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I Just Want To Create

I added a couple more items to my Etsy page and am excited to continue making more things. I’m constantly looking for inspiration but I don’t have too far too look. It is all around me. I could be inspired by a piece of chewed gum, you just never know. Here are the pics.
Sterling Silver Chain with Silver Wire Pendant
Sterling Silver Chain with Silver Wire Pendant

Choker with Turkish silver cross & antique silver tubes
Choker with Turkish silver cross & antique silver tubes

India Glass Bead with Heart Charm Bracelet (Sold)
India Glass Bead with Heart Charm Bracelet

I really want to venture into making jewelry for men and things that are edgier. This really isn’t my style, too bridal. I like the choker though but it’s so plain to me. Ah well, in time. Today, I’m going to teach myself how to make wire wrapped rings like this one:

wire wrap ringPhoto from Michigan Bead Supply Co.

Another thing I wanted to address. I had been encouraging a friend of mine to write a script because he is so humorous & zany. He kept saying he would and had been coming to me for advice on a script is written. I wasn’t sure he was taking my words to heart until last night when he told me writing was harder than he thought but he was 33 pages in and had 70 – 80 more pages to go. I was so shocked & proud of him. I cannot wait to read his script!! I’m pretty sure it will have wacky scenes and crazy scenarios and he tells some pretty funny stories just for the sake of comedy. Love it!! This has been encouraging for me. Now I feel inspired to continue with my own script. It’s only halfway done for now but I can’t wait to see what happens in my story. I am constantly inspired by events surrounding me, things that happen to me, and the people I come in contact with. When my film goes up, it’s possible my friends will recognize a situation onscreen. Yes, it’s that easy. :0)

Boy Meets World Marathon Part 2 & Jewelry

My BFF and I continued my birthday Boy Meets World marathon over the weekend. We went through the last 3 episodes of Season 5, pummeled through Season 6 and got through the to the middle of Season 7, just barely. The one I was waiting impatiently to watch was “What A Drag.” We both commented on how ugly of a woman Matthew Lawrence made and how gorgeous of a woman Will Friedle made. And yet, in the episode, it was Will who got tagged as the ugly woman and Matthew as the attractive one. Whoa. Either the writers didn’t have their glasses on or it just had to be written this way. I mean seriously, look at their faces.

Will as Chantal *whistle*

Matt as Lala *shudder*

Oh lord. What is this deal with me falling for guys who look good as women? I must be drawn to pretty boys. I guess that’s why I like Will so much. Not that I only like him if he looked good as a woman but just that I love that he was such a good sport about playing the part and played it well, he did. Oh Will, you are just too much talent.

This reminds me, I’m really hoping I get a chance to meet Will’s BFF, Jason Marsden, at Comic-Con this year! It’ll be my 1st time there & while I’m sure it’s a prety big event, I don’t think I’ll have that hard of a time finding him like my friends think I will. He seems like a cool guy who likes meeting fans. I really hate celebs, or just general people for that matter, who come with egos and I can detect egos pretty easily. There’s a very fine line between ego & self-confidence. Once I sense it, you will have either lost my respect or gained it. Anyway, here is the episode we watched.

“What A Drag”

While I was enjoying myself with this marathon, I also began making my first real jewelry pieces that I plan to sell on Etsy. I created an Etsy channel called AmVicious. I thought about a lot of names for my new Etsy business and the reason I came up with AmVicious was that I felt it was a play on words for my ambitious personality. And if anyone knows my creative side, they would know I love to play with words. So far, I’ve only made a few earrings but as I go along and become more inspired, I will create more. I’m really very excited about making jewelry. I get inspired by the people surrounding me and by celebrities I imagine wearing them. It motivates me to continue pursuing this dream. One day, I hope to be my own boss with no one to answer to. :0) Baby steps.

Here are the earrings I made over the weekend. Nothing fancy but they’re definitely earrings I would wear myself. I hope that one day, I will develop a certain style that pertains to me.