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15 Seconds of Fame

I’m really enjoying being on the Royal Pains front page, as if being a Fan of the Week & winning a DVD wasn’t enough! I hope Paulo Costanzo saw me! I love him.

People usually say that if there’s anyone in the world they would want to meet right now, it’s always someone like Mother Theresa, the president, God, etc. Me, I’m going to be real. I’m not that deep. If there’s anyone in the world I would want to meet right now, it’s the Paulo Costanzo. I’ve loved him ever since I saw him in Road Trip in 2000. He’s so funny, talented, inspiring, & just all around beautiful. I’m so glad Royal Pains had cast him on the show. I just wish the show ran year round instead of every summer. Now where will I get my weekly Costanzo fix? I hope that someday, I WILL meet him. It would be such an honor & a pleasure. Until then, I’ll just admire him from afar through photos & seek him out on