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Paulo Saga

Back in August, I wrote about wanting to meet Paulo Costanzo. Then, as if by accident, I discovered an event that he was going to be at, and I just HAD to go–once in a lifetime opportunity.

Plan A – Ask for Monday & Tuesday off from work, drive down to LA with friends for the weekend, and attend the event. Return home Tuesday.

Vacation days did NOT get approved.

Early October
Plan BQuit. Let me explain. I would never quit my job over not being approved for vacation. My reason for wanting to quit would lean towards my aversion with my job not because of this “non-approval” business but rather, it would be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I have never liked my job, which is why I am trying to leave. This just seemed a good enough reason to make that move. So I began job hunting…not much luck out there right now.

Plan C – Ask boss if I could just leave a little earlier on Monday, fly to LAX at a 4:15 PM flight, arrive to event late, and drive back after the event to go to straight to work because I was scheduled to work at 5 AM Tuesday morning.

Boss said she would think about it. Boss thought about it. Boss approved on a one-time only basis–with written warning in tow that I was never to ask again, knowing we were in our busiest month.

YAY!! And then I started a diet because I did not want to look like a blob standing next to Paulo’s slender physique. I lost 17 lbs by the time 11/8 came around and I felt great.

Plan D – Drive to LA from SF on my own, stay with my friend Amy, hang out with SoCal friends for the weekend, attend the event on Monday, drive home Tuesday. However, by early November, I heard that one of my favorite bands, New Kids on the Block(NKOTB) were going to be doing an interview with Ryan Seacrest and that the interview was held in San Francisco.

Early November
Plan E
8:30 AM – See my favorite band, New Kids on the Block(NKOTB) in San Francisco in the morning after their 8 am interview with Ryan Seacrest.
9:00 AM – Leave SF to go to airport.
10:55 AM – Fly to LAX
12:15 – Land in LAX, rent a car, and go to my friend’s work to get her apt keys, shower at her place, and arrive at The Paley Center by 5 PM.

What went wrong?

November 8, 2010
9:20 AM – NKOTB still hadn’t come out so I had to leave or I’d miss my flight. I did see Jonathan Knight wave hello to us as he was returning to the hotel from having a smoke break but that was about it. I had wanted to get my “Iā™„NKOTB” license plate signed but I had to go. Mind you, I have been trying to get it autographed for over a year now because I had lost my original one back in 2008. My friend Jennifer offered to help me get the plate signed, which speaks volumes about our friendship. She sacrificed an autograph for herself so that I could get mine. I love my friends.

Back to the journey. It was going to take me at least 30 minutes to go get my luggage, hike up 3 San Francisco hills, and drive to the airport. The Long Term parking is a LONG WAY!!! When I got into the terminal, it was already 10:35. In my haste, I forgot to remove my large hairspray so I had to check in my bag. I refused to just throw it away because it cost me $16! The airline lady told me it’s not guaranteed since it’s late check in. “What does that mean?”

“It means it might not be on the same flight & might be on the next one.” Great. I had to rush through security, passing everyone. Luckily, the girl beyond the metal detector scanner was an ex-coworker of mine so I think that might be why I was able to rush right through. I grabbed my flip flops,my purse & my jacket. Unfortunately, when I grabbed my jacket, a small tray next to it spilled its contents all over the roller bars at the end of the conveyor belt. It was now 10:52 am. I ran to my gate barefoot. I got on the plane just in time!

12:05 PM, we landed in LAX & after waiting for long while, it was apparent that my luggage did NOT make it on the flight after all. The next flight was arriving at 1:40 pm so I decided to charge my phone while I waited. I should’ve brought my car charger but in my haste, I forgot to grab it. I only grabbed the cord & the wall plug. I decided to go through twitter to see what happened at the NKOTB interview. That was when I saw all the photos of NKOTB with my friends. Yes, I was very sad that I missed it but I was very happy for my friends, especially the ones who had never had moments like these with the band. These moments are priceless, especially when the guys actually WANT to greet the fans! We have always behaved and I’m so proud of my girls. And Jennifer was able to get a couple of signatures on my plate! I was so excited!! She did me proud.

Anyway, by the time the next flight from SFO came, it was 1:30 and my phone was about 70% charged. I grabbed my luggage and got on a shuttle to the rental car place. I got my economy car and had to drive to my friend’s workplace near Burbank airport. Why didn’t I just take a flight to Burbank? I should’ve. I later found out I could have been on the same flight as NKOTB because they went to Burbank around noon, the same place I had to go to!! Haha! Life is such a prankster. It’s ok though, because that trip was not about NKOTB, it was about Paulo.

By 4:00 PM, I arrived at The Hub Channel office, got the keys from my friend who told me it was a new key and not to get it stuck in the lock. I drove to her place and opened the gate. However, when I tried to open her door what happened? THE KEY GOT STUCK IN THE LOCK. I couldn’t get in. Sigh…

Plan F – Showering & charging my phone at her place was out. Go straight to The Paley Center. Amy had to buy some WD-40 to loosen the key & open the door. It was now 4:45. I drove down, following the directions I copied from my phone onto my boarding pass so that I could conserve battery. My phone is my lifeline as I’m sure it is everyone else’s lifeline just as likely.

I arrived in Beverly Hills by 5:05 PM and saw that there were already people in line! I parked my car and surprisingly, parking in Beverly Hills was cheaper than parking in San Francisco! I would have thought it’d be much more expensive. My credit card took some abuse this weekend. I got in line and waited. I had purchased my ticket online and it was at will call. When they let us in at 6 PM, I had to go to the will call line while those with physical tickets were allowed through. That disappointed me but then I was just glad to have made it to the event at all.

I had read online that this event was a table read but it was actually a viewing of the premiere episode of the next episode that isn’t scheduled to air until January. We were getting to watch it a good 2 months in advance!! Lovely, just lovely. Consequently, there was a panel discussion with the cast & creators in attendance. My reason for coming!! There were the creators, Andrew Lenchewski & Michael Rauch, and the primary cast–Jill Flint, Reshma Shetty, Paulo Costanzo, and Mark Feuerstein. I was so excited and I felt my heart race.

Seeing Paulo in the flesh, after being in love with him for 10 years, made all the drama I went through worth it. Hearing his voice, getting his jokes, and feeling so elated to be in the same room with him was indescribable. I wasn’t on Cloud 9, I was on Cloud 99. I enjoyed the panel discussion so much! When Paulo was asked about whether he liked doing TV or movies, I already knew his answer before he spoke because I have read, seen & heard almost everything about him. The moderator, Diane Gordon, asked some wonderful questions that I had wanted to know myself, including the discussion on the rap videos they made. Those were HILARIOUS!! I enjoyed them so much. I wanted to ask if next time, they will let Paulo beatbox like he did on Road Trip but my heart was entertaining the idea of asking if he would take a photo with me.

When the audience was asked to deliver any questions during the Q & A, my heart began to race, faster than it did in the beginning. I wanted to raise my hand so badly but I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the evening. People were asking questions specific to Royal Pains and here I am, wanting to have a one-on-one conversation with Paulo! How selfish am I?! I refused to do it, my mind said no…but my heart took over and my arm involuntarily went up when no one raised their hand for the last question of the night. Michael Rauch had just finished talking about being on Twitter so it was a good segue for me to go off of.

I told Michael Rauch that I had actually been tweeting him and he asked me if I was “missava”. I said yes and it seemed as if the whole audience got a kick out of me. I didn’t understand why they laughed but it put me at ease. I told Paulo that I had loved him for 10 years now, that I thought I was his #1 fan and I risked my job to come there that night and all I wanted was to take a photo with him after the event. He said something about not being able to answer legally and someone else said security was bad. It didn’t hit me what the answer really meant but I smiled and felt a little defeated and sat back down. After the event was over, I was going to return to my friend’s apt but a bunch of people rushed to the stage and the cast was signing autographs. Paulo was at the opposite end of me, talking to some people and helping them take photos. I wondered if I would be able to still take a photo with him.

I walked down to the stage and stood there, waited to see if he would come my way. At one point, the lady he was with said, “Where is she? Oh there she is” and pointed at me. Paulo came towards me and my heart exploded into confetti. He said hi and told me to calm myself and gave me a great big hug. That moment seized me, I was overwhelmed with joy. 10 YEARS I waited for this! I had to let it sink in. I don’t remember much but I do remember him pointing out his wife who was standing against the wall behind me. He said he was sorry and that made me laugh. I didn’t know he got married. I said I didn’t care and I loved him anyway. I asked if I could take a photo with him and he said yes. Then I gave him this card I had made for him that gave me the chance to tell him everything I’ve always wanted to him to know about his #1 fan, including how I won them over as Fan of the Week on the Royal Pains website in June 2010. I also included some buttons that I felt were a reflection of what I thought of him. He thanked me and said “Let’s go over here so we can take a better picture” and we walked to the middle of the stage. The security guard took the photo for me but 3 things I would have changed:

1) Stood on his left because my left side is my best side
2) Pulled down my top, and
3) Asked the security guard to take the photo at eye level instead of waist level. Who does that??

Needless to say, I came out looking like the blob I feared I would look like, standing next to Paulo’s perfectly slender stature. Great. And this would probably be the only photo I will ever get with him in my entire life. I was disappointed and knew that I would be going home both happy having met him and sad that the one documented record I had of that moment was one that I don’t ever want to display. As I left the stage, The lady who was sitting next to me, during the event asked me how was it. I told her it was a dream come true but my photo turned out crappy. She told me she had taken some photos while I was up there and when she showed me the photos in her camera, my face lit up. Her name was Helaine and she took photos from the seats which were elevated so it was at eye level!! I was SO HAPPY!!! She offered to emailed them to me and gave me her card. She made good on her promise and here they are. I am so grateful she & her husband(?) Lenny were able to take these photos for me. I will never forget this drama & joy-filled night. If it wasn’t for them, this experience would have been a sad memory for me.

I’ll always love you, Paulo Costanzo, married or not. Thank you for the pics, smiles & hugs. You rock!

(Yes this blog did not take only 5 minutes, more like 5 hours to write but I simply HAD to have a record of all that happened so that I can always look back & reminisce.)

And no, I will NOT be posting the waist level picture. That’s going under lock & key.

Oh, and you might wonder why I kept mentioning my phone. Because of my phone being dead, I got stranded outside Amy’s place. After the event, I used my handwritten directions to the Paley Center to make my way back to Amy’s because my phone was dead. When I arrived, her doorbell did not work so I was not able to contact her. I stood outside the gate yelling, “AMY!! AMY!!” She couldn’t hear me. I eventually had to leave and found a payphone. Did you know payphones now accept credit cards? Or maybe they always did, I wouldn’t know. I rarely used them. I couldn’t call Amy because I didn’t memorize her phone number (stupid move), and I was only able to call one of our mutual friends and leave her a message to call Amy to open the door. I drove back and fortunately, a tenant happened to be going in so I went with him. As Amy answered my knocking, I heard her on the phone, saying I’ve arrived.

The lesson I’ve learned: 1) Never take time for granted, 2) Face each challenge with a smile, and 3) Always respect the relationships with those around you.

Paulo Costanzo!!

I need to blog about Paulo. What a day!!! But I have to board a plane right now. In good time…

Motivated –> Succeed

Began my new diet since Tuesday this past week and so far, I’ve lost 8 lbs. Woo hoo!! I look in the mirror but I don’t really see any difference. However, I bet if I took a photo of myself, compared the +8 lbs me to the -8 lbs, I would notice some little things I never noticed before. I have to say, my biggest motivational factor right now is the fact that I will be seeing my favorite actor in exactly 22 days. If I can continue on this path until then, hopefully, I will be at a happier weight and my confidence will allow me to be more relaxed when I see him in person for the first time. Just thinking about that day makes me smile so hard my cheeks can balance an apple by my eye.

I’m still getting over my flu this weekend so yesterday, I decided to watch Paulo Costanzo movies to entertain myself. One thing I noticed was that Paulo has a crooked smile sometimes, just like my 2nd favorite actor, Jackson Rathbone!! Except the difference is that Jackson crookedly smiles on his left but Paulo crookedly smiles on his right. Haha! Yeah, it’s really bad when you notice little things like that, but that’s just how passionate I am about him. This is the youthful crazed childhood side of me coming out to play while the mature, responsible adult in me takes a break from life.

It seems the key to dieting success is to love what you are eating. In the beginning, I hated my food. I thought it was disgusting and pondered just how long it would take for me to fall off the wagon. I was eating boiled chicken breasts and cherry tomatoes right out of the plastic container. It was horrific. As I learned more about what foods I could eat, I started to turn my wheels and created food that I DID like and it has helped me to stay on it these past few days without worry.

I still yearn for a piece of cake here & there but when I think about seeing Paulo with a new body on me, it keeps me from breaking my rules and I am content to be without. I just keep thinking I WILL have it again someday, but today is not that day. I’m so happy that I finally found a motivation that works. Of course it won’t work for everyone because not everyone has a celebrity they are passionate about–but I find that there is always something that works for everyone, depending on what drives that someone to smile hard.

3 Notations

1. I am dumbfounded, floored, shocked beyond belief. My boss approved my vacation days so I don’t have to worry about not being able to see Paulo!! Yes, I was going to quit as a last resort but in the end, I know I would have regretted that.

Sigh…what a relief. Now, all I can think about is dieting & what I’m going to wear. Which brings me to my second change-my diet.

2. A friend of mine recently tried a diet I actually have never heard of. I would write it on here but since I’m in a competition with my BFF for weight loss, I’d rather not expose myself until I find out that it actually works for me. It sounds a bit gimmicky because it declares rapid weight loss but if you read all the reviews, how it works, and success stories, it sounds pretty legit! I know my fat, diet-obsessed ass has said to have tried it all but this one, I seriously have never heard of and have high hopes for it because I really want to wear something nice when I go see Paulo. I honestly can not stop thinking about it. I CAN’T!! I’ve even fantasized about a Q&A session where I get to ask Paulo if he would still consider participating in low-budget independent film projects, something I might embark on in the future-which brings me to my next note-screenwriting.

3. I was at the bookstore last night and while looking for another monologue book, I came across a screenwriting section. I started flipping through the books and reading up on the world of screenwriting. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this but I really love writing scripts. Perhaps there may be a place for me in this world after all. We shall see. :0)

P.S. Wasn’t it nice that I didn’t mention anything about some crazy new crush? I must be too distracted.

15 Seconds of Fame

I’m really enjoying being on the Royal Pains front page, as if being a Fan of the Week & winning a DVD wasn’t enough! I hope Paulo Costanzo saw me! I love him.

People usually say that if there’s anyone in the world they would want to meet right now, it’s always someone like Mother Theresa, the president, God, etc. Me, I’m going to be real. I’m not that deep. If there’s anyone in the world I would want to meet right now, it’s the Paulo Costanzo. I’ve loved him ever since I saw him in Road Trip in 2000. He’s so funny, talented, inspiring, & just all around beautiful. I’m so glad Royal Pains had cast him on the show. I just wish the show ran year round instead of every summer. Now where will I get my weekly Costanzo fix? I hope that someday, I WILL meet him. It would be such an honor & a pleasure. Until then, I’ll just admire him from afar through photos & seek him out on