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Rags To Bitches

Our women’s group, PMSTA, is having a comedy show fundraiser, Rags To Bitches, on 8/18/11 at Spice Monkey Restaurant in Oakland! Please spread the word and buy your tickets early!

08/18 Rags to Bitches Comedy Show


July13, 2011

Maggie Suarez-Calixton (510) 386-1595

Pinays Maintaining Sisterhood Through Art



Filipina Standup Comedy Show

WHEN: Thursday, August 18th

7:30pm to 9:30pm

WHERE: Spice Monkey Restaurant

1628 Webster Street

Oakland, CA 94612

TIX: $10 Advance

$15 – $20 Sliding Scale at the Door

Please join us in celebrating Pinays Maintaining Sisterhood Thru Art’s new production by attending the RAGS TO BITCHES COMEDY SHOW featuring the best of Filipina American standup comedy headlined by comedian Kat Evasco. Featured comedians are Lilibeth Helson, Aivy Cordova and Tatiana Dayers.

RAGS TO BICHES will take place on Thursday, August 18th from 7:30PM-9:30PM at the Spice Monkey Restaurant located at 1628 Webster Street in Oakland, CA. It’s a show that will lead you with tears of laughter. Please support us by purchasing advance tickets at Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 – $20 Sliding Scale at the door.

After a 3 year break and with a few new cast mates, Filipina American Women’s theater group, PMSTA (Pinays Maintaining Sisterhood Through Art) is coming back in full force with a new show, “DEATH OF A PLAYER.” A variety of funny and absurd imagination on what goes on in a woman’s mind facing chaotic challenges in life. DEATH OF A PLAYER will be presented in October 2011 at the newly reconstructed Bindlestiff Studio, 185 Sixth Street in the South of Market Area, SF. With this ecstatic news, PMSTA will need to raise a total of $10,000. Please help us reach our goal of $10,000 to further educate and inspire all women in our society by laughing with us at RAGS TO BITCHES.


Our comic headliner, Kat Evasco, began her career in stand up comedy at the famous open mic at Brainwash in San Francisco in March of 2007. With dedication and respect for the craft, she continues to perform all over the San Francisco Bay Area at venues including the legendary Purple Onion, the San Jose Improv, the Napa Valley Opera House, the Montblue Casino (Lake Tahoe), and the Haha Cafe (N. Hollywood). Kat is part of the Five Funny Females Festival, has competed in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition 2010, the same competition known for discovering Robin Williams and Ellen Degeneres. In November of 2010, Kat opened for the amazing Marga Gomez at Le Pena in Berkeley and was invited by Marga to perform at the Berkeley GAY COMEDY FESTIVAL in June of this year.


Pinays Maintaining Sisterhood Through Art (PMSTA), was founded in November 2007 by a group of former cast mates from the Women’s Show called, “The Fountain of Youth is a 16 oz Jar of Vaseline,” directed by Gayle Romasanta. With much inspiration, the cast mates, Andrea Almario, Aureen Almario, Ann Borja, Kat Evasco, Jamie Nallas, Gayle Romasanta, Tonilyn Sideco, Maggie Suarez-Calixton, Ava Tong, and Nicole Villanueva, decided to open new doors for other women who can voice out their struggles and accomplishments.

Pinays Maintaining Sisterhood Through Art (PMSTA) strives to foster and develop strong, creative expressions and increased visibility of Filipino American women through theater, performance, literature, visual art, and music.


Established in 1989, Bindlestiff Studio is the only permanent, community-based performing arts venue in the nation dedicated to showcasing emerging Filipino American and Pilipino artists. Bindlestiff Studio provides the often under-served Filipino American community access to diverse offerings in theatrical productions, music and film festivals, workshops in directing, production, acting, stand-up comedy, and writing, as well as a children and youth theater program.

Bindlestiff Studio

Dave Foley

Real quick.

Going to see Dave Foley tonight at Cobb’s Comedy Club as part of SF Sketchfest. Loved him since 1992 & met him in 2002. I can’t fuckin’ wait!!!! To sum it up, he is a comedian who got his big break doing Kids in the Hall(KITH). They started out in a black box theatre called Rivoli in Canada, I believe, and somehow got offered to do a sketch TV show based on their comedy. He went on to do another show called “Newsradio” with Andy Dick, Maura Tierney and the late Phil Hartman.

I remember back in high school, I used to set my alarm for 3:00 AM. I would wake up, run downstairs, turn on the TV to channel 5 and record Kids in the Hall. Odd time for it to come on but I was a ride-or-die chick and I HAD to watch it! Their comedy truly was the catapult that inspired me to write. I ended up submitting pieces to my high school’s poetry magazine and I even got something accepted in it! I thought the pieces inspired by KITH was poetry but I later learned that what I was actually writing were monologues. I wish I still had those monologues today. I could get re-inspired by my former self. I’m sure I have them somewhere but I’ll bet you anything that they are chillin’ within 3.5″ floppy disk heaven in WordPerfect form with a password protected gate. Unless I can find a computer out there than can pull these out for me, they are laid to rest.

In 2002, I finally got the chance to see Kids in the Hall perform live!! They came to SF on a tour and I got a backstage pass to meet them!! Believe me, that was a dream come true and that week, I also met my childhood fantasy boyfriend Joe McIntyre and another favorite comedian, John Leguizamo!! What a week that was! Here is my picture with Dave, taken 5/19/02. Ignore my fugly self.

I can’t wait for tonight. Alone or alongside Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson & Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley is hilarious and I appreciate & am inspired by his sense of humor. If it wasn’t for KITH, I would not have the dark & sarcastic sense of humor that I have today. Thank you so much. In the meantime, I’d like to share some of my favorite Kids in the Hall sketches.



Musical Duo

Melanie & her Date

Grocery Store

Ok, maybe that was not that quick. Sorry, I got excited reminiscing about the Kids in the Hall! Love them!