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Will Friedle in Wingman Magazine

Will recently posted about a Wingman magazine shoot that he did and I bought the digital copy and read the article. It was fantastic! Such a well-written piece about him and I enjoyed every word. I highly recommend buying it if you’re a huge Will Friedle fan. The digital copy is $4.99 and the print copy is $36.99. I was going to get the print copy but decided since I’m trying to live towards a more minimalist life, I should probably aim for the digital. So then I can access it anytime and anywhere. The magazine had photos of him wearing some kind of designer clothes but I have to admit, some of these outfits made him look like Inspector Gadget. Or maybe more like Eric Matthews, the good-looking detective. Haha! This is my favorite pic in the magazine which you could find in the Wingman Instagram as well. I love it because I love the way his hair sits on his temple just like it used to back in the day. And he has lost so much weight! I’m so inspired! He said in the article that it was thanks to exercise and Nutri-system! They should have him be a spokeperson. There aren’t enough male spokepeople for weight loss programs.

Will Friedle

Anyway, what intrigued me the most about the article was that they mentioned he was going to be filming a movie in the summer!! WHAT?!! My jaw literally dropped. I’m so excited. I have to admit, I stopped writing about Will after he got married out of respect but I can’t hold my excitement any longer! How can I not express this abundance of absolute joy? I’ve been waiting to see him in front of the screen or the longest time. Do I even care whether it’s in the theatre, streaming on Netflix or pay-per-view (does this even exist anymore?)? No. I just like that he is able to overcome his anxiety and perform onscreen again. This makes me so elated. And he also mention at New York Comic Con that he and Danielle Fishel had written something that they were shopping around! How exciting! You can find that interview here:

On another note, Will should have a website with his future appearances so that us fans can plan ahead! I would have loved to have been able to go to all those con appearances he was at but finding out just days beforehand doesn’t make for the best flight prices for someone who doesn’t normally attend these types of events. Speaking of conferences, I’ve been completely immersed in watching all of the interviews Will is partaking in and I am absorbing every word. I’m like a sponge. I’m at the point where I could probably answer the repetitive questions he’s always hearing! His favorite episode? The Scream episode. How did he get the part? Cuz he was taller than the original actor who was cast as Eric. Why did you leave acting? Anxiety. It’s all very similar in each interview which is why I enjoy the one-on-one interviews much more. I even noticed that sometimes, his story about filming the last episode of Boy Meets World changes when he talks about it. He said in one interview that he filmed the last day of Boy Meets World and also recorded the last episode of Batman Beyond on the same day. In another one, he said the recording was on the next morning. And in another one, he said Boy Meets World filming was the next day but all in all, you get the gist of it.

Ok, that took more than 5 minutes to write. Lots to say but I’ll save it for another post! In the meantime, I have some research to do!

Successful Photoshoot

Photoshoot was a success!! I think. It lasted from 8:30 AM and ended around 3 PM. I had a great time. The photographers were very professional and made us all feel very at ease. We had two photographers and we would switch off to complete the shoot within our restricted space & time limits. There were two hair/makeup artists and they both did a fantastic job on all of us. I had a blast working with them. We also brought in a videographer to tape the shoot and do interviews for a promo and I hope the things I said were okay. Just thinking about the edit is making me anxious.

I just love the artist world and it’s sad that whenever budget cuts come rolling around, art is one of the first on the list to get cut. They don’t see how art contributes in shaping one’s future, building self-esteem, giving confidence, exploring one’s capabilities, teaching discipline, and forming useful skills that are applicable in all aspects of life including career, school, and in the home. Ok, tangent! Just a random rant.

Anyway, I was initially going to post some of the candids I took with my phone but then I realized it’s probably better to post them along with the actual photos instead, whenever we get to see the proofs. I’m very excited about all of this!

Right now, I’m trying to help in figuring out a website promo and the video promo. I have never ever done anything like this and it’s all so refreshing, I find. Learning so many things from my friends and getting opportunities to get creative is really feeding my hungry artistic soul and I am ever grateful.

No classes this week for spring break and I’m excited about Wordy Word on Wednesday. Better get crackin’ on my monologue! Here’s a quick pic of me at the photoshoot. The theme was the masculine look. Do I look masculine enough? *shrug*

Photoshoot Anxiety

I’ll be doing a photoshoot tomorrow. Of course, my skin decides to act up just days beforehand. I guess it’s from all the chocolate I ate at work. I always did say that I tend to sabotage myself, either consciously or subconsciously. It’s ok, it’s 2011 and we have photoshop now so I’ll be ok.
I had to find a men’s suit to wear and the only thing I could think of was to borrow one from my brother. My only fear was that it wouldn’t fit me because I’m probably bigger than he is. However, I had to try and so I went over to his place and asked to try on his suit. He gave me the biggest one he had and when I put it on, it was actually bigger than me! Color me dumbfounded. Then I asked him if he had one that was smaller. He did, it was one size lower so I put that one on and voila, a perfect fit. Imagine my excitement and realization that my weight loss efforts have not gone unrewarded. Now I don’t have to spend any money to buy a women’s suit. :0)
I don’t know how this photoshoot will turn out as I’ve never done one but I guess we shall find out when we get the proofs back. Not sure now to pose. Is that my job to know or the photographer’s? Oh Lord help me. If I take any more double photos, I’m going to cut it off with scissors. What a vision that would be. I wonder what supermodels did to get to where they are. Modeling school? Intern with an agency? Just stand on a corner in Hollywood looking pretty, hoping to catch a photographer’s attention? Yeah, I think that might catch some different attention actually.
Anyway, going to see Vagina Monologues tonight and grab some of that famous Papalote burrito I hear so much about. Hoping for some inspiration for my own pieces. My craving to write a short film and get into a festival is growing bigger & bigger by the day.

Playing Dress Up

Had a great meeting over the weekend in the creative department of my life. From Stage Show —> Calendar –> Look Book –> Book, Show & Tour.

I’m a bit overwhelmed, yes. But with any creative outlet, it takes work & time. I guess this could also be my motivation for weight loss. I’m thinking of one word: burlesque. Haha! We’ll see how it goes. Now I need to find some photos for inspiration. Wow, for the first time in my life, I’m actually not shying away from something like this. Must be that elusive “self-confidence” I was missing that everyone’s always talking about. I’ve got to figure out SOMEway to look fabulous. Speaking of looking fabulous, what should I wear to the American Music Awards? EEEEKK!!!