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South Beach Beginnings

Recently, I came across some good reviews of the new “South Beach Diet Super Quick Cookbook.” The reviewers made it sound so good, I searched for the nearest open-on-Sunday library to borrow the book no matter how many miles away it was. I ended up finding it at a San Francisco library that wasn’t open until 1 pm (???) and picked it up there. Whoever heard of someone being excited to go to the library?

Anyway, I haven’t looked through the whole book yet but so far, they’ve given some pretty good budget-conscious shopping tips. Mainly, 1) shop at ethnic grocery stores for cheaper produce & specialty meats & condiments, & 2) go to farmer’s markets near the end of their hours because they usually slash prices so that they don’t have to drag as much stuff home. Those are my favorite tips. The first one I’ve always known about but the second one was new to me since I rarely shop at farmer’s market. Maybe this is a good time to develop new habits.

It’s pretty premature of me to hope that this new book is the answer to my prayers but I’m pretty confident in it, as I always am in the beginning stages of a new diet. Aren’t we all? People cannot honestly commit to a diet with a pessimistic view of it & actually expect to succeed, right? In one month, let’s see how much progress it has given me. I’ll be sure to let you know. :0)