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The Plate

I just realized I forgot to write about my license plate journey!! So, my license says “Iā™„NKOTB” on it. I ordered it back in March 2008. It’s so much fun driving around in my New Kid mobile because fans will reveal themselves to me & we greet each other our hellos. You just never know who are fans! People I’ve come across: gay men, straight men, mothers, goth DJs, friends of friends, and other fans just like me. A friend of mine gave me the idea to get it autographed so in late August 2008, I got it signed at a Best Buy Autograph Signing.

Fast forward three months later to November at the Los Angeles concert at Nokia, I realized I accidentally gave my autographed license plate to NKOTB. FUCK…a really big FUCK. I thought I would be able to get it back somehow but Jared wasn’t around and I couldn’t get it back. I remember meeting up with Donnie one time and telling him what happened & he said he thinks Jon has it. That made perfect sense to me since Jon was the one I had told about the scrapbook & I had told Zach to give it to him that night. However, after months odd tweeting Jon about the plate, he DM’d me & said he had no idea what I was talking about. Awesome.

After that, I knew what I had to do. I had to start from scratch & get their autographs all over again. I knew there wasn’t going to be any more autograph signings so I was going to have to get them one by one. I got a new clean plate from the DMV and began the replacement journey in 2009.

To keep the long story short, I’ll just sum up each signature’s birth.

1. Donnie-6/12/09-We ran into him after the Jones Beach concert at a diner. We didn’t even know they were headed there. We were actually there first & we met the Jabbawockeez while we ate our late dinner. We knew something was going down when all these girls starting filling the restaurant but no one was ordering. Our table was right by the entrance & we overheard an employee on the phone say, “Yes, we can accomodate 40 people.” When Donnie walked in, he was holding his son, Elijah, and he spotted us & waved to us. He said he would come over later because he had to feed his son. We continued eating & eventually, he really did come over. He stood right behind me, talking to us, while our table was surrounded by girls with cameras. Felt very awkward. That’s when I asked him if he would sign my plate. I told him I lost the first one & what happened. I could tell he didn’t want to sign it because it would cause a surge or other requests but he did it anyway. He asked if we were going to the New Jersey concert tomorrow and we said no. We said we were planning on sight-seeign & we didn’t have tickets anyway. Then he said, “No. You guys need to be there. Jason! I want the Norcal Pink Hearts there tomorrow.” Then Jason took down one of our names & were told we would have tickets at will call. Ok, this story was not short at all.

2. Joe & Danny-11/08/10-The guys were scheduled to be at Ritz Carlton to do an interview with Ryan Seacrest. I was scheduled to fly to LA that day to see one of my favorite actors, Paulo Costanzo. But my flight didn’t leave until 10:55 am and the interview was at 8 so I figured I would be able to catch them, get my plate signed & be on my way. Unfortunately, they ran on New Kids time so by 9:20 am, they still hadn’t come out from the interview I had to leave. I left my plate with my friend, Jen, and got the text later on that she had obtained Joe & Danny’s signature but couldn’t get the Knights. I didn’t mind, I’ll figure out how to get theirs another time. Thank you Jen!! You rock! Halfway through!! Woo!

3. Jonathan-5/13/11-I was on my 3rd NKOTB cruise and on the 2nd night of the cruise, I got the chance to go up to VIP. That’s where I ran into Crunchy Kevin. He knew I was trying to get the Knights’ signatures on my plate so he asked me if I had it on me. I said yes and he took it to get the signatures. He asked me if I wanted to go with him and I said no. He came back and said he wasn’t able to get Jordan’s but he got Jon’s. I will be forever grateful to him for that and I love that he is a part of this journey.

4. Jordan-3/11/12-Final autograph was obtained at the Jordan solo show at Yoshi’s in San Francisco. I bought VIP tickets & there was a Q & A after the show. We also got to take photos with him as well. We all were escorted to a room after the show where we stood around waiting. I hung out by the restroom in the back because I didn’t care to be first anymore. Turns out, it wasn’t a restroom but an elevator and Jordan stepped out right by us! He went around & passed out roses to everyone. When it was time to line up for pictures, they chose to take photos in the area I was standing at so I ended up in the front anyway. Before they got started, I made eye contact with Jordan, showed him the plate & said, “Jordan…you’re the last one. Will you please sign this for me?” He looked at it and nodded. He said, “When we take our picture, I’ll sign it.” Yay! When it was my turn, I presented the plate to him & a sharpie. He said to his security guard, “It’s ok, I told her I would.” He signed it & I thanked him. I told him how I’ve been trying to get this signed for 3 years. He gave me a big hug, we took our photo & I left with a huge smile on my face.

So there you have it. The whole story. A few pieces left out here & there but enough so that you get the gist. I’ll never forget this journey. It’s been real. Whatever happened to the old one, I have no idea. Maybe a fan has it, maybe it’s in the dumpster, who knows? I’ll always miss my old plate because Donnie signed it in the heart but at least I was able to replace it. Now, I’ll hold this plate proudly at every NKOTB event I attend.

Old plate

New plate