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Girl Meets World Canceled

I can’t even put into words how disappointed I am with Disney for canceling Girl Meets World. It is a really great show and it has really great role models on here which frankly, the world really needs right now. I know I haven’t really been keeping up with GMW as much as the younger fans who are completely destroyed right now but that’s what’s supposed to happen. I had my Boy Meets World and now they have their Girl Meets World. I’ve been trawling the internet on Girl Meets World articles and reading all the comments and I feel completely helpless for these young fans who didn’t get to have their show continue through their childhood like I did. I was always one of those that watched the latest episode way after the fact. I don’t own a TV so it’s a little more difficult for me.

The best thing about this show was that it produced positive role models for young kids today and it didn’t “kardashianize” anyone to make them act like someone they’re not. It was relatable, entertaining, humorous and fun to watch. I don’t want to believe that this is truly the end of Girl Meets World. I want to believe that the public outcry and fan reaction is enough to get Disney to give it a second thought. Or if anything, it would be great if Netflix would pick it up and they could tackle topics they couldn’t before when they were on Disney.

Anyway, I guess all I can do right now besides sign petitions, tweet at Netflix & Disney Channel and share my dismay on articles is enjoy the last three episodes coming up in January for the next three Fridays. :0(

Still Got It, Never Lost It

No, not talking about my cell phone. That’s still in Paris, France. GAH!! Can we talk about Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes To Washington right now??!! I admit, I didn’t get the chance to watch it live but scrolling through all the laughers and the cryers on social media, I felt like I kind of spoiled it for myself. I knew I wasn’t going to react to it the same way I would have if I didn’t read about other people’s reactions. So I woke up this morning and watched it and oh my god, puddles. It got me feeling like I was watching Boy Meets World again, a show that had COMPLETELY disregarded its label as a “sitcom” and decided to become a “sitdram” and make people cry and feel things and be open to new ideas. I would LOVE to live in a world where Eric Matthews made decisions for the future of the children. He has his heart in the right place. I love that line that Tommy(played by the original JB Gaynor) said: “Eric Matthews sacrificed himself for the future of a child. You sacrificed the future of children for yourself, Senator.” That one sentence spoke volumes of what the message was for me.

At one point or another, the line between kid and adult is so thin and I agree, a number should not determine whether or not you can make decisions for the future. Why can’t they have polls where teens can vote too? At least on issues that affect them? Some of my friends’ kids are teenagers and they are some of the most intelligent, compassionate and open-minded people I’ve ever met. I can envision them making decisions that are wiser than an “adult.”

I also really enjoyed the tag back to the “Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow” episode when Eric wore that green bathrobe and had that split chocolate milk. Ahhhh, nothing’s changed in his world. And for those who have never seen the original version, here you go.

Sigh…Will. After all these years, you never lost the capability to affect me. Yeah, you’re really good-looking and lookin good and good at making people laugh whether it’s intentionally or unintentionally. In addition, I remember really being able to see your range when you did that episode where you couldn’t adopt Tommy and I was floored. I can still remember that moment when you wrenched my heart and made me cry. This expression right here captured so much and gave me so many feelings I couldn’t even contain.
And then 16 years later, Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes To Washington comes along and they hit me in the face with this hug.
Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 9.33.13 AM

Oh god, I hope there is a season 3. I really feel like they were planting seeds with this episode. Did you see that scene where all the phones went up? Brilliant. That is exactly what happens in today’s society. I saw a lot of people saying they want Will to be a regular cast member. As amazing as that would be, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I know there are a lot of people who thought Will has been literally sitting on his ass doing nothing since Boy Meets World ended in 2000 but he is actually quite the favorite in the voice acting world. At the time when he did that episode with Tommy back in 1999, I do believe he had already dipped his foot into voice acting as Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond. He even revealed himself as such in “The Truth About Honesty” and if you watched Batman Beyond, you would have gotten the entire irony of the joke.

I just love it when they do that.

If anyone is interested in hearing Will voice act, you can watch Transformers: Robots In Disguise as Bumblebee (yes, he talks now!) on Cartoon Network right now.

In September, You will be able to catch him in the animated series of Guardians Of The Galaxy as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord on Disney XD.

And if anyone went to San Diego Comic Con 2015, hopefully you got to meet this wonderful man there. I would love to see your pictures!

Here are a couple of interviews he did at San Diego Comic Con 2015. Enjoy!

Comics Online

Oh and if you’re looking for the events he’s talking about, I believe it was Wizard Con and RICC, although I could be wrong.

Girl Meets World Premiere Week!!

*Stretching my eyes*
This whole week has been wonderful. I feel like I got to revisit the year 2000. Those were some good times. I was 23 years old, discovering myself, and I took with me all the life lessons Mr. Feeny had taught me and ventured into life with my most fiercest face forward. Being able to see a favorite childhood character get revived is a very special feeling that cannot be replaced. I got that same feeling with NKOTB reunited in 2008.

Just for fun, I jotted down my thoughts right after each episode of GMW Premiere Week and decided to share. Here we go.

Girl Meets Gravity
I was a bit surprised that they went right into the topic of death so early! However, it was a light character so it didn’t hit too hard but still, it got me to feel sorrow, especially when they had that scene in the end where Cory calls Mr. Feeny. Ooooohhhh, I think that really hit deep and got the episode’s lesson ingrained into the audience. I can tell there will be a sense of growth in the show from all the characters. Oh! And the 4th wall! Breaking it is always fun. I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode.

Girl Meets The New World
I remember Michael Jacobs once saying that if the audience doesn’t end up caring about what happens to the characters, then they did not do their job. I have to admit, I only really looked forward to the episodes where the old BMW characters would visit and I only really watched the rest of the episodes in order to keep up. There were hits and misses but after watching this episode, I would say that I finally do care about the GMW characters now. They did a fantastic job of capturing the awkwardness of Riley and Lucas’ forced relationship. I feel like Lucas looks a bit old to be in this class though. He needs to stop working out cuz he’s starting to look like a high school senior. Anyway, I loved the scene where Lucas asked Riley about sports and she was like no at first and the way Lucas responded made it seem improvised. I didn’t even feel like he was acting at that moment, it seemed like a real conversation. It was so cute when Riley exposed her hardcore Knicks love and Lucas was so impressed. This was a terrific episode showcasing how you don’t have to be something you’re not just because people expect you to be. I wish I had learned that lesson a long time ago.

Girl Meets The Secret Of Life
I really really loved this episode…and it didn’t even have any Boy Meets World characters in it! This is so great. Finally, I am watching this show and feeling like it is starting to get that Boy Meets World feel that was somewhat missing in Season 1. My favorite scene was the car wash part where Lucas has a bucket over his head and Riley says something along the lines of “You are the first boy I’ve ever liked and that is a big deal. You have to tell me if you’re worth it. ARE YOU WORTH IT?!” And he finally responds under the bucket “Yes.” That was effin beautiful. A guy telling a girl he is worthy of her love. That scene had many layers to me. That Zay guy, I dunno about him. He’s a bit annoying. There seems to be a bigger agenda for his role so I guess we’ll wait and see. Opps! And it’s like they were reading my mind cuz they addressed why Lucas looks so much older than everyone! Ahhh, okay. He’s a year older.

Girl Meets Pluto
Mr. Feeny!!! I can’t believe he’s still around. He’s 88!! He’s like everyone’s favorite grandpa. It would have been nice if the kids got a taste of what Feeny was like to Cory by having them interact more. The part where Riley and Maya did the Feeny Call did not really sit well with me though. Umm, nobody does the Feeny Call except Will Friedle. Everybody knows that so I really don’t understand why that happened. I noticed that Ben and Danielle kind of act a little bit different whenever Rider is on set. They seem less campy and more natural like in Boy Meets World. I mean, there is still a little bit of campiness and I could totally be imagining it but I feel like Ben brings out a different version of Cory when Rider’s in the house. He’s Cory circa 1995, not circa 2015. He’s dorky like 1995 Cory and not zany like 2015 Cory. Why is that?

Girl Meets Mr Squirrels
Omg, I melted. I’ve been vocally anticipating his return to onscreen acting for the last 5 years. And I suspected that whenever he did return, he was going to nail it the way he did back in the day. And he delivered. Boy did he deliver. I mean, I know I saw it already back in December but seeing it all come together and reading tweets that people were saying and trending #GirlMeetsMrSquirrels/#ProudOfWill just made it 10 times more enjoyable. #ProudOfWill is a hashtag that this tweeter named @JonaAlmostFame created to show Will how proud we are of him for coming back onscreen in spite of his anxiety attacks. I thought it was a great idea because Will could see how much we all missed him and love him.

I don’t know how he does it. It’s like no matter how ridiculous Will’s choices are for Eric, we’re sold. We’re on board, we’re convinced, we believe everything. There’s no doubt in our minds. How is this possible? Oh because Will’s amazing and everybody effin knows it. I’m glad Will got to see all the love he was getting on Twitter. He deserves it and he should know it. I wonder what kind of tweets he would be getting if Twitter existed back in the 90s. My favorite part got cut though, sad to say. They did like 7 takes on this scene in the hallway. It was a pick up shot of Will echoing what Lucas was saying. I think Will says to Cory something like “Do you think it’s easy being me?” and he does this hair flip thing which I feel like he had done in Boy Meets World but I can’t remember which episode. And then Cory responds with “Shut up” I think. And I remember every take they did, Will did something different and it was hilarious! I had wondered which take they were going to choose but the whole scene was cut. Aw well, that’s ok. The editors had their reasons. I saw that they kept the take with the continuity issue that I noticed at the taping but whatever. I’m probably the only one who noticed. Will made this episode so funny and I relished in all the references made to Plays With Squirrels. He slipped right back where he left off, not missing even one beat. That’s Talent. I can’t wait to see what he does in his other episodes.

I wore my Plays With Squirrels shirt to celebrate the day. Ooh, it fits a little looser now. Thanks Will. ;0)

Every time Will ends up on my Yahoo feed, I smile…and take a picture. I know, I’ve got problems. It’s called archiving! :0D

Watched the show at my friend’s house. Plays With Squirrels is kinda hot, don’t you think? Lookin like a sexy Jesus. Go on, babe. Yeah, you rock that big stick. Mmm hmmm…

I don’t know what it is about that independently raised left eyebrow. I find it incredibly hot. I just wanna trace it with my finger and kiss it. *shivers*

I love seeing these guys together. Did you know that if they hug each other, all things will be right in all the world? Yeah, it’s true.

You know, that is the exact same shirt he was wearing Last Night. WEIRD!!!

Random Videos

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Will Friedle on Eric Matthew’s Outlook On Life

Will Friedle on the Similiarities Between Him and Eric

Will Friedle Roundup

A collection of all things Will Friedle have been floating around online. Oh, I just love it. I’ve been showing recent pics of him to my friends and also seeing his pics online and most of the comments were something along the lines of “Oh my God! He looks the same!” See? Frozen.

I like how he was completely thrown off by this voice actor, Jon Bailey.

Anthony Tyler Quinn joined Instagram and seems he’s really getting the hang of it!

Other pics I’ve found online. Maybe you’ll recognize yourself! The internet is truly a vast and perpetual space of randomness but some pics are from a few years ago and if you compare them to the more recent pics, you can see how different Will looked back then. Seems he worked pretty hard to bring back Eric Matthews, circa 1999 and he obviously succeeded.











Damn. I have more pictures in my phone of Will Friedle than I do of my family. Anyway, here’s an interview he did with Comic Book Resources.

There’s been a lot of buzz about Mr. Feeny and Eric Matthews coming to Girl Meets World next month and I am super excited for fans to see it. I haven’t seen Mr. Feeny’s episodes but I trust it will be wonderful and satisfying. I’m actually quite concerned about seeing comments from Boy Meets World “fans” who absolutely refuse to watch GMW and only want to watch the episodes that Eric or Shawn or Mr. Feeny are in. That makes no sense. How will they understand the relationships between every character? What about the characteristics of each person in the Matthews family and friends who make up the “world” to begin with? And most importantly, if you want to watch old BMW characters on this new show, you have to collaboratively work together to keep the show on the air. If ratings don’t keep up, there isn’t going to BE a show for you to see your old favorites. Thank goodness for the fans from Season 1 who watched the show or else you may NEVER have gotten the opportunity to see Eric or even find out what happened to Mr. Turner, who by the way, is filming his episode this week!

I don’t normally get worked up over nothing but I love what BMW did for my generation and the next generation deserves to have a show affect them in the same way. And yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’ve said this before. Whatever you say online, you have to take responsibility for it. If you’re going to be an “adult” and trash a kids show, you have to be able to stand behind every word. Even if you didn’t intend to cause other people to not watch the show, it could still happen. And in case you’re not aware, I bet you Michael Jacobs sees what people are saying on Twitter or YouTube or wherever. GMW is his baby and a parent will do everything they can to protect their baby. So, if that means surfing around the internet trying to find out who are GMW friends and who are GMW bullies, then so be it.

Would you say these negative things to them in front of their face? If so, fine, let’s have a healthy debate about it but spewing hateful words calling the show “painful” to watch (so was some of BMW Season 1) or it’s too “colorful” (really??) or it’s too “corny” (it’s a kids show so…) is just downright irresponsible and disrespectful. I think we should just agree to disagree and support just to support and if you end up loving it, great. If not, oh well. At least the next generation will have a show to love and I know for a fact that kids do love it. My friend’s 17-yr-old daughter even loves it!

Here is the Season 1 pilot and it is adorable. (Credits are muted)

Here is the Season 1 Finale and it is also quite adorable. They did a tagback! I love those…

And here is the promo for Girl Meets World Season 2!

Will Friedle at Wonder Con 2015! Finally!

Ok, I think my love for Will Friedle is getting out of control. It may be time to scale back a little. At the end of the day, I am an adult and have responsibilities to tend to…but then again, I ain’t got no kids so, fuck it! I love being able to just leave at a moment’s notice. He tweeted that he was going to be at Wonder Con 2015. My first thought was “Oh NOW you wanna go to Wonder Con? Not when I was there back in 2011? Not when you were a MAIN character for Thundercats?! Comic Con in 2012? 2013? What about ATX?” Sigh…checked my calendar, cancelled my appointment with my tax guy and rented a car. The panel was on Sunday morning so it was actually pretty perfect. I had lunch with some friends on Saturday that I couldn’t cancel…ok, if it was on Sunday, I probably would have cancelled. I’m such an asshole but they would’ve understood. Wonder Con is so chill on Sundays compared to Comic Con in San Diego. I actually really enjoyed myself this time. Well, Wonder Con was chill back in 2011 when it was still in San Francisco but since they moved it to Anaheim, I assumed it had gotten much bigger. Here is the Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts panel he was a part of:

Yeah, I dunno why Will didn’t correct his name. As a person who spent her whole life hearing people mispronounce her name and saying nothing, I finally realized the importance of correcting your name, because it matters, because I matter. Will, you matter. Anyway, so Will’s not even listed as a guest in the program schedule online so if not for Twitter, I would never have known he was there. Enjoy having Will on Twitter, guys. He won’t be there forever so just relish in it for now. However, Twitter has its disadvantages too. You’ll end up seeing pictures you don’t want to see, which is exactly how I know what that feels like and it is not a pretty feeling. I felt it the day after the GMW pilot taping that was cancelled. I was half a block away and he visited the set with Rider. HALF. A. BLOCK. AWAY!!! Right next to Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles, man! I never wrote about that experience due to the level of trauma it was for me. Ah well, what could I have done? Stood outside the gate waiting for him to come out? I’m not gonna do that. That’s borderline stalker-y and I’m not about that.

Although, I have to say that it was really fun to pretend onstage. That’s exactly what my Will Friedle pieces were about in “The Ladies & The Tramps.” I created an exaggerated character who goes above and beyond her fanaticism for Will Friedle and the pieces were dispersed throughout the show, creating an arc that resulted in pure satisfactory resolution and not to toot my own horn but it was brilliant and so fun to play. Lauren and I were in a piece called “Plan B” where we played a couple of crazy girls reenacting a scene from Napoleon Dynamite outside of an address that may or may not be Will’s house. That piece is so physical and always had me out of breath at the end. Apparently, audiences loved it too.


Anyway, my trip was good. No super dense fog this time since I went in the daylight so I didn’t have that “Omg, I’m gonna die out here” feeling that I did that first time. Luckily, all my friends are aware of my Will Friedle fanaticism so I just go to LA and stay with them anytime. The last time I went, I brought 30 It’s Its in a dry ice styrofoam container as a “Thank You for indulging my love for Will Friedle” present. In exchange, she is there to capture my exciting moments and here it is:

He said “I know this lady here” and my first thought was “Haha! I am soooo not a ‘lady’ but I’ll indulge you.” I can get pretty down and dirty. ;0) Y’know, he is just the sweetest celebrity ever and I hope everyone who wants to meet him gets the chance to because they will just love him even more. Will Friedle is a sweetheart like Cory Matthews so imagine that. He’s so gracious and kind and sweet and funny…okay, I’m super jealous. After we left, we went to grab food at the food trucks and while waiting for our food, Zane said “Look, there’s Will” and motioned behind me. I didn’t believe her of course but I turned around anyway and there he was. So, I slowly turned my head away back towards the food truck, hoping he didn’t see me. I know, you’re probably wondering why did I do that. Why didn’t I just talk to him? Well, after meeting so many celebrities, you just kind of know when to push forward and when to pull back. That was a pull back moment. Besides, he was with his gf or wife or life partner or whatever. What could I say?

There was just nothing I would’ve wanted to say to him unless he was alone so that I can embarrass myself on my own. I just, you know, normally, when I’m around celebrities, I’m really calm. Like when I met Jason Marsden? Super calm. No freak outs. On the inside, yes, freaking out a little bit but on the outside, nothing. Maybe that’s why he invited me to his Locker 13 premiere and yes, I totally went. He’s so nice too, not surprisingly. However, I dunno what it is about Will that makes both my insides and outsides just completely lose it and melt and I feel stupid afterward. When I’m normal, I don’t talk fast, I don’t smile all the time, and I don’t forget what I really want to say. I cut it out of the video but between my first pic with him and giving him the shirt, I completely forgot about the shirt until Zane reminded me and even then, I didn’t want to give it to him anymore but she forced me.

This is a list of things I wanted to say but didn’t:
1. “How are you?” Common courtesy, Ava. Common courtesy. You’re an asshole.
2. “I heard you’re writing your 3rd episode of GMW. What’s it about?” Not that he would have told me due to NDAs but I still would have liked to ask.
3. “Why did you take so long to return to GMW? Why not come back in the 1st season like Rider did?” I mean, I did have this theory that he spent a year revamping himself to return back to the 2000 version of himself through working out, shaving and cutting his hair but that’s just a theory. Would have loved to hear it from the horse’s mouth.
4. “What’s your writing process like? Do you use Final Draft?” My writing process involves waiting for inspiration, writing down funny things I hear in my phone so that I can revisit them later, and lots of time spent cooped up in my place, laptop open, and napping in between. Oh, and pencils. I like to write on paper with a pencil in a composition book. The sound of the pages turning after you’ve written on them, I dunno, something so serene about it.
5. “What’s your favorite Asian food? Have you tried Burmese?” I’m just genuinely curious because it’s one of my favorite Asian cuisines.
6. “Will you do the Feeny Call right now?” This should have been number one on my brain…but of course, we all know what was on my filthy brain so it was clouded. Completely clouded.

Ok, reflections. After watching that video of me and Will, I’ve concluded that I hella need to lose weight. No joke anymore. This is the last year that I will be overweight. I used to fantasize about my meeting with Will and in that fantasy, I am not fat, I am normal. Unfortunately, I don’t know what “normal” is but I can’t allow this to continue any further. Whether my theory is true or not, I choose to believe that if Will can do it, so can I. I joined a gym, bought a heart rate monitor, started eating cleaner and walking during my work breaks instead of surfing the web. Damn, I hella wanna challenge Will to a weight loss competition. That would SOOOOOOOOOOOOO motivate me. Haha!

More pics:





Sidenote: Just found out today that Will’s episode “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels” is going to air on 5/15! He tweeted the 14th but I guess he’s at happy hour and that’s ok. I can’t fuckin wait to hear what people say, especially the Boy Meets World fans. They are going to lose. Their. MINDS.

Have Myself A Merry Little Xmas

Christmas is coming up. I barely got through Thanksgiving in one piece. Holidays are hard for me. For a whole two months out of the year, I’m grinding my teeth, counting the days and trying my best to stay low key until it’s over. I haven’t been the same ever since my dad left. And ever since the incident, the relationship between me and my mom never fully recovered. I wander around as a broken person trying to mend itself. While the wound has closed, the scars are still there. Call me emo but is it so wrong to allow the pain to linger and leave marks wherever you go? One of my BFFs said that I have to stop hanging onto the past and thinking of what used to be. She said that I have to let it go and start thinking of new ways to celebrate instead of looking for the old ways that I used to celebrate. I know she’s right, but I sure wish she wasn’t.

I used to get gifts for everyone. I would spend about $2000 every Christmas. And that’s a lot for a high school teenager in 1995. I didn’t even have a job yet. I had so much fun giving presents to people and I didn’t care if they got me anything. I just enjoyed shopping for people because I was happy to make others happy. How do I get back that feeling? How do I retrieve that joy I felt of sharing my happiness? How do I reignite the joy I had in believing I was in a perfect loving family and wanting to share that love? It’s incredible how much can change in 14 years.

Today, I don’t do presents anymore. I just give myself presents and I find immense joy in that. However, they’re not necessarily purchases all the time but more like experiences. For example, this year, I took the opportunity presented to me and went to meet my ultimate favorite guy of all time, Will Friedle. I took a fakecation just to meet him. And as a bonus, someone named “last_beautiful_girl” on IG sent me this awesome video yesterday that captured just a little bit, but the best bit, of my meet & greet with Will (00:07 – 00:20). I wonder what he was thinking at 00:09. He had this weird, possibly disgusted(?) look on his face. Did I smell? Oh well. Thank you for sharing it with me, Last_beautiful_girl! Merry Christmas to all and have yourself a merry little christmas too, Ava…

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Laura Weinbach of Foxtails Brigade

Will Friedle Rulz

For anyone who has been following this lonely blog knows I have been wanting to meet Will Friedle for the last 4 years. I went to convention after convention, event after event, reading articles, news, creating google alerts, searching through Twitter trying to find any public appearances he might be at so that I could meet this amazing man. I’m happy to announce that I finally got that chance and it was a better experience than I could have ever hoped for.

I initially had tickets for the following week of when he was going to be taping but somehow, tickets for his taping became available and for some reason, I randomly checked for tickets at the right time and BOOYAH!! I got the golden ticket!! Let me tell you, when I was entering my info, my hands were trembling, my heart was pounding, my head was going numb! It was a pure panic disco going through my body. It was like the SDCC ticket buying experience and if you’ve never gone through that, well then considered yourself not a geek. You have been spared.

Anyway, after obtaining the tickets, I was off. Yes, I admit it, I was packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. I left right after work and arrived at my friend’s doorstep in the middle of the night. At one point, I thought I wasn’t going to make it there alive due to some dense fog, none I have ever experienced. Just look at my depth of vision!


I know. Fucking scary! I was going 42 MPH in a 70 MPH zone. I was so afraid of hitting an animal. I had a conversation with God and I said, “Wait! Don’t let me die! I haven’t met Will Friedle yet! I earned this, man!” So thankful to have gotten out of there alive. Anyway, I barely slept. I slept maybe 4-5 hours. My friend and I got breakfast, got ice cream (our favorite pastime) and got in line around 1:30 pm. Having to stand there for another 2.5 hours was going to be agony but this ain’t my first rodeo so I knew what to expect. Around 3:30 pm, they finally started checking us in. We got inside the studio around 4 pm and they showed us the “Home For The Holidays” episode with Rider Strong, Cory’s parents and his brother Josh. That was a great episode. I wish I could have seen that taping. Rider is a really nice guy.

So after showing the episode, Michael Jacobs started introducing all the principal cast members for today’s episode. Michael said that he got a call from this gentleman after Season 1 had finished taping and he said, “I’m ready.” Of course, that gentleman, the last person to be introduced was Will Friedle and I kid you not, the crowd erupted. We stood up and screamed and yelled, I was cheering like I won the lottery! Even after the applause and they were preparing to begin taping, all the people around me, including me, were trembling. I think I speak for them as well when I say that I could not believe I just saw the elusive Will Fuckin’ Friedle in the flesh. All the chatter amongst ourselves mainly contained stage whispered words such as “OMG,” “ERIC!”, “I’m freaking out!”, and “I can’t believe that just happened!!” At this point, if a tornado hit us and we all died, I would have died happy. Seeing him there in the same room with me was already so grand. I have this theory that when they first began taping Season 1, maybe Will felt a little self-conscious about appearing on the show. I think he was a little chubbier than he used to be so maybe he didn’t want to appear that way for his first GMW guest spot. I think he spent this whole time cleaning himself up, working out and turning back time just for us, just to look exactly the way he did back in 2000. Personally, I wouldn’t have cared but I am a self-conscious person as well so I completely understand.

Then the taping began and OMG, if you’ve only HEARD the stories about Will being funny, you don’t know the level of hilarity this guy can hit. Seeing him work, he was so impressive. His comedic choices in every take floored me, even in the little pick ups they did were just hilarious from take to take. I watched every Will scene with my jaw dropped. I felt so lucky, incredibly lucky to have witnessed his talent in action. It was beyond what I could possibly ever imagine. He really should return to onscreen acting, or at least some type of comedy route. I can see him in the Hangover movie, haha! OH! And that left eyebrow of his. Drives me nuts!! I love how he can raise it independently of the other. I’ve practiced doing that. I think I got it down but I can’t quite get it as high as he can.

Oh, I’ve lost track. So as I was saying, the taping was amazing and I can’t wait for Boy Meets World fans to see this episode. I did notice some continuity issues and I wanted to shout out to Will and say “You used your left hand in the wide shot!” during the pick up shots but I’m not in charge of continuity so they’ll have to leave it up to the editors. I know there are haters out there who watched one episode and compare it to the whole Boy Meets World series and say that it can’t compare and I laugh in their faces. They obviously don’t remember how similarly ridiculous Boy Meets World was when it first started. Will wasn’t even funny, he was normal. Boring normal. They aren’t even giving the show a chance to grow and all they can do is be negative and grumble about it being on the Disney Channel. Well I think that’s BULLSHIT! If you’re going to be some judgmental asshole who thinks Girl Meets World should start to tackle serious issues from the very beginning, then you are an idiot. I wouldn’t want you as a fellow fan. It’s a sitcom, as in situational comedy. It’s not a soap opera or a PSA. I’ve watched every Girl Meets World episode so far and yes, there are hits & misses but Boy Meets World, believe it or not, had hits & misses too! Your adamant attachment of Boy Meets World to your childhood is causing you to become narrow-minded and dismissive about the inevitable evolution of Girl Meets World which you will never see until it’s too late to chime in. It’s a baby right now, don’t kill it just because it’s not acting like its big brother from the get go. Let it grow.

Whoa, so…I digress. The point of my post got away from me there. So near the end of the taping, the host asked if we would like to meet the cast. Well duh. Yes, yes, YES!! Of course we did! He said he would try to arrange that and he split our group in half and told us to line up in a single file in the aisle and we can meet them. I didn’t trust that at all because there were only a few of them and there were like 200 of us. How is this possible? Regardless, my friend and I got in the messy line but the line would not move and all eyes were on Will. I can hear the people talking behind me, complaining that the line wasn’t moving and Will wasn’t greeting anyone. However, once Will started moving towards the audience and people in the front began asking him for pics, the complaints got even louder because Will was on the other side from us. After patiently waiting in the line and not being able to really go up or down the aisle, I finally told myself, “Ava, you can’t wait around for things to be handed to you. If you want something, you’re gonna have to go and get it.” I went around to the edge of the line, hopped over to the middle, climbed down the chairs and landed right in front of Will. When he became available, I asked him for a photo and I got to take a selfie with him!

Will Friedle meets Miss Ava

I was so excited and happy that I finally got to meet him after all this time, after all those moments when I felt like it was hopeless and it might never happen. It was amazing. He asked me what my name was and I said, “Ava.” Then he said, “Ava? You’re not the one who blogs about me, are you?” STOP. RIGHT. THERE. OMFGWHAT?


Somehow, I manage to reply and say yes and he gave me the biggest hug! I felt like I was hugging an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long time; Or a long lost cousin I never knew about who hit me up on Facebook; Or a long distance boyfriend that I truly missed and couldn’t wait to take home and bang. Okay, maybe more like the latter. I mean, I literally wanted to cry though. I don’t really know how to explain it but something about when a celebrity you wholly and completely admire recognizes you or acknowledges you somehow, it makes you feel exceedingly grateful and thrilled. It’s kind of like when I first met Rider Strong which was at the Sonoma Film Festival in 2011 and he told me I was the most supportive tweeter he knew for their film, “The Dungeon Master” which by the way, is AWESOME. Or like when Ben Savage saw a tweet I wrote and invited me to see a closed taping of Girl Meets Friendship out of nowhere. Or like the time Jason Marsden was so sweet to invite me to his Locker 13 film premiere earlier this year and I totally went! I really enjoyed that film. While those experiences were all amazing, nothing could beat the mixture of shock, astonishment, gratitude and euphoria I felt when Will asked me that question. Will said I didn’t have to go to all those conventions but I’m still glad I went. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had all those other experiences with the other BMW cast members I got to meet.


Top Three Moments from that taping:
3. When we overheard Will say to Ben, “I miss you, man.”
2. Hearing the Feeny Call in person
1. Hugging Will Friedle

If I’m able to catch his next taping, I have just the thing for him to sign. I’m not an autograph person but having him sign this would be hilarious. Hopefully he announces when his next taping will be. In afterthought, I felt super embarrassed because I have written some pretty questionable blogs about him that I didn’t think he would ever see but maybe he did, I don’t know. Oh gawd, why did I write that? Anyway, we exchanged a few more words which I shall keep private but this experience was most definitely the best one I’ve ever had, even better than New Kids. #sorrynotsorry I can die happy now. Thank you, Will Friedle! I love you. I loved you then, I love you now. I love you scruffy. I love you clean. I love you fat. I love you skinny. I love you unconditionally. Feel free to DM me.

Sidenote: You know what’s hella weird though? Will was wearing a black & blue plaid shirt, just like he wore in my “Last Night” dream. Weird, right??!!

So Close!

Ugh, Will Friedle announced that they will be taping his episode on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the tickets I chose were for the following week. :’0( I know, I am devastated. After going to so many events and trying to meet him, I’m just at the point where I’m thinking maybe it’s just not meant to be. It’s not like I haven’t tried. I went to so many events such as Wondercon, Comic Con, ATX, I went to events of other BMW alum as well and I was able to meet all of them. All except Will. It’s a sign. I shall beg the GMW people to let me switch my tickets but knowing my luck, I’ll end up getting banned from the tapings. Well, at least I’ll always have that one experience of going to the closed taping when Ben invited me. I don’t think anything could top that.

I watched the episode, “Girl Meets Home For The Holidays” last night. I don’t know about you but I felt like I was transported back to 2000 and Boy Meets World never went off the air. Except, it’s just a little more colorful this time around (no pastels). They said things that made me say “That’s exactly what I was thinking!” like when Shawn looked at Riley and said “You’re Cory with Topanga’s hair!” That was so awesome. And the hug. The HUG! The Shawn & Cory hug. I wouldn’t have expected anything less than the tight squeeze they gave each other.

I read somewhere that people were confused about the bay window conversation between Maya and Shawn when they were talking about how they were growing up. Since I watched the taping for the next Shawn episode, I knew exactly what they were implying but I wonder what I would be thinking if I hadn’t. Although, it’s not that hard to figure out. Riley’s beautiful heart is an open book and she has only good intentions for everyone, especially for her BFF. Trust me, if you DVR’d this episode, save it. When Shawn comes back, return to this episode and you will understand it completely.

Ugh, I so wish I could have been at the taping of that episode. I wonder if the audience went nuts. I’m sure they did. I wonder if there were any uncontrolled outbursts of “I love you, Shawn!” exploding in the air or existing beneath tearful whispers of 30-somethings who will treasure this experience forever. I’m so happy Rider came back. I read somewhere that he had issues with the show and when he got to direct an episode, he was finally at peace with it. Rider is a really nice guy and when I first met him, never in a million years would I have thought I would ever see him back onscreen. I thought directing was his big thing now with Strong Brothers Magic Show. They have inspired me so much that I even made my very first short film, Accident. They were so down-to-earth and I really like it when celebrities are not assholes. We are all human beings and we all deserve a little respect and he gave me that. I appreciate him.

Anyway, not sure how much longer I can continue trying to meet Will. If I put this much energy into finding a job I love, I’d be in such a better company by now. Oooh, epiphany! Switch your priorities, Miss Ava! :0P

I’m on to you @WillFriedle

Ok, I can’t hold it in any longer. Will Fuckin Friedle finally joined Twitter on 10/16/14 and he has been tweeting like a pro. Obviously, his first tweet (well technically his second if you count his tweet via Danielle Fishel’s twitter account where he said “This is Will. I will not be getting a twitter account but I appreciate all of the support. I love you Danielle!”) was epic. He wrote “TWITTAH! TWI-TWI-TWI-TWITTAH! #HeyEverybody #TheTwitterCall” and I’m 100% sure everyone read it like this:

So, let me just say that my first reaction was “HOLY. WHAT??!! NO!” And my second thought was “Wow, who taught him how to use Twitter? He said all the right things in all the right places.” (feelin myself) If you take a look at his timeline, you would never know that Will is so anti-social media as his BMW friends claim he is. I’m talkin about proper usage of hashtags, ThrowbackThursday pics, cleverly worded witty tweets, photo attachments, tweeting in character (i.e. PlaysWith Squirrels,) basically everything you’ve ever dreamed he would be like on Twitter, he is! Well, almost. The one thing I’m sure his fans wish he did was reply. If not to the fans, at least to his friends. At one point, he did do a tweet where it started with a user’s Twitter name but he put a period in front of it so all his followers could read it. That’s not the tweet of a novice.

This post is pretty pointless but I’m just expressing my suspicions that Will joining Twitter all of a sudden, attending a Comic Con, and shaving his beard off makes me think that this might all be a part of a marketing ploy for Girl Meets World. Yes, he has said that he will not be joining Girl Meets World but he also said he wouldn’t be getting a Twitter. I mean, if I were the marketing manager for Girl Meets World, I would have created a Twitter 101 class for Will and this is exactly what I believe happened. I don’t know much about marketing but I know what Will’s fans want and they wanted him on Twitter. So, if it were me, I would have made Will get on Twitter whether he wanted to or not and would just cross my fingers that he would eventually embrace it. In conclusion, I just wanted to list the things I would have done to have Will be the catalyst for Girl Meets World Season 2 promotions.

1. Shave. The beard has GOT to go. Especially now that he has a girlfriend. I don’t know how she could tolerate that rug burn.
2. Get in shape. He hasn’t been visible since 2000 and his fans’ image of him is frozen. No, we cannot let it go(See what I did there?). If he didn’t live up to that image, fans would have a fit, especially the girls. You know what I’m talkin about.
3. Attend big events. Show his face somewhere. ANYWHERE! New York Comic Con was a good place to start. Plus, I’m sure a trip to the East Coast and getting paid for it couldn’t hurt anyway. And surprising Danielle at her book signing in LA? WITH Rider? Nice move, Will. But I think this one wouldn’t have anything to do with marketing. Just being a friend. :0) I almost went to that book signing too! So sad I didn’t but I guess God doesn’t think I’m ready to meet him just yet.
4. Join Twitter. Ahh, the social media connections this app has made are amazing. Truly amazing. Makes the fans feel like they are talking directly to them, because you know, we have questions.
5. Eventually start replying to the fans. They need this, but first, they have to become starved for it, so wait awhile.
6. Start following the fans, especially ones with lots of followers. What better way to get non-fans aware of your Twitter existence than to get your fans to promote you? (Sample tweet: ZOMG, @WillFriedle is following me on Twitter. I don’t know why but #thud)
7. A current Feeny call on Vine via Twitter. Enuff said. And it ends with a shot of Mr. Feeny saying, “Mr. Matthews!”
8. Share a few photos of the Fab Four having a meal together, starting with the meal they shared about a year ago at Rider’s place where they reminisced about BMW.
9. Surprise everyone by attending a taping of Girl Meets World, but not actually be in the episode. The buzz on this will be crazy.
10. Become a guest star on a few episodes of Girl Meets World. It doesn’t take a genius to know this is what fans want.
11. Start a Behind-The-Scenes of GMW Youtube Channel where Will is the host. Who wouldn’t want to see some great candid footage? Fans love that shit.
12. Make a GMW website with a feature that allows fans to leave messages for the stars and claim that they sometimes read them and might reply.
13. Reddit AMA! That is a cult population that often goes viral but they must promote it on Twitter first. The Reddit community is not that hip to the GMW community. It’s there but not enough. The Fab Four will need to promote it together as a force to be reckoned with.

Okay, I’m sleepy. I can’t think anymore. These past few months have been plentiful and I have seen a lot of Will photos that I have not shared, mainly because I’m still dying to meet him myself. Hopefully someday. Gotta cross that item off the bucket list! Good night!

UPDATE: 11/7/14 – Will did his first reply! It was to @BrandSanderson, a novelist it seems he loves. Well, at least we now know that he knows how to @reply someone. :0)

UPDATE: 11/21/14 – ZOMG, number 9 on my list totally just happened this week! Will attended a GMW taping! Will attends GMW taping

UPDATE: 12/3/14 – WTH?!!! number 10 on my list has just come true!! Will is going to be on an episode of Girl Meets World! Mind. Blown. Will_Friedle_GMW_Announcement GMW_Script

Girl Meets World Taping 4/10/14

The week before the 4/10/14 taping of Girl Meets World, I was a complete & nervous wreck. I anticipated receiving an email saying that the 4/10/14 taping had been cancelled. Who could blame me? This is my third attempt at trying to catch a taping. I had tickets for the pilot taping; that was cancelled. I lost out on money for flight, hotel and car rental. Since I had the flights, I had to go to LA anyway and I was actually staying less than a block away from where they were filming. My pain went beyond agony the day after the alleged taping when I found out that Will Friedle had visited the set. “I WAS LESS THAN A BLOCK AWAY!!” says the biggest Will Friedle fan in my world. That was the worst LA trip I had ever taken.

The second time I tried was for 2/11/14. Four days before the taping, I received an email telling me the taping was cancelled. Again. Flight, hotel and car rental lost. Again. I started to think it just wasn’t meant to be. I went to LA and hung around doing nothing. Little did I know, while doing nothing, I would end up at a closed taping of “Girl Meets Friendship”(?) as Ben’s guest(!) but it still wasn’t the same as a live taping. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but I’ve never been to any sitcom taping before and wanted to experience it full on.

So this third try, imagine my anxiety levels as it builds up through my shaky fingers every time I checked my email. Although this time, I did not buy a flight, nor a hotel. I decided to drive. No loss in case of emergency. Again, who could blame me? 3rd time was the charm. No cancellation emails, no postponements, no schedule changes. It was a go! YES!!

When we got inside and the event began, they showed us what they called a “bonus episode” which was the pilot episode they taped. Yes, the one I had tickets for but couldn’t attend because it was cancelled. I didnt understand why they called it the bonus episode and not the pilot episode until I saw Teo Halm in it. He was the actor that was also supposed to be Riley’s big brother but his character got cut. They said the pilot has since been reshot(and includes Mr. Feeny I believe) and I realized that this version of the pilot episode will never be seen on television. I felt so honored that they allowed us to watch it. Hence, BONUS!

The episode was called “Girl Meets Flaws.” It’s an episode about bullying. Danny McNulty even came back all the way from Queens New York to film this episode. If you remember, he played Cory’s bully, Harvey Keiner, in Season 2 and I think a little of Season 3 in Boy Meets World. The only thing I didn’t understand was why no one seems to have a New York accent. Oh well, maybe they are all transplants.

So, they basically go back and forth between playbacks and live taping segments and it’s almost like we’re watching the whole episode in order. There was an MC and a DJ who was entertaining us during the whole taping. His name was Robert Koch and he was hilarious. If you’re curious what the MC looks like, you can see him in this Friends clip at about 1:18. He made the taping so fun to be at.

I’m not going to completely spoil it for anyone but I’ll tell you this: Girls Meets World is definitely this generation’s Boy Meets World. I don’t know how to express to you how beautiful and refreshing it was to see this show come to life. A little over a year ago, when GMW was first announced, I read every article there was to read about the upcoming project. Along with the articles came the inevitable criticism, criticism on a show that didn’t even exist yet! People were judging the show, saying they should just leave Boy Meets World alone. Umm, WHAT?

I admit, I wasn’t really sure how to feel about what the show would be like but I was still excited. Mainly because I was interested in seeing Boy Meets World faces back on the show, at least as a guest star, perhaps, if not as a regular cast member. It made no sense for the older generation who grew up with Boy Meets World and treasuring the show to treat Girl Meets World with such fierce hostility. If you had something so wonderful as a child, why not be happy for your child to possibly have something just as wonderful as yours?

Anyway, the bottom line is, I got to go to the taping finally and it was ingratiating. It reminded me of Boy Meets World in its existential being and I am really excited to see it premiere. I don’t care if Disney is the one who owns it, Michael Jacobs is the one producing it and I trust he will do a great job. In fact, I KNOW he is doing a great job, I saw it with my very own eyes. And I watched and heard him make changes to actions and some of the lines at the last minute to make the message come across stronger and it works.

I’m so thankful to have been able to catch a full on taping of Girl Meets World as my first sitcom taping. It’s definitely an unforgettable experience and I plan on catching another one in the future. I didn’t bother trying to take pictures or trying to get an autograph as the bars don’t make a nice photo and I don’t collect autographs anyway. At the end of the bonus episode playback, we saw and heard that familiar Michael Jacobs logo/jingle and everyone in the audience released a nostalgic awwww. I believe this release goes hand in hand with the mindset of “Thank you for coming back. Thank you for Girl Meets World.”

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