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Truth in Blog

I tried all weekend to let my recent event inspire me to write a piece for the book. However, the more I thought about how a short story is constructed, the less I wanted to complete my piece. All I’ve written so far is what happened–no changing scenes, no climaxes, just what exactly happened. That does not make for a good read. I never really thought about how hard this would be to put into story form. I think by the time I finish my piece, the story will be inspired by the event, but the truth will remain here, as a story is just that–a story. My truth had no resolution so I had to write & rewrite my story until my pen ran out of ink.

Yes, I said ink. I like to write my stories on paper. That way, my initial thoughts cannot escape through the delete button. Initial drafts can be pretty lousy but sometimes, an initial sentence might come sneaking back into actually being clever so I keep it safe in a moleskin book. I come up with my most brilliant ideas & thoughts in th shower, believe it or not. Maybe they should come up with a blackboard with water-resistant markers that I can use in the shower so I can transfer it onto paper later. Yah, I know that idea will never sell so I’ll just have to learn to retain. Someday, I will write an amazing screenplay and if I ever get asked where I came up with the idea, I want my answer to be, “In the shower.”

I signed up for a screenwriting class this semester just in case someone else had something else to teach me. It starts tonight. My mom always asks me why I keep going back to school. A professor once taught me, “If you stop learning, you stop living.” If there’s any lesson of value that resonated with me from going to school all those years, that was it. Years of complaining how badly I wanted to get out of school only left me pining to get back in–so here I am, taking 3 classes, working a full time job, and trying to redesign my life.

The classes I signed up for are 1)Screenwriting, 2)Website Development, and 3)Drawing. I figured if I’m going to admit that I’m an inner artist, I might as well get some training to back myself up. I can’t become an artist if I don’t learn my craft. I’ve always wondered how artists relegate themselves into the type of lifestyle where it seems like all they do is work on their craft. What about money? How do they pay bills or buy art materials or even eat? I’m truly baffled as I have a full time job and I don’t spend all my time on my craft & I’m struggling like a drowning horse in a flash flood.

Anyway, I have to go to class and figure out how I’m going to get this story out from my brain to my book.