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More (or less) Than Friends

Have you ever been in love with a good friend? It sucks because you can’t really say anything because if you do, you risk the chance of making things awkward but if you don’t, you never know if it will be awkward or awesome. The last time I told my friend I was in love with him, he was already married. I wasn’t in love with him any longer at the time but it was nice to finally be able to tell him how I felt, freely & honestly. I remember crying incessantly in front of him because I was so upset that he couldn’t see that we should have been the ones getting married. I remember him having no idea why I was crying because most of the time, guys are completely clueless. It wasn’t until a year later that I finally told him why I was crying. It’s just sad that I had to wait until I was over him to finally tell him. Of course by then, it was already too late. Now, we barely even talk anymore. How bout that, an actual true moment of “I Love You Came Too Late”. Thanks for that Joey McInytre. How about next time this happens, I just stake my claim on the guy & propose? Think that’s a good idea? :0P

My Protective Heart:
No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. In fact, that’s a horrible idea. If we did that, we would expose ourselves to hurt, rejection, possibly a broken me. Let’s NOT say ANYTHING and just admire from afar. That way, we are safe.

My Crazy Heart:
Ooooohhhh, do it!! Tell him! Let’s see what happens! It doesn’t matter what he says, at least you got it out of your system and you won’t have to wonder about What If…