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Happy Birthday To Me!

I’ve hit 40! Wow. I’m incredibly thankful for the loving community I am surrounded by. Was surprised with cake 4 times this past week! How awesome is that?! My family & friends are so sweet and I appreciate them so much. As I sit here today reflecting back on all the events that have occurred in my life, both good and bad, I think they have all shaped me in one way or another. I’m stronger in the sense that I’m not a pushover and I fight for what I believe in. At the same time, I’m weaker in the sense that I somehow have remained single all this time due to my mistrust in men. All experiences have influenced me.

I decided not to have any New Year’s resolutions this year and treat myself to good things any time I want to. Every since I went vegan, I’ve found lots of inspiration in other vegans on social media and have discovered a self-love that never existed before. No longer do I look in the mirror and complain about my double chin or flabby arms or love handles. No longer do I wish I were skinnier or wish I was toned or get disappointed in what I see in the mirror. The person I see in the mirror is doing her best to save the animals, to treat her body to good foods and to do her part in helping the environment. So how could I hate this person I see? How could I tell this person that she needs to lose weight or get in shape when she is already doing so much for herself, for the animals and for the planet? It’s simple. I can’t. I love what I see in the mirror now. It is an incredible feeling to love yourself. Some might call it arrogant but if a little 4-yr-old girl was confident and happy, is that arrogance? Is that being an egomaniac? I don’t think so. You know the saying. You can’t love someone else until you love yourself first. So here I am, loving myself and seeing that I am finally at peace and no longer fighting my negativity. And what’s great is that as soon as I started loving myself, it exuded into my community and it was glorious.

Oh yes, and as a birthday present to myself, I decided to enroll at Cornell University and obtain my Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition! It was so weird to be back in school, even if it is online. Having to write essays and do quizzes really brought me back. I didn’t do it for any professional reason, just wanted to learn from good sources since there is so much misinformation out there. Now that I have learned about plant-based nutrition in professionals, I feel like I can apply it to my own life to get healthy and live a long & stress-free life. I would encourage anyone else to get healthy too, whatever way works for you. I think it’s time I start a new website to document this journey, yes? ;0)

Will Friedle Got Married!

Holy muthafuckin shit, Will got married last Sunday! I’m soooo incredibly happy for him! Yes, I know, I know, people thought I would be sad. I literally received texts from friends asking me if I’m okay, lol! Dude, of course I am. Yes, I loved Will in almost every sense of the word so of course I want him to be happy! I can only wish him and Sue the best for their years to come. It’s so wonderful to see him so in love. I’m sure hearts broke all over the BMW fan world on Sunday but this is a great thing for them. I wonder if he will have babies. He’d make the best dad since he seems like a big kid himself. I know people like him and they are wonderful people who can relate to people of all ages. Congratulations, Will & Sue! May your new life together be the happiest it will ever be, full of love, laughter, tears and joy. Grow together, learn together, and love together.

Here is the photo Will tweeted.


I have to admit, their eyebrow pic looks wayyyy better than mine, lol!

But I’ll always love my favorite photo with Will, the first time we met.
Will Friedle meets Miss Ava

Positive Energy

They say that once you begin to view life differently, you begin to act differently. If you view life positively, then positive things will happen to you. I can truly attest to this way of living. I used to be so pessimistic about everything. I didn’t have any faith in anything I did (sometimes, this still applies) and I criticized all parts of my life. One day, I decided that life is too short to be miserable. It’s such a gift & I was wasting it away with a frown on my face. So I walked out the door with my head held high, a smile on my face and a mantra: “Life is comedy. live out loud!”

That’s when positive things started to occur. I began meeting people I’ve always wanted to meet, my creativity levels began to rise, and my ambition in life multiplied tenfold. Things that I wanted to happen to me actually to me! Examples included being asked to do sketch comedy, invited to make decisions of what scripts to put on for a theater, meeting someone amazing who sees my true beauty (regardless of my weight, lol), finding the inspiration that transpires ideas, and so on. I’m living through experiences of a lifetime and I couldn’t be happier. Of course there are parts of my life that I am not deeply satisfied with but I choose to focus on what makes me happy. The negativity in my life will never be powerful enough to overcome the positivity that overflows and I’m just so juiced to continue to expand this way of life.

Sigh…I just wanted to share my state of elation right now. I’m not even sure things can get better than this…but if I keep thinking this, then it will. I think everyone should start thinking positively & believing in themselves. It is a contagious attitude that I have embraced willingly & lovingly.