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Twi-Hards Vs. Nerd Herds

My BFF sent me this article today. I just had to laugh. As much as I would like to blame Twi-Hards, it’s difficult to really pinpoint what was the exact reason the sight crashed during ticket sales. I mean, Comic-con IS the world’s biggest comic book convention after all.

Reasons could have ranged from overpopularity, Twi-Hards, movie buffs, curious georges, business, or in my case, birthday gift…okay, maybe it turned a little more into “good Will hunting” for me but still, it started as a birthday gift. :0P No matter what the reason was, one of the ultimate goals for this convention was to sell out and they did their job in that respect. It probably would have been less stressful for ticket buyers if Comic-con never announced the day tickets would go on sale but then again, they would have to keep the registration site live for that much longer. I don’t know if there are any fees or contracts involved between Comic-con and Ticketleap but if there are, maybe it’s just cheaper to have the site live for a few hours than to have it live for a few months. *shrug*

I’m just trying to justify the madness. All in all, it was a lot more satisfying getting those elusive tickets when I had to go through hell to get them. It will make the experience that much more worth it. I’d probably go through it all over again if I knew I was going to have the time of my life over there. Wouldn’t you? See ya there!


I never blog on the weekends but today, I just felt the need to share my thought for 5 minutes. This morning, I spent the greater part of my breakfast pressing refresh, resend, refresh, resend, refresh, resend and staring at my computer at this all morning.

I was trying to get Comic-con tickets for my BFF’s birthday present because that’s where she wanted to go. From 9 AM to noon, I went through excitement, sadness, frustration, anger, hopelessness, revitalization, insanity, jubilance and relief all in a span of 3 hours. I wanted to give up but since it was for my BFF, I couldn’t.

I thought buying New Kids on the Block cabins circa 2010 were bad but this was similar to that experience tenfold. In the midst of trying to buy tickets, I found out that Twilight folks might be there so it’s no wonder it was such a hot mess on the server this morning. When I was trying to buy cruise cabins, I was competing with probably about 50,000 Blockheads for 2,000 spots on the boat. However, I underestimated Comic-con ticket buyers because apparently, I’m competing with comic book enthusiasts, Twi-hards, cartoon lovers, convention freaks, and only god knows who else could be trying so hard to get into this building. I might as well have been competing with the world. I’m surprised the lettering hasn’t come off from my F5 button yet.

In the end, I ended up with a ticket to Thur, Fri AND Sat but I’m trying to get a refund for Thur because my BFF does not want to go on Thur. What’s in it for me? Well, I’m hoping Will Friedle falls into the category of Comic Book Enthusiast or maybe even Special Guest or Exhibitor and I can go and propose to him. It’s a slim chance but he’s well worth the risk. If not, hopefully I’ll get a glimpse of Jason Marsden if he goes, or even Jackson Rathbone if they really do come to Comic-con. He’s a nice substitute but he can’t replace my Will.

*UPDATE* In the middle of writing this blog, I just heard that Summit is planning on releasing a clip from Breaking Dawn Part 1 AND the cast of Breaking Dawn will be there too. Don’t know how true that is but either way, I’m still going to be running around look for Will Friedle. Sorry, it’s just not that big of a deal to me. Love ya, Jackson! :0P


My friend got me a ticket to go to the Supernatural Convention yesterday. I didn’t want to do the Photo Op as it was $129(!!!) so I just did the general admission. It was nice to see Jared Padalecki in person again and to see Jensen Ackles in person for the first time! They look exactly the same as they do on TV. The last time I saw Jared in person was at the taping of Ellen in 2005 when Supernatural just started!!

To be honest, I only went hoping to see if Will Friedle might go to something like this. Is he a fan of the show? Who knows. I guess my chances of catching him at a convention would be more likely at a gaming convention or Comic-Con.

Jensen & Jared were so hilarious together. Here is a photo of them together. And some shots of them imitating some dances they do sometimes while filming.

Aren’t they handsome? We left after Jensen & Jared left the stage. My friend took a photo with Jensen and said “He was like an angel.” I’m so happy for her because as much as I love him, I’d have to say she loves him much more than I do. Maybe now she can understand how I feel whenever I see NKOTB in person. It’s like no other feeling in the world.

Overall, if another Supernatural convention were to come around, I think I would go as long as I had the money. I’d even take the photo with Jensen maybe. But then again, they didn’t seem too sure if Supernatural was going to have a 7th season so who knows?

Okay, just ONE more shot. Is it just me or does Jared look like Matt Damon in this shot?