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Will Friedle Roundup

A collection of all things Will Friedle have been floating around online. Oh, I just love it. I’ve been showing recent pics of him to my friends and also seeing his pics online and most of the comments were something along the lines of “Oh my God! He looks the same!” See? Frozen.

I like how he was completely thrown off by this voice actor, Jon Bailey.

Anthony Tyler Quinn joined Instagram and seems he’s really getting the hang of it!

Other pics I’ve found online. Maybe you’ll recognize yourself! The internet is truly a vast and perpetual space of randomness but some pics are from a few years ago and if you compare them to the more recent pics, you can see how different Will looked back then. Seems he worked pretty hard to bring back Eric Matthews, circa 1999 and he obviously succeeded.











Damn. I have more pictures in my phone of Will Friedle than I do of my family. Anyway, here’s an interview he did with Comic Book Resources.

There’s been a lot of buzz about Mr. Feeny and Eric Matthews coming to Girl Meets World next month and I am super excited for fans to see it. I haven’t seen Mr. Feeny’s episodes but I trust it will be wonderful and satisfying. I’m actually quite concerned about seeing comments from Boy Meets World “fans” who absolutely refuse to watch GMW and only want to watch the episodes that Eric or Shawn or Mr. Feeny are in. That makes no sense. How will they understand the relationships between every character? What about the characteristics of each person in the Matthews family and friends who make up the “world” to begin with? And most importantly, if you want to watch old BMW characters on this new show, you have to collaboratively work together to keep the show on the air. If ratings don’t keep up, there isn’t going to BE a show for you to see your old favorites. Thank goodness for the fans from Season 1 who watched the show or else you may NEVER have gotten the opportunity to see Eric or even find out what happened to Mr. Turner, who by the way, is filming his episode this week!

I don’t normally get worked up over nothing but I love what BMW did for my generation and the next generation deserves to have a show affect them in the same way. And yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’ve said this before. Whatever you say online, you have to take responsibility for it. If you’re going to be an “adult” and trash a kids show, you have to be able to stand behind every word. Even if you didn’t intend to cause other people to not watch the show, it could still happen. And in case you’re not aware, I bet you Michael Jacobs sees what people are saying on Twitter or YouTube or wherever. GMW is his baby and a parent will do everything they can to protect their baby. So, if that means surfing around the internet trying to find out who are GMW friends and who are GMW bullies, then so be it.

Would you say these negative things to them in front of their face? If so, fine, let’s have a healthy debate about it but spewing hateful words calling the show “painful” to watch (so was some of BMW Season 1) or it’s too “colorful” (really??) or it’s too “corny” (it’s a kids show so…) is just downright irresponsible and disrespectful. I think we should just agree to disagree and support just to support and if you end up loving it, great. If not, oh well. At least the next generation will have a show to love and I know for a fact that kids do love it. My friend’s 17-yr-old daughter even loves it!

Here is the Season 1 pilot and it is adorable. (Credits are muted)

Here is the Season 1 Finale and it is also quite adorable. They did a tagback! I love those…

And here is the promo for Girl Meets World Season 2!