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Will Friedle in Wingman Magazine

Will recently posted about a Wingman magazine shoot that he did and I bought the digital copy and read the article. It was fantastic! Such a well-written piece about him and I enjoyed every word. I highly recommend buying it if you’re a huge Will Friedle fan. The digital copy is $4.99 and the print copy is $36.99. I was going to get the print copy but decided since I’m trying to live towards a more minimalist life, I should probably aim for the digital. So then I can access it anytime and anywhere. The magazine had photos of him wearing some kind of designer clothes but I have to admit, some of these outfits made him look like Inspector Gadget. Or maybe more like Eric Matthews, the good-looking detective. Haha! This is my favorite pic in the magazine which you could find in the Wingman Instagram as well. I love it because I love the way his hair sits on his temple just like it used to back in the day. And he has lost so much weight! I’m so inspired! He said in the article that it was thanks to exercise and Nutri-system! They should have him be a spokeperson. There aren’t enough male spokepeople for weight loss programs.

Will Friedle

Anyway, what intrigued me the most about the article was that they mentioned he was going to be filming a movie in the summer!! WHAT?!! My jaw literally dropped. I’m so excited. I have to admit, I stopped writing about Will after he got married out of respect but I can’t hold my excitement any longer! How can I not express this abundance of absolute joy? I’ve been waiting to see him in front of the screen or the longest time. Do I even care whether it’s in the theatre, streaming on Netflix or pay-per-view (does this even exist anymore?)? No. I just like that he is able to overcome his anxiety and perform onscreen again. This makes me so elated. And he also mention at New York Comic Con that he and Danielle Fishel had written something that they were shopping around! How exciting! You can find that interview here:

On another note, Will should have a website with his future appearances so that us fans can plan ahead! I would have loved to have been able to go to all those con appearances he was at but finding out just days beforehand doesn’t make for the best flight prices for someone who doesn’t normally attend these types of events. Speaking of conferences, I’ve been completely immersed in watching all of the interviews Will is partaking in and I am absorbing every word. I’m like a sponge. I’m at the point where I could probably answer the repetitive questions he’s always hearing! His favorite episode? The Scream episode. How did he get the part? Cuz he was taller than the original actor who was cast as Eric. Why did you leave acting? Anxiety. It’s all very similar in each interview which is why I enjoy the one-on-one interviews much more. I even noticed that sometimes, his story about filming the last episode of Boy Meets World changes when he talks about it. He said in one interview that he filmed the last day of Boy Meets World and also recorded the last episode of Batman Beyond on the same day. In another one, he said the recording was on the next morning. And in another one, he said Boy Meets World filming was the next day but all in all, you get the gist of it.

Ok, that took more than 5 minutes to write. Lots to say but I’ll save it for another post! In the meantime, I have some research to do!

Girl Meets World Premiere Week!!

*Stretching my eyes*
This whole week has been wonderful. I feel like I got to revisit the year 2000. Those were some good times. I was 23 years old, discovering myself, and I took with me all the life lessons Mr. Feeny had taught me and ventured into life with my most fiercest face forward. Being able to see a favorite childhood character get revived is a very special feeling that cannot be replaced. I got that same feeling with NKOTB reunited in 2008.

Just for fun, I jotted down my thoughts right after each episode of GMW Premiere Week and decided to share. Here we go.

Girl Meets Gravity
I was a bit surprised that they went right into the topic of death so early! However, it was a light character so it didn’t hit too hard but still, it got me to feel sorrow, especially when they had that scene in the end where Cory calls Mr. Feeny. Ooooohhhh, I think that really hit deep and got the episode’s lesson ingrained into the audience. I can tell there will be a sense of growth in the show from all the characters. Oh! And the 4th wall! Breaking it is always fun. I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode.

Girl Meets The New World
I remember Michael Jacobs once saying that if the audience doesn’t end up caring about what happens to the characters, then they did not do their job. I have to admit, I only really looked forward to the episodes where the old BMW characters would visit and I only really watched the rest of the episodes in order to keep up. There were hits and misses but after watching this episode, I would say that I finally do care about the GMW characters now. They did a fantastic job of capturing the awkwardness of Riley and Lucas’ forced relationship. I feel like Lucas looks a bit old to be in this class though. He needs to stop working out cuz he’s starting to look like a high school senior. Anyway, I loved the scene where Lucas asked Riley about sports and she was like no at first and the way Lucas responded made it seem improvised. I didn’t even feel like he was acting at that moment, it seemed like a real conversation. It was so cute when Riley exposed her hardcore Knicks love and Lucas was so impressed. This was a terrific episode showcasing how you don’t have to be something you’re not just because people expect you to be. I wish I had learned that lesson a long time ago.

Girl Meets The Secret Of Life
I really really loved this episode…and it didn’t even have any Boy Meets World characters in it! This is so great. Finally, I am watching this show and feeling like it is starting to get that Boy Meets World feel that was somewhat missing in Season 1. My favorite scene was the car wash part where Lucas has a bucket over his head and Riley says something along the lines of “You are the first boy I’ve ever liked and that is a big deal. You have to tell me if you’re worth it. ARE YOU WORTH IT?!” And he finally responds under the bucket “Yes.” That was effin beautiful. A guy telling a girl he is worthy of her love. That scene had many layers to me. That Zay guy, I dunno about him. He’s a bit annoying. There seems to be a bigger agenda for his role so I guess we’ll wait and see. Opps! And it’s like they were reading my mind cuz they addressed why Lucas looks so much older than everyone! Ahhh, okay. He’s a year older.

Girl Meets Pluto
Mr. Feeny!!! I can’t believe he’s still around. He’s 88!! He’s like everyone’s favorite grandpa. It would have been nice if the kids got a taste of what Feeny was like to Cory by having them interact more. The part where Riley and Maya did the Feeny Call did not really sit well with me though. Umm, nobody does the Feeny Call except Will Friedle. Everybody knows that so I really don’t understand why that happened. I noticed that Ben and Danielle kind of act a little bit different whenever Rider is on set. They seem less campy and more natural like in Boy Meets World. I mean, there is still a little bit of campiness and I could totally be imagining it but I feel like Ben brings out a different version of Cory when Rider’s in the house. He’s Cory circa 1995, not circa 2015. He’s dorky like 1995 Cory and not zany like 2015 Cory. Why is that?

Girl Meets Mr Squirrels
Omg, I melted. I’ve been vocally anticipating his return to onscreen acting for the last 5 years. And I suspected that whenever he did return, he was going to nail it the way he did back in the day. And he delivered. Boy did he deliver. I mean, I know I saw it already back in December but seeing it all come together and reading tweets that people were saying and trending #GirlMeetsMrSquirrels/#ProudOfWill just made it 10 times more enjoyable. #ProudOfWill is a hashtag that this tweeter named @JonaAlmostFame created to show Will how proud we are of him for coming back onscreen in spite of his anxiety attacks. I thought it was a great idea because Will could see how much we all missed him and love him.

I don’t know how he does it. It’s like no matter how ridiculous Will’s choices are for Eric, we’re sold. We’re on board, we’re convinced, we believe everything. There’s no doubt in our minds. How is this possible? Oh because Will’s amazing and everybody effin knows it. I’m glad Will got to see all the love he was getting on Twitter. He deserves it and he should know it. I wonder what kind of tweets he would be getting if Twitter existed back in the 90s. My favorite part got cut though, sad to say. They did like 7 takes on this scene in the hallway. It was a pick up shot of Will echoing what Lucas was saying. I think Will says to Cory something like “Do you think it’s easy being me?” and he does this hair flip thing which I feel like he had done in Boy Meets World but I can’t remember which episode. And then Cory responds with “Shut up” I think. And I remember every take they did, Will did something different and it was hilarious! I had wondered which take they were going to choose but the whole scene was cut. Aw well, that’s ok. The editors had their reasons. I saw that they kept the take with the continuity issue that I noticed at the taping but whatever. I’m probably the only one who noticed. Will made this episode so funny and I relished in all the references made to Plays With Squirrels. He slipped right back where he left off, not missing even one beat. That’s Talent. I can’t wait to see what he does in his other episodes.

I wore my Plays With Squirrels shirt to celebrate the day. Ooh, it fits a little looser now. Thanks Will. ;0)

Every time Will ends up on my Yahoo feed, I smile…and take a picture. I know, I’ve got problems. It’s called archiving! :0D

Watched the show at my friend’s house. Plays With Squirrels is kinda hot, don’t you think? Lookin like a sexy Jesus. Go on, babe. Yeah, you rock that big stick. Mmm hmmm…

I don’t know what it is about that independently raised left eyebrow. I find it incredibly hot. I just wanna trace it with my finger and kiss it. *shivers*

I love seeing these guys together. Did you know that if they hug each other, all things will be right in all the world? Yeah, it’s true.

You know, that is the exact same shirt he was wearing Last Night. WEIRD!!!

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Return of the Will

Okay, I can’t ignore my blog anymore. Too much BMW stuff going on! And of course, I am always looking for Will Friedle, my favorite man in the entire universe. Here are some things I’ve collected over the week. :0)



Found an awesome Will Friedle Podcast Interview!!

Here is a video from Good Morning America of the Boy Meets World Cast Interview

I just want to say to the people who were saying things like, “Where’s his neck?” for Will’s picture he took when he visited the Girl Meets World taping, you are crazy. He’s shrugging his shoulders. He will always be beautiful to me. I’ve been missing this man for years and someday, I hope to meet him. I don’t even care if he’s walking around in Crocs and sweatpants. I love him. ^_^

Also saw this adorable trivia interview he did with Lily Nicksay.

I Love Boy Meets World

For some reason, I can’t stop watching this.

My favorite Eric Matthews moments:

1:33 “Fe-he-he-heeny! OW!! Wa-w-w-wa-what-what?!! Oww!!”
2:49 “distinguished like a flickering flame…OWWww, that hot.”
4:52 Eric stuffs a slice of pizza in his mouth
9:49 “So in conclusion, watches, chocolate, cheese…ladies & gentleman, we give you, the Swiss.”

It’s not enough for me to just show you how funny these moments are but to say the least, Will Friedle delivers every line, every movement, every ad lib PERFECTLY. He’s so in tune with his character, I’m almost convinced that they could possibly be one and the same. His comedic timing is of utmost precision. I wish he did not retire from onscreen work. At the least, I would LOVE to see him at the SF Sketchfest. He would have brought the house down! Alas, I have little hope that I will ever be able to see Will on my television once again. If only he were on Twitter, Facebook, or some kind of social network out there, I would start a campaign to urge him back onscreen & let him know he is loved. I’m sure he has some sort of following that is missing the laughter he brought us so many years ago. Thank you Will, for making so many of us smile, then and especially now. We miss you.