! I ended up with a Chili Cheese Hot Dog and it was delicious! All in all, my trip was a blast and I’m glad my friends let me tag along. I finally finished editing my video for the trip so instead of reading this whole thing, you could’ve just opted to watch it. I’m learning how to edit so bear with me! Damn, iMovie is super limited!

100 Monkeys in NorCal

Went to see 100 Monkeys again on Tuesday. I had a blast! So glad they came back. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen them. They also did an in-store appearance at Best Buy in Dublin, CA in the afternoon so it was a perfect day. I picked up Blanca at BART and we headed over to Best Buy. Of course, our natural NKOTB instincts were to go super early but turns out, it wasn’t all that necessary because people didn’t gather around much earlier. There were about 30 people there, I’d say. Afterwards, they did a signing and I got my Liquid Zoo CD signed. I asked them if they would sign it if I brought my “Girlfriend” script over to Slim’s and they said yes. “Girlfriend” is a movie by Justin Lerner in which 100 Monkeys participates in the soundtrack, not to mention that Jackson & Jerad are both in the film as well.

We headed over to Chinatown where we got to grab some dim sum and then we went to Brainwash Cafe and just chilled. Then we went to Slim’s, parked the car, & just waited. The show was exactly the way I remembered them. Energetic, passionate, and jammin’. What bothered me though, was that they had 3 opening acts and they played until 10:20 PM. 100 Monkeys didn’t go on until 10:35 PM. If they were going to have all these opening acts, I think they should have had them start earlier, around 6ish. Because of this, 100 Monkeys performed until past midnight. And it was a weeknight!

The opening acts that performed were Sioux City Kid, Finish Ticket & Bleeding Horse Express. To be honest, I really felt they should have had the opening acts begin around 6:30 PM instead of 8 PM. The opening performed until 10:20 PM. As much as I respect that they are helping out these bands, I think they should have given the audience some type of notice that this was going to happen. It was a weeknight, BART only runs until midnight, and it was standing room only. If I had a seat, things might have been different. I guess I could have sat at the bar but I was close to the front and it was difficult to remove myself from my spot because I was in the front. Enough said.

The show was amazing though, as usual. I was able to record some of it. For some reason, I wasn’t able to take very good photos this time around. I guess I’m a little rusty on my photography. I did what I could and left it at that. Finish Ticket was really good, I have to say. I fell in love with their music after the first song. I even recorded one of their songs! They were that good. I think this band is going be big someday. I can see girls falling in love with these boys, they’re adorable! I wish all the best for them.

Best Buy
100 Monkeys Best Buy

Best Buy
100 Monkeys Best Buy 2

Sioux City Kid
Sioux City Kid

Finish Ticket
Finish Ticket

Bleeding Horse Express
Bleeding Horse Express

100 Monkeys’ Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson

100 Monkeys’ Uncle Larry
Uncle Larry

100 Monkeys’ Jackson Rathbone
Jackson Rathbone

100 Monkeys’ Ben Graupner & Ben Johnson
Ben Graupner & Ben Johnson

100 Monkeys’ Jackson Rathbone & Jerad Anderson
Jackson Rathbone & Jerad Anderson

Girlfriend” script autographed by 100 Monkeys & Justin Lerner – It’s Jackson’s messy handwriting at the top, in case you were wondering
Autographed Girlfriend Script

“We’ll Be Okay” by Finish Ticket

“Shy Water” – one of my favorites

“Aim High” – new song

“Invisible Monsters” – one of my favorites

So every 100 Monkeys show, they do one improv song where the audience gets to pick the title of the song. So you can say anything & they might pick it. I could say “Christmas presents suck” or “Tupperware is for losers” or whatever & they might pick it. Then they improv on a tune & Jackson will make up the lyrics on the spot. They are just a bag of God-given talent.

Anyway, I’m really glad they chose “Don’t Be A Bitch” because I felt it was so fitting for the loud, cackling chick who was being rude. She kept claiming that the boots she saw below the projection screen were Jackson’s. The girl in front of my who could see below the projectin screen politely informed her that it was the lead singer of Bleeding Horse Express so that she wasn’t moded. However, she didn’t believe her so all night, she kept claiming that it was Jackson. Her cackling in my ear was horrible.Luckily, my ears were already blown so it didn’t matter. She would reach her arm over & flick the hair of the girl in front of me. So, I’m really glad someone gave that title for the improv song. It was the theme of the night. Thank you, whoever you are.

Don’t Be A Bitch


This year, I had the pleasure of going to my first Comic Con in San Diego. This is not a review of Comic Con, just a summarization of my experience. This was a birthday trip for my friend, Cheryl. I went with two of my BFFs, Cheryl & Marianne, and out of the three of us, I’d have to say I had the best time. I had gone to Wondercon back in April so I felt that that experience really prepared me for Comic Con. I made it a point to make this trip work for me so I looked through all the programming and found all the events I wanted to attend.

In order to avoid any kind of meltdown, I was prepared to stand in lines and sit through panels I wasn’t interested in so that I catch the ones that were of interest to me.

Key events I wanted to see were:
1) The Dungeon Master screening at the SDCC International Film Festival
2) The Thundercats premiere
3) Photoshop CS5 Demo
4) Comic-Con Film School 102: Production
5) Comic-Con Film School 103: Working with Actors & a Crew
6) Cartoon Voices II panel
7) An Evening with Kevin Smith

I caught all of these except for the Kevin Smith program because I had to choose between Kevin Smith or Photoshop as they were happening concurrently. Really glad I chose Photoshop because I learned a LOT. Now I have to get the program and start using it.

Anyway, the thing that really made this event for me was seeing The Strong brothers & their short film again and meeting Danielle Fishel & Jason Marsden. If it hadn’t been for them, I wouldn’t have considered my first Comic Con experience to be so spectacular. Reason being that I grew up seeing their faces on my TV, especially with Boy Meets World. Considering I had a Boy Meets World marathon(twice), for my birthday this year, it makes it even more special to see them in person. My heart is truly content right now.

The best part of seeing Rider & Shiloh was that I was shocked that they recognized me. After the Dungeon Master screening, Shiloh came up to ME to say hi. How weird is that?? I guess I should give them more credit. I told him I didn’t even think he remembered me. I didn’t take a photo with them because they were wearing the same thing they wore at the Sonoma Film Festival where I first met them and I didn’t want to embarrass them by posting a pic with the same outfit. Hey, we all have our “Go to” outfits. :O) I gave Shiloh a hug and he thanked me for his support but really, I should be thanking him and Rider. Their passion for creativity really inspires my own creativity as well. Marianne gave me the idea of asking Rider to sign my copy of Whiskey Island, a literary publication from Cleveland State University that published a short story that he wrote. I actually just brought it for Marianne to read. I didn’t think of getting it signed because I don’t usually like to ask for autographs but I thought it was a great idea so I asked anyway.

I walked around the floor and watched artists do demonstrations of their imagination. This one artist said that whatever creativity you want to make, just do it. When you are fueled by your passion to create something you think is beautiful, chances are, there are going to be other people who will also find your art beautiful. That hit home for me. I’ve never been the type of person to toot my own horn, to give myself credit, or to reveal the products of my creativity. I’ve been lectured over and over again about this by fellow artists but have still been unable to accept it. A good example is when my friend failed to put me down as Assistant Director in the credits for a video we shot & I was completely okay with that. However, the artist in me came to her senses and added my credits to it. Another example was when I was an understudy for a short stageplay and at the 1st rehearsal, the director, who is a fellow artist I truly admired and respected, said “Ava! You’re a REALLY GOOD actress!!” I was in complete disbelief and it was difficult for me to take her compliment. Why, I don’t know.

So after this weekend of being around so much art, magic & technology, I’ve decided to take my imagination, blow it up, and spread my ashes wherever there is a place for them. Whether it be monologues, scripts, jewelry, drawings, puppets, acting, films, comedy, etc., I’ll take responsibility; I’ll give myself credit; I’ll love it, own it, & work it.

Okay, I went off on a tangent. Back to Comic Con. I also wanted to meet Danielle Fishel and knew she was going to be at the Dungeon Master screening so I took a photo with her. God, I wish Comic Con had come 2 weeks earlier when I was 5 lbs. lighter. It really shows for me and I hate that. Damn gravity, you’re killing me! Anyway, Danielle was a sweetheart, she loved my NKOTB sweater. She was with Lea Palmieri, who is the producer for “Cocktails with Patrick” on Cosmo Radio. Lea was a sweetheart too.

On Sunday, I was able to attend the Cartoon Voice II panel (thanks to a generous friend) and see Jason Marsden in action. I had always wanted to see that in person and it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience! They did an example of a cold read with Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs and it was so titillating to watch live. I can see why these actors fell in love with voice acting. It could have been my imagination but I thought Jason waved at me in the beginning of the panel but then I thought, “There’s no way. He doesn’t even know me. Is there a famous person sitting behind me? Who is it?” But when I went up to him after all the crazy autograph hungry fans dissipated, the first words he said to me were “Hey Ava!” On the inside, my eyes got 10 times as big, my heart dropped to the floor and my brain exploded. I couldn’t believe he knew my name. He’s so much cooler & down-to-earth than I expected and I truly appreciated it, but my mind still thought, “OMGWTF! *THUD*” Hahaha! But luckily, I’m celebrity-jaded so all I could muster out was a smile and an undercover enthused “Hey.” How’s that for acting? No one knew that the younger me on the inside was jumping up & down, running all around in fangirl status so I’d say……WINNING! I later found out from Twitter that he was indeed waving to me so now, I feel like an asshole for not waving back. Hope he at least saw me smile. I had so much I wanted to say to him, questions I wanted to ask him but I kept getting interrupted by other people who wanted to talk to him. Ah well, that’s just the way it is and I was used to that. At least my wish came true!

I also got to check out The Aquabats show at House of Blues because my friend Amy, who works for The HUB Channel hooked us up with tickets. They are a very entertaining band, I must say, complete with spandex costumes, masks, and theatre-like superhero shenanigans onstage. Other highlights included delicious meals at Extraordinary Desserts, Cafe Zucherro, and Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza. Oh, and of course, the famous San Diego carne asada fries!! Got them at Santana’s, which is now Fresh MXN Food. Yes, had a dose of that at midnight and LOVED it!! Getting hungry just thinking about it. I also went shopping at a couple of bead stores & bought supplies (because y’know, might as well do business if you’ve got the chance).

The lowlights of my trip were:

1) feet were killing me. I need a foot massage now.
2) Will didn’t come. Too bad because I was ready to let him pound me into the ground. (hey, I’m allowed to throw my mind in the gutter every once in awhile.)
3) umm…that was pretty much it so nevermind. :O)

Here are some pics. Enjoy!

Some kind of Transformer? Voltron? I dunno
comic con robot

Dungeon Master panel
Dungeon Master Panel

Met Danielle Fishel (she’s a sweetie, so beautiful!)
Me with Danielle Fishel

Rider Strong autograph (I don’t usually do autographs but this short story was rare)
Rider Strong autograph

Aquabats Show at House of Blues
The Aquabats Show

Thundercats panel (watching the premiere episode gave me goosebumps, it was so good!)
Thundercats Panel

With Captain America
Me with Captain America

Met Jason Marsden (he’s super down-to-earth, very nice guy!)
Me with Jason Marsden

Cake from Extraordinary Desserts
Cake from Extraordinary Desserts

Forno Ziti from Cafe Zucherro (it was the BEST I’ve ever had!)
Forno at Cafe Zucherro

San Diego’s Famous Carne Asada Fries (got it at Fresh MXN)
carne asada fries

Going Home
Us at Airport in SD

Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs Cartoon Voices Panel

Part 1

Part 2

Dave Foley Event Update

I forgot to update on the comedy show I went to last Friday! It was so much fun! My friend and I went to eat at Cafe Zoetrope first. It’s owned by Francis Ford Coppola in the beloved Sentinel building. It was delicious! We also got to sit in Mr. Coppola’s booth! It was roped off but they removed it for us. That was sweet. I ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara and my friend got the Spaghetti & FFC Meatballs. I know, sounds boring but we loved it, sooooo delicious! My friend was wondering what an FFC Meatball was. Duh!! Francis Ford Coppola, my dear. I tasted it, spectacular! Thank you Mr. Coppola!

We walked over to the comedy club and watched 2 opening acts, one lady from a San Jose radio station (I can’t remember her name) and Brendon Walsh. They were both hilarious but it was Friday and well, the Friday night drop was in full effect. Too bad because I was in high spirits! Dave gave great insight during his bit about using derogatory names like “the N word.” He said that it was all about intent. I thought about it for a moment and he’s right, it IS all about intent. How you were raised and how you were educated is a clear indication of how you choose your words.

How you use these terms makes a big difference between all of our languages. Even if two people are speaking the same language, sometimes we will still hear different things. So you have to use your critical thinking skills and speak wisely. Otherwise, misunderstandings ensue, people take offense, possibly leading to broken friendships, broken noses, or in extreme cases, riots. :0P Yeah, that’s pretty extreme. English really isn’t a perfect language, is it? Either that, or we just haven’t mastered it yet.

I’ve had instances where people whisper the word “black” when describing a person and if you think about it hard enough, it really wasn’t a necessary whisper. If you whisper, it makes me think you have negative connotations attached to it. So for me, I would rather you shout it out, loud & proud, “I LOVE THAT SEXY BLACK GUY!!” or whatever you want to say. Thanks for the insight, Dave! :0)

Anyway, the best part of the night was that Dave signed my picture and also took a photo with me! I love him!

Gawd, why do I always press my face down, causing that double chin, when I cheese smile? Oh, because I’m super happy. Yay!

Dream Guy-It Was Just A Dream

(transcribed from an old diary I found, circa 1997-20 years old)

My Dream Guy

1. Honest
2. Sincere
3. Romantic
4. Someone who calls when he says he will
5. Someone who writes me letters just to say hello
6. Someone who calls just to tell me he’s thinking about me
7. Someone who remembers important dates with me
8. Brings me flower for no reason
9. Slow dances with me whenever & wherever it may be
10. Tells me I mean the world to him
11. Someone I can learn to love with
12. Someone I can share experiences with
13. Tells me things about him that he would never tell anyone else
14. Somoeone who makes me feel good about myself
15. Someone I can sleep with, as in just sleep
16. Be the first one I tell my joys & sorrows to
17. Gives me a reason to wake up in the morning
18. Tells me he loves me and truthfully means it
19. Squeezes my hand a little tighter when we hear our song play
20. Tells me he misses me when I’m not around
21. Pay attention to me when I’m speaking & remembers what I said
22. Lends me his jacket when I’m cold

After reading this, all I have to say is…


My Dream Guy (circa 2011-34 years old)

1. Smart
2. Creative
3. Ambitious
4. Has a big heart
5. Doesn’t need to talk to me everyday
6. Inspiring
7. Drama-free
8. Doesn’t expect me to cook dinner every night
9. Has good hygiene (clean teeth,doesn’t smoke,showers daily, etc.)
10. Loves trying new restaurants with me
11. Supportive

That’s all. Wow, slashed the list in half. Doesn’t take much to make me happy anymore. If I were to pick one from my 1997 list, it would have to be #11-some I can learn to love with. I think relationships are a growing process, never something set in stone. When I wrote that 1997 list, I must have been in lalaland. Back then, love was all a dream, somewhat of a treasure to behold. After going through years without it and seeing relationships around me fall apart, can’t say I’m all that enthralled by it anymore. I don’t even care if I ever fall in love again. If anyone can change my mind, well then I’ll be damned.

Celebrities who seem like the type of guy I would want to go out with (granted they were single & around my age):

1. Will Friedle
2. Paulo Costanzo
3. Topher Grace
4. Michael Cera
5. Dave Foley
6. Jason Bateman
7. Andrew McCarthy

Cute, but not for me:
1. Jensen Ackles
2. Jackson Rathbone
3. Bradley Cooper
4. Orlando Bloom
5. Keanu Reeves
6. Sam Worthington

Girls Weekend Getaway

Had a great Memorial Day weekend!! Unfortunately, I threw out my back and wasn’t able to really sit up and type until now. I thought I’d just post a brief summary of my short vacation. My friend is getting married and she wanted a girls’ weekend getaway so we decided to go to Monterey, CA. We rented a vacation home out in Prunedale instead of getting a hotel room as there were 6 of us and it was a better option for us to stay in one place rather than 2 separate rooms. The place was out in Prunedale, CA and I highly recommend getting a vacation rental if you have the money to do so. So much more private and convenient. We had a house all to ourselves that was fully equipped. There was a fully stocked kitchen, 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms, a living room with Direct TV, a dining room, a pool table, musical instruments (not that too many of us play), a hot tub, a dart board, a fireplace, a laundry room, and a basketball hoop. I loved every moment of it. I almost feel like I’m putting an ad to sell a house! haha!

We left Friday night and arrived at the place and went right to sleep. We were so exhausted from the ride. Saturday, we took a day trip down to San Simeon to go to Hearst Castle. We opted for Tour 3, which was the North side of the castle. I chose that tour because some of us had been to the castle already and some had not. Since none of us had done this particular tour, I figured it was best to choose something new. That was when we found out that this particular tour was coming to an end in June due to budget cuts. How sad for this to happen as this tour was absolutely beautiful. The rooms were gorgeous, even the bathrooms and stairwells were breathtakingly handsome. You can’t take photos with flash in there and I accidentally took a couple. I think the docent got upset with me at one point but was too much of a professional to yell at me. :0P After Hearst castle, we trekked back home to cook dinner for ourselves. Upon request, we made a salmon salad with a light citrus vinaigrette, and we also had a pesto linguini as our main course. And we had ice cream with pound cake for dessert. Ice cream is one of my favorites. I don’t know why I decided to eat whatever I wanted. I guess I really thought that since I lost weight on vacation eating whatever I pleased last time, that I would do the same this time. I can be quite illogical at times.

On Sunday, we were down to Carmel to have brunch at this place I found on Yelp called “Katy’s Place.” There was a 30 minute wait so I walked around and ended up buying a bra bag for when you need to wash your bra and keep it from getting damaged by the washing machine. I also ended seeing someone’s boob as she was putting on a wedding dress in the dressing room. I didn’t do it on purpose though. She just had a gap in the curtain and I was turning my head. I didn’t say anything so as to not make the situation awkward…I’m usually caught in awkward situations. At Katy’s, I ended sitting behind Nelson. I wasn’t sure it was them so I took to social media to try and find out. When we left, one of them had to get up and move so that I could get out and he was wearing a Nelson shirt. That’s when I was 100% sure it was them. I got the “Yes you can” vibe from him so I asked for a photo with them. I can’t tell them apart but I believe I was talking to Gunnar. He said, “How about a manwich?” and they stood on both sides of me while my friend snapped a photo. Apparently, they were on tour and had a show on Friday in Carmel, I later discovered.

Then we were off to Monterey’s Cannery Row and hung out over there. We rode surreys to kill time. A surrey is a type of bicycle cart that seats up to 6 people and 2 small kids. However, only 4 people can pedal. I felt like the Flintstone’s, riding around with our feet pedaling. It was hilarious because we were learning how to maneuver the vehicle and how to get everyone in sync at the same time. Pedaling for 6 people is difficult!!!! My thighs were burning after we finished. 3 of us went to get massages afterwards and 3 of us went biking riding. I chose to go bike riding as I don’t like people touching me. I now think I should have gotten the massage as that is probably how I threw my back out. Overexertion. I’m not exactly young anymore! After bike riding, we had dinner at Old Fisherman’s Grotto . I ordered a delicious Parmesan crusted Sea Bass that came with couscous and some vegetables. Then we headed to the movies to see Bridesmaids. This was my 2nd time seeing the movie and I loved it. There were storylines I wish they could have completed but it was still worth the $10 to see it.

The next morning was when we were scheduled to leave. While bending down to pick up a backpack, I felt my lower back suddenly drop and I became immobile. It was so painful and I was afraid I was becoming paralyzed. I don’t know what happened except that it must have been from all the pedaling I did the day before. All I can say is take care of your body, it’s the only one you’ll ever have. Even as I am typing right now, I am in pain and still out of commission. Anyway, and that was my “brief” summary of my weekend. Oh, and on my way home, I fell asleep and woke up just in time to catch a blue minivan on the freeway with the license plate “NK♥TB”. If I wasn’t in pain, I would’ve made my friend switch lanes so I can wave hello.

Here are some photos of my weekend:

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