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On Monday of this week, I received an email saying that the casting director that was scheduled to do the Q&A session in Burbank on Wednesday had cancelled & so they will be getting another casting director to speak instead. They offered credit towards another event but I didn’t take it. I wanted to go no matter who it was. I figured it could only benefit me in the end. Little did I know that it would end up being filled with kismet.

When I arrived, the only other person there with the casting director was another actor trying to break into the business. The casting director’s name is Angela Hutchinson. She is the founder of Breaking into Hollywood, the organization that holds these events. Because of the cancellation, 4 attendees ended up cancelling as well & I heard 2 other people accidentally went to another location. It came down to just Angela, the actor, and me. It was perfect because if there were more people, I probably would not have been able to ask all the questions I wanted to ask since I was not there as an actress. It was more of an intimate conversation. She advised me to start off as a reader for those who were auditioning and she also offered to be my mentor. I was floored. My excitement level went from 5 to 25.

Another fateful event was that she passed out 2 issues of the Hollywood & Vine magazine that her organization publishes and one of the issues she passed out happened to feature Rider Strong on the cover! Honestly, what are the chances of that happening?!! I couldn’t believe it. I was meant to be there & attend this session & get this magazine. Angela also gave me a book she wrote that has loads of information on resources for actors which also apply to me as well. I couldn’t have had a better deal.

Other than this business side of the trip, I got to hang out with some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. I found a sushi/thai restaurant & had a late dinner. What a dream combination to have sushi rolls with my Pad Woon Sen! I also got to check out Griddle Cafe, which is famous for ginormous pancakes & celebrity sightings. I was just excited to eat breakfast in LA, something I’ve always loved doing. Then we headed off to a store called Wacko where I purchased the cutest coin purse I’ve ever seen and the coolest umbrella there ever existed. The coin purse was shaped like an owl and the perfect size for money, credit cards & keys. The umbrella was black & had the handle of a sword. I took a photo & of course I posed like Lion-O, who else would I pose like? Duh!

After that, we went to a bookstore to be extras for a pilot. I don’t know what it was called but all I had to do was sit there & pretend like I was busy writing at the coffee shop. My friend’s brother made some delicious Shanghai rice cakes for dinner so I enjoyed that along with some grubbin’ lumpia made by her mom. Sooooo goooood. There were potatoes in it. :0)

All in all, a productively fun trip was had. These are the kind of days I want to have. What a dream it would be to be able to set my own schedule. Tonight, I have a meeting with someone whom I am hoping will be able to help me launch my new business. I’ve been sitting on my idea for about a year now and it wasn’t until just recently that I met someone who actually might be able to help me get it up & running. I don’t want to go into it too much but just that I feel it is potentially a million dollar idea and I hope to be able to provide jobs for others one day in this horrible economy. For now, it is just a dream waiting in the wings.

Here are some pictures from my mid-weekend:

My awesome new swordbrella

SFO’s new Yoga room

My new coin purse

Sushi & Thai as a married couple

Hollywood & Vine Magazine Cover

In case anyone wants to read: Rider Strong Interview Page 1

Rider Strong Interview Page 2: You’re welcome :0)


I’ll be heading to Los Angeles tonight to attend that casting director Q&A tomorrow in Burbank. I’m so excited! While I’m down there, I decided to bug my friends to take me to get some local grub. What better way to enjoy LA than to cruise on the hospitality of good friends? I have to admit, I can’t stop hoping I’ll bump into my favorite guy in the world, Will Friedle. Of course, the chances of that happening are slim to none. From what I gather, he frequents the bar scene. I mean, I can only go to so many bars in one night. Plus, I heard he smokes, which makes no sense considering he makes a living off of his voice. Eventually, his voice will change. From the sound of Thundercats, it already has. Guess I’ll leave it up to the gods of kismet. I guess if I was feeling crazy, I could swing by his house & steal a clump of dirt from his front lawn…but that’s not going to happen. Although, it’d be hilarious if I did…and a little psychotic, haha!

I often think about what my meeting with Will would be like. Perhaps filled with tears, heart palpitations & immobility? Naw, I like to think I’m cooler than that. I imagine my chance encounter to go somewhat similar to the pleasant experience of when I met Matthew & Gunnar Nelson at a cafe. Or it could be awkward like the time I ran into Joe McIntyre at 3 AM; he was so completely tired & irritable that he took it out on me & my friend. I wanted to slap him. Or, it could be as awesome as the time I met Jason Marsden & he already knew my name. I wanted to hug him like a long lost friend. What a sweetheart. As memorable as these all were, I’m thinking my encounter would be most likely an admiration from afar, like when I spotted Katey Sagal in Carmel, Kathy Najimy in Los Angeles, Kevin Nealon in New York, or Kevin Pollack in San Francisco. Wow, lots of Ks in the house.

No matter what, I’m excited to be having a weekend experience in the middle of the work week. This is why I need a career change. I’d love to travel for work. Oh, we’re doing a movie in Canada & you need Canadian extras? I’d fly right over there in a heartbeat. I’m so excited over this career path I’ve decided to go towards. You have no idea how many have preceded this one. It took quite a long time for me to feel solid about something. We shall see what happens. The future is always unpredictable.