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Monkees & Food

My weekend in pictures.

Had Ethiopian food at Queen of Sheba in Davis, CA.
Ethiopian Food

Made dim sum with friends

Raw siu mai
Raw siu mai

Shrimp Har Gow
Shrimp Dumplings

BBQ Pork Bun
BBQ Pork Bun

BBQ Pork Bun filling
BBQ Pork Bun inside

Chinese Sausage Bun
Chinese Sausage Bun

Homemade Dim Sum
Homemade Dim Sum

Finally saw The Monkees in concert (minus Mike Nesmith) on their 45th Anniversary Tour at The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA. They literally Monkee’d around onstage, LOVED it.
The Monkees

The Monkees 2

Me with Peter Tork
Ava & Peter Tork 2011

Me with Davy Jones (My 1st crush!!)
Ava & Davy Jones

Me with Micky Dolenz
Ava & Micky Dolenz

I drew this logo in college, had it pinned to my bulletin board. They signed it. :0)
Monkees Autograph

Davy performing one of my favorites, “I Wanna Be Free”

Life is good and you know it.