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So Close!

Ugh, Will Friedle announced that they will be taping his episode on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the tickets I chose were for the following week. :’0( I know, I am devastated. After going to so many events and trying to meet him, I’m just at the point where I’m thinking maybe it’s just not meant to be. It’s not like I haven’t tried. I went to so many events such as Wondercon, Comic Con, ATX, I went to events of other BMW alum as well and I was able to meet all of them. All except Will. It’s a sign. I shall beg the GMW people to let me switch my tickets but knowing my luck, I’ll end up getting banned from the tapings. Well, at least I’ll always have that one experience of going to the closed taping when Ben invited me. I don’t think anything could top that.

I watched the episode, “Girl Meets Home For The Holidays” last night. I don’t know about you but I felt like I was transported back to 2000 and Boy Meets World never went off the air. Except, it’s just a little more colorful this time around (no pastels). They said things that made me say “That’s exactly what I was thinking!” like when Shawn looked at Riley and said “You’re Cory with Topanga’s hair!” That was so awesome. And the hug. The HUG! The Shawn & Cory hug. I wouldn’t have expected anything less than the tight squeeze they gave each other.

I read somewhere that people were confused about the bay window conversation between Maya and Shawn when they were talking about how they were growing up. Since I watched the taping for the next Shawn episode, I knew exactly what they were implying but I wonder what I would be thinking if I hadn’t. Although, it’s not that hard to figure out. Riley’s beautiful heart is an open book and she has only good intentions for everyone, especially for her BFF. Trust me, if you DVR’d this episode, save it. When Shawn comes back, return to this episode and you will understand it completely.

Ugh, I so wish I could have been at the taping of that episode. I wonder if the audience went nuts. I’m sure they did. I wonder if there were any uncontrolled outbursts of “I love you, Shawn!” exploding in the air or existing beneath tearful whispers of 30-somethings who will treasure this experience forever. I’m so happy Rider came back. I read somewhere that he had issues with the show and when he got to direct an episode, he was finally at peace with it. Rider is a really nice guy and when I first met him, never in a million years would I have thought I would ever see him back onscreen. I thought directing was his big thing now with Strong Brothers Magic Show. They have inspired me so much that I even made my very first short film, Accident. They were so down-to-earth and I really like it when celebrities are not assholes. We are all human beings and we all deserve a little respect and he gave me that. I appreciate him.

Anyway, not sure how much longer I can continue trying to meet Will. If I put this much energy into finding a job I love, I’d be in such a better company by now. Oooh, epiphany! Switch your priorities, Miss Ava! :0P

Dave Foley

Real quick.

Going to see Dave Foley tonight at Cobb’s Comedy Club as part of SF Sketchfest. Loved him since 1992 & met him in 2002. I can’t fuckin’ wait!!!! To sum it up, he is a comedian who got his big break doing Kids in the Hall(KITH). They started out in a black box theatre called Rivoli in Canada, I believe, and somehow got offered to do a sketch TV show based on their comedy. He went on to do another show called “Newsradio” with Andy Dick, Maura Tierney and the late Phil Hartman.

I remember back in high school, I used to set my alarm for 3:00 AM. I would wake up, run downstairs, turn on the TV to channel 5 and record Kids in the Hall. Odd time for it to come on but I was a ride-or-die chick and I HAD to watch it! Their comedy truly was the catapult that inspired me to write. I ended up submitting pieces to my high school’s poetry magazine and I even got something accepted in it! I thought the pieces inspired by KITH was poetry but I later learned that what I was actually writing were monologues. I wish I still had those monologues today. I could get re-inspired by my former self. I’m sure I have them somewhere but I’ll bet you anything that they are chillin’ within 3.5″ floppy disk heaven in WordPerfect form with a password protected gate. Unless I can find a computer out there than can pull these out for me, they are laid to rest.

In 2002, I finally got the chance to see Kids in the Hall perform live!! They came to SF on a tour and I got a backstage pass to meet them!! Believe me, that was a dream come true and that week, I also met my childhood fantasy boyfriend Joe McIntyre and another favorite comedian, John Leguizamo!! What a week that was! Here is my picture with Dave, taken 5/19/02. Ignore my fugly self.

I can’t wait for tonight. Alone or alongside Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson & Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley is hilarious and I appreciate & am inspired by his sense of humor. If it wasn’t for KITH, I would not have the dark & sarcastic sense of humor that I have today. Thank you so much. In the meantime, I’d like to share some of my favorite Kids in the Hall sketches.



Musical Duo

Melanie & her Date

Grocery Store

Ok, maybe that was not that quick. Sorry, I got excited reminiscing about the Kids in the Hall! Love them!

Food, Film & Fab

Well this weekend will be filled with food for me so diet is temporarily going out the window. Last night, I went to Station Cafe, and this weekend, I will be making pot stickers, lumpia, and chow fun with friends, going to The Boiling Crab, and also checkin’ out The Girl & The Fig in Sonoma. Food, food & more food! Oh geezus.

However, what I’m really excited about is going to the Sonoma International Film Festival where I’ll finally get to see The Dungeon Master, a short film made by Shiloh & Rider Strong! I love the geek-friendly premise of the film and I’m excited to see them in person. What I love most about the premise is that they delve into an area of adulthood that is often considered an embarrassment or immature. I read that Rider was quite the expert on Dungeons & Dragons in his youth. It must be so nostalgic for him to revisit & intensify a childhood game like this; coming full circle. I can’t wait to do the same with my own short film; with a different theme, of course. My obsessions are so ridiculous, they’ll have to get expressed one way or another. It might as well be in film, shown to the public! I’ll bet there are others out there with the same obsessions and it’s up to me to find them. Thanks for inspiring my journey, guys. This is going to be a fabulous weekend.

You Make Me Day(Night)dream

Inspiration is everywhere and anywhere; photos, acts of kindness, acts of violence, nature, television, stories, whatever you can think of. I am most inspired by my daydreams. Night dreams are fun but when you daydream, I want to say it’s almost like lucid dreaming. I am in control. I found myself daydreaming at work today as I had to wrap a bunch of gifts for a company event. Lately, I’ve just been daydreaming about Will. Of course, night dreaming about Will is always fun too. The best part about that dream is that it inspired me to write and I was so motivated to put it on paper. I wonder if anyone can figure out which parts were the actual dream and which parts I created. My creative playground is pretty active lately but my subconcious is catching up. When I go to sleep tonight, I am crossing my fingers that Will and I will meet again.

I want to hug this smart, funny & handsome young gentleman.
Photos by Vivien Kililea, 2011Oh who am I kidding? We all know I’d like to do a lot more than hugging.

Touché. :0)

Dream Working

Lots to do when creating a website!! I have so many things going on in my mind that I barely know where to start! One thing I know is that I want it to exist. I was reading a magazine about entrepreneurs and they told me I had to create a vision, then rewrite it over and over again until it makes sense. The 1st draft would be crazy definitions of what I want and eventually, I am supposed to mold it into something close to the outline of a mission statement.

I’ve finally chosen a name, bought the domain, and am seeking a web developer/partner to help me build this empire. I still need to figure out a way to get the information I need though. If I can’t find out, then I’ll have to make it myself. I have searched high & low for a job that I would love and want to stay in forever but truthfully, it just does not exist. The more research I do, the more I am told that if the job I want doesn’t exist, create it. Simple as that? Err…not that simple…but doable perhaps.

All I can say about my site is that it is food-related & people-related. I have a dream to discuss my up & running site on TV someday, maybe with Rachael Ray or somebody like that. Everyone that I have approached about this idea has given me positive feedback and it was the initial push that I needed to continue to pursue my dream. Of all the dreams I have ever had, this is the only one that I truly & honestly fell in love with. The idea has pushed my drive, balls to the wall style. I refuse to let anything stop me from building this dream and I’m counting on people to believe in me.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep writing stories as a Plan B. Writing scripts is another dream of mine that I would love to fulfill. Everyone has stories to tell and if I don’t record them on paper, they could be lost forever. I would love to see my work on the big screen someday and find a place for myself in the world of Hollywood but that takes second place to my first dream of building my website.

If any of you have a dream you truly believe in, I say reach for the stars. The more you want it, the more you’ll try. Some people sit around and talk about it, I say get out there and just do it! Be prepared to do some very hard work but if it’s truly a dream worth chasing, then it’s work worth doing.

Influential Figures

I met Lise Swenson yesterday. She was the substitute teacher for my screenwriting class. She gave us some background about herself and told us about her dreams & aspirations. She is the director of a documentary film that was made back in 2002 called “Mission Movie.” She talked a lot about how to create a movie that fits the audience you want your film to appeal to and I agreed with her 100%.

She said that if you want to write a movie and get a broad audience, your characters need to appeal to them as well. Having a bunch of older, unknown actors in the movie as opposed to having a bunch of beautiful, young actors in the movie is going to make a big difference in terms of your marketability. I really never thought of it that way at all even though it is probably your most basic of basics in choosing what kind of film you want to write.

We also watched a documentary called A Screenwriter’s Journey. It was about Waldo Salt, one of the world’s the greatest screenwriters. It talked about how Waldo Salt was a Communist and was blacklisted for refusing to testify before the House Committee of Un-American Activities. He eventually realized that Communism was a betrayal but still, he could not write for Hollywood, causing his spirit to plummet to zero. Salt struggled to write during the blacklisting under a pseudonym but even after the blacklist was over, he tried to write again and wrote 3 of his worst movies: Tara Bulbas, Wild & Wonderful, and Flight from Ashiya.

It wasn’t until 1969 when he did the screen adaptation for Midnight Cowboy starring Jon Voight & Dustin Hoffman and won himself an Oscar for it in 1970!! What a great comeback! I was truly inspired by this story. His ups & downs proved to make quite a roller coaster of a life but he kept on going until his passing in 1987. Just 6 months before his death, he won the Laurel Award for Screen Achievement, which is the highest award you can receive from the Writer’s Guild of America.

I hope one day, I will be able to pump out something beautiful on paper in a language that can move even the most callous of souls.

“To search for truth you must first have lost it” – Waldo Salt

History vs. Herstory

Everyone needs an outlet, a vent, some form of place for us to be free to say what we want to say when society, friends or family restrict us from releasing our wrath. I’ve decided to take this recent camera event and let it inspire me to write a piece for the PMSTA look book. I don’t know what will come out of me once I begin to write but hopefully, it will be the closure I need to move on and let go of this calamity.

I used to watch episodes of Law & Order: SVU and wonder how I would handle such situations of despair, violence, and emotional turmoil. I’ve been bombarding my soul with Will Friedle youtube videos just to find a smile. I really love that guy. I think I need to take some time to step back & reflect, get some perspective and regurgitate whatever comes to mind. Hopefully, it will be something decent & worthy of publishing.

[B]logging for Thinspiration

Excerpt from Project 180…

We all have one thing or another about our bodies that we are unhappy with. Somehow, even thin people have issues with their bodies. Weight is not always the issue. Some people are not happy because they are underweight, they have a boy’s hips, irregularly placed birthmarks, stretch marks, uneven chest, flabby arms, a lazy eye, thin hair, frizzy hair, hairy arms, stubby legs, cankles, outie belly button, big earlobes, and the list goes on.

The point is, no one is perfect. Just because a fat person is unhappy with their body does not mean that a thin person is happy with theirs. I think that’s a large misconception among overweight people who envy thinner individuals. Their issues may not be as noticeable but they definitely exist.

I remember speaking to a friend of mine who is thin as a churro and she complains about shopping just like fat people do. I was hesitant to believe her but when I thought twice about it, it’s true. She has trouble finding clothes that fit her just as much as an overweight person does because all the clothes she tries on are too big. They always make her look like she’s wearing a potato sack, which is just as unflattering as wearing clothes that make me look like a sausage. Now, I don’t want to wear clothes that make me look like food. I just want my clothes to fit my body the way it should, so I can look like a regular human being.”

Project 180 is a log I’m doing for a friend to give some inspiration for losing weight. I don’t know if it will work but we shall see what happens in 180 days. Today is the 3rd day so, 177 days to be exact. :0)