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SF Street Food Fest

I don’t have to explain. I just have to enjoy.

Sweet Potato Pie Waffle
sweet potato waffle

Beef Piroshki
beef piroshki

Kalbi Sausage
Fear the sausage

Cinnamon Brittle & Black Sesame

Good Food, Good Times

A drive for 2.5 hours in the pouring rain to get to a 1.5 hour dinner at a French restaurant has got to be worth it to make the trip. La Gare was cozy, the service was friendly, and the food was delicious. Although I went to get the $29 prix-fixe menu that was available for Sonoma County Restaurant week, I actually ended up ordering from their regular menu and have no regrets.

I got the Beef Wellington! I’ve always wanted to try this dish ever since I first heard Julia Child mouth these words and it made me curious. I don’t know, I have this weird fascination with wanting to eat foods I see on TV shows/movies. Not really on cooking shows but actual sitcoms or movies on TV or theaters. Because of this fascination, I’ve tried countless items including Peanut Butter with Marshmallow sandwiches (Who’s the Boss?), Bananas in Milk (Sesame Street), Boeuf Bourguignon (Julie & Julia), and Braciole (Everybody Loves Raymond).

I have a love/hate relationship with food. However, I love it more than I hate it, which is why I had a blast last night even though A) the torrential rain I drove through tried to kill me, B) the food is everything that is against my diet, and C) I was wearing heels that were bound to cause a fall in the soaking wet environment I was wallowing in. No mother nature bitch fit was going to stop me from having a good meal. There is just something about food that brings people together at any gathering. It can act as a matchmaker, an educational tool, a definition of oneself, a form of entertainment, or even a form of torture depending on how you look at it.

One equation I’ve always gone by: Good food + good company = a great time. Here are some pics of our meals:

Pea soup – perfect size, won’t fill you up

Butter Lettuce Salad – my favorite lettuce of all time, like velvet on your tongue

Beef Wellington – with pate & ham, carrots, green beans, & country potatoes

Fettuccine Alfredo – made with the most pungent of french cheeses. The French are famous for cheese, you know. ;0)

Coq Au Vin – Chicken in red wine with mushrooms, rice & veggies. Very tender meat.

Chocolate Caramel Dome – This was delicious. Chocolate sponge cake with caramel & chocolate mousse, creme brulee, coated in chocolate ganache, sitting in a pool of raspberry sauce & creme anglaise. Oooh, did you get goosebumps?

Happy New Clear

Allright, it’s a new year and I know everyone is going to be starting their New Year’s resolutions. I, on the other hand, have decided to start my DISsolution. I am going to dissolve my unhealthy relationship with none other than….food. Sorry food, we’ve had good times, we’ve had bad times. You were there for me when I was happy, sad, bored, emo, and sought comfort. But today, I have decided to break up with you because our relationship has gone from unhealthy to YOU’RE KILLING ME!!!! I can’t keep up with you anymore!! You’re there everywhere I go, you’re always trying to falsely console me with your sweet side, and you never apologize when you’ve overwhelmed me. I always end up feeling full of regret for giving in to you. So there it is. We no longer need to continue this relationship. We no longer need to keep pretending like you are good for me because frankly, you’ve never done anything but make me sick.

Moreover, I would also like to add that from now on, I will look at you with open eyes, a clear vision, and I will not give in to your sweet whisperings of how succulent you are, or how sweet you might be, or what a delight you are in bed. I am stronger than you. My goal is to rid my body of the lingering evils that you have bestowed upon me. I curse your versatile shape-shifting form and I promise myself that I WILL recognize when you are even remotely trying to weasel your unhealthy ways back into my life. I am not your slave anymore so take your high fructose corn syrups, your complex carbohydrates, and your refined sugars out of my temple and shove it up your funnel cake!! KAPOW!!

Buffet Spree

Yes, I ate this crap last night. Stop judging me.

Stuff it, buffet

Okay, I have been reading health magazines all my life.. I know virtually EVERYTHING there is to know about dieting, health, fitness, etc. So WHY am I still overweight? Why don’t I just DO it already?? Last night, I hate to admit it but I indulged in some serious Korean BBQ buffet. It was sooooo delicious. How I felt afterwards was not so yummy. I wanted to keel over & pass out in the driver’s seat.

What is it with me & buffets? So my bff & I have decided to make a pact: no buffets for at least 2 months!! Okay, I lied. No buffets for 2 months except once. You have a free pass to use wisely so I have to use it VERY wisely. The thought of being able to eat whatever I want without my bill going higher than it already is is so appealing to me. I don’t usually think in terms of getting the bang for my buck but I do think in terms of wanting to taste that extreme delicious food without having to worry how much I will have to pay for it later.

Buffets: bad
Save money: good
No money: even Steven

P.S. Who the hell is this Steven anyway?

I Answer To Food When Food Is Not The Answer

I don’t know why I do this to myself but I am constantly eating food just to eat. I’m not necessarily hungry per se, just want to eat. I just want to chew on something delicious & swallow it. Even when I’m full, I still want to eat!! What is my damn problem? It’s causing me to be overweight & I have yet to do anything about it.

I think I’m just bored. Because really, if I want to entertain myself, food is not the only solution….but it’s the only solution I LIKE!! I have a love hate relationship with food. No joke. When I go to restaurants, I want a taste of EVERYTHING!! Rachael Ray is living my dream life. How can I live her life? What steps can I take to get to that point? Looks like I will have to do some research.