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Two Kids, One Hall

Went to Cobb’s Comedy Club last week to see “Two Kids, One Hall” starring Scott Thompson & Kevin McDonald. The Kids In The Hall have been inspiring me to write since 1994. I can still recall my high school nights when I used to set my alarm to wake me up at the ghastly hour of 3 AM just so I could catch their show on CBS. Back then, we had a VCR and in order to record without commercials, I had to sit in front of the TV and watch through the whole thing with my finger on Pause. I ended up filling 6 videotapes with sketches of Kids In The Hall that I had recorded manually. I kept a notebook and labeled each sketch with my own titles. I didn’t use the official titles that the sketches were given, but my own rather. I knew the sketches so well that I was able to label them on my own and I’d know the sketch from beginning to end just by that one sentence/line/character plot. I put asterisk marks on those that were my favorites & I marked where the sketches of my favorite recurring characters were.

The Kids In The Hall changed my life. I used to write about happiness, love, puppy dogs & rainbows. They gave me the inspiration & motivation to write about the darker side of life such as pus boils, bitter bus rides, jealousy and death. It was a glorious epiphany that gave me great pleasure in discovering what emotions I could bleed onto paper. Just the other day, I was going through an old folder I had found and inside were my submissions to my high school’s literary magazine, “Between The Lines”. Reading through my old work made me realize how frazzled my mind was and yet how much it was attempting to mature. I submitted 5 pieces and the one that got in was titled, “My Letter To You.” I think the current me would have completely written off this piece as pure garbage but at the same time, it didn’t have any hidden meanings to it so I was able to recall all the emotions that I encompassed while writing it.

My Letter To You

Hey you, know what?
Nothing good ever happens to me.
Even if I tried to make something good happen
It always goes belly up in front of my face.
I could try and change things but my fate is the fact that
Nothing good ever happens to me.
Face it hon, when I found those kittens at my doorstep that day,
They were meant for me to see them die. An intention.
In a sense, they were already dead once they met me.
The day they died, I blamed myself and I still do.
I should’ve taken them to get shots but I didn’t know.
    I never had a pet before.
Wish they were my pets. Watching them die was the hardest part.
Body shivering, legs shaking, eyes watering, heart breaking.
The kittens were doing the same too.
I never forgave myself, all I did was blame myself because
Nothing good ever happens to me.
Some nights, I wait for something to do but there’s none.
I’d turn on the TV, look around for the remote, and
watch reruns of The Kids In The Hall, wondering when
am I going to meet David Foley, one of these “Kids.”
I’d get so bored I even had time to become obsessed with the show.
Like my craze for San Francisco’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream.
    Can you imagine that?
    Get a life, girl.
Ha ha ha, I would say, whenever they showed a real funny sketch.
Not witty funny, but stupid funny, Sure you can learn from TV.
    “Love Hurts”
    “Never Put Salt In Your Eyes”
It reminded me of when I grew up watching The Benny Hill Show.
That was a time when all I could do to stay happy was to laugh.
Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Hardy Har Har Har.
It was so bizarre to laugh extraneously in class with a friend.
I got in big trouble with the teacher for that because
Nothing good ever happens to me.
When I liked this guy in school way back then,
I wanted to say something but I had no guts to,
Too afraid of ruining our almost nonexistent so-called
I promised myself I would tell him someday. Someday.
Damn. Waited so long, he got taken by another girl.
I had to keep away from him so that I wouldn’t break down.
Now, we don’t even talk anymore. Not that we ever really did.
    What a shame.
One friendship lost. How many more to go>
My fault. Always my fault. It’s always my fault because
Nothing good ever happens to me. Nothing.
Everything left to happen to anybody always happens to you,
my dear best friend. You, You, You. Always.

Wow, pretty crappy but this is where it begins. I am constantly learning, growing, living & creating. Thank you, Kids In The Hall, for launching my motivation to explore my writing. My adulation for everything you all do is massive & everlasting.
Scott Thompson & Ava

Dave Foley

Real quick.

Going to see Dave Foley tonight at Cobb’s Comedy Club as part of SF Sketchfest. Loved him since 1992 & met him in 2002. I can’t fuckin’ wait!!!! To sum it up, he is a comedian who got his big break doing Kids in the Hall(KITH). They started out in a black box theatre called Rivoli in Canada, I believe, and somehow got offered to do a sketch TV show based on their comedy. He went on to do another show called “Newsradio” with Andy Dick, Maura Tierney and the late Phil Hartman.

I remember back in high school, I used to set my alarm for 3:00 AM. I would wake up, run downstairs, turn on the TV to channel 5 and record Kids in the Hall. Odd time for it to come on but I was a ride-or-die chick and I HAD to watch it! Their comedy truly was the catapult that inspired me to write. I ended up submitting pieces to my high school’s poetry magazine and I even got something accepted in it! I thought the pieces inspired by KITH was poetry but I later learned that what I was actually writing were monologues. I wish I still had those monologues today. I could get re-inspired by my former self. I’m sure I have them somewhere but I’ll bet you anything that they are chillin’ within 3.5″ floppy disk heaven in WordPerfect form with a password protected gate. Unless I can find a computer out there than can pull these out for me, they are laid to rest.

In 2002, I finally got the chance to see Kids in the Hall perform live!! They came to SF on a tour and I got a backstage pass to meet them!! Believe me, that was a dream come true and that week, I also met my childhood fantasy boyfriend Joe McIntyre and another favorite comedian, John Leguizamo!! What a week that was! Here is my picture with Dave, taken 5/19/02. Ignore my fugly self.

I can’t wait for tonight. Alone or alongside Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson & Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley is hilarious and I appreciate & am inspired by his sense of humor. If it wasn’t for KITH, I would not have the dark & sarcastic sense of humor that I have today. Thank you so much. In the meantime, I’d like to share some of my favorite Kids in the Hall sketches.



Musical Duo

Melanie & her Date

Grocery Store

Ok, maybe that was not that quick. Sorry, I got excited reminiscing about the Kids in the Hall! Love them!