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Sitcom Nights

I turned on the TV the other night and this new show, “Are You There, Chelsea?” came on. I was busy on the computer so I didn’t bother to change the channel as I am rarely interested in getting addicted to any new sitcoms that might be so hilarious that I have to pass up opportunities to hang out friends just to catch the show. Yeah, I don’t use a DVR. I was barely paying attention when all of a sudden, Ali Wong walked onto the screen! I was overcome with joy. I still remember watching Ali in a play at Bindlestiff Studio back around 2005 or so. I think it was called Sleeper.

It was such a great accomplishment to see someone from Bindlestiff onscreen, and on prime time no less. I have a dream that one day, Bindlestiff Studio will be like The Groundlings, nurturing artists & propelling them towards success. I never thought it would happen until I saw Ali. I am so proud of her for doing her thing. I just wish the show was casted differently. To be honest, I didn’t feel that Laura Prepon really captured the essence of Chelsea Handler. I wonder if she had ever watched Chelsea’s talk show. Even just watching it one, you truly get a sense of the crass & sarcastic nature of Chelsea. I didn’t really see that in Laura. If Chelsea’s personality were a 10, Laura is imitating it at about a 3. Maybe it’s just because it’s the 1st episode. I’m hoping it gets better as time goes on.

However, I applaud Laura for trying to take this character on. It’s not easy to play a character that already exists, much less performing side by side with your character’s real life persona standing right beside you. If it were me, I’d be wondering if she thought I was doing a good job, if she thinks I suck at playing her, if I’m saying it the way she would have said it. And I understand that Laura is probably just putting her own spin on her character but I think a lot of the audience would still be comparing the two.

I liked the characters but I did lose interest in the plot of the episode. Perhaps I was just too busy doing my AD work to pay enough attention. Although, the show I watched yesterday, Rob, starring Rob Schneider was so hilarious that it kept me from doing my work. I love comedies that get me that way. I haven’t seen a sitcom do that to me since Living Single or Martin. There is just something about ethnic humor that has a special spark to it. You either get it or you don’t. And even when you don’t get it, it’s still funny! I think I’ll be tuning in from now on just to see what else they come up with. Wow, I haven’t watched sitcoms since 2000. Epic.