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Birth of a Troupe

Six years ago, my friend Aureen and I talked about how great it would be to start our own comedy troupe. I had mentioned to her about how much I loved sketch comedy and Kids in the Hall. She completely understood and shared my views. We discussed pulling together some of our friends and creating this group someday and we could have our own shows and tour. Ah, what a fantasy that was.

Fast forward 5 years, our networks grew bigger, our resources got richer, and our creativity became stronger. Due to our curiosity of all things creative, we began dipping our hands in film making and fell in love. In 2011, we approached 3 of our friends to help us build a troupe and make comedic videos. We called ourselves “Granny Cart Gangstas.” Unfortunately, the 5 of us became so busy that we allowed our ideas to remain on paper, undeveloped and never fully realized. By May of 2012, Aureen & I had a moment to talk during a film shoot. We were discussing with another friend, Roczane, about wanting to have an all female comedy troupe. And thus began a snowball of activity into giving the troupe a life. Aureen & I began pulling together all the ingredients we needed to have a successful troupe to do our film making and eventually culminate into doing live shows in theaters. A month later, we had our troupe. Six months later, we completed our first project, a music video parody of Beyonce’s “Run the World.”


Ambition to Fruition

My friend and I have been talking for over a year about wanting to make short films that are focused on women, comedy & imagination. We were being ambitious & didn’t know if it would actually come to life. We had been throwing ideas back & forth with each other and now that Death of a Player is done, we can finally put some actual work into this project. We’ve decided to venture into the world that is YouTube. We came up with so many ideas that we realized we just couldn’t do it alone so we pulled in a few more local friends that we knew would share our vision. Right now, there are 5 of us working on this project. Once we establish an actual & credible foundation of some sorts, we’re hoping to pull the rest of our creative friends to express our vision. It’s a lot of work and I’d just rather present it to our friends when there is more structure & direction. Right now, it’s pretty ambiguous & frazzled. :0P There are so many YouTubers out there that make all these funny videos and we want in on that! The best part about us is that between us 5, we are producers, filmmakers, comedians, writers, musicians, directors, and actors. Plus, we have a spectacular community of resources that we can hit up, no problem. The best part is that we’ve worked with one another before so we know each others’ strengths & weaknesses, how to get along & how to work together to get this going.

I’m super excited. I never really thought it would actually happen. I’m usually the type of person to dream & not do. It took a long time for me to actually crank those dreams out and make them come true. I still have dreams & one by one, I’m working towards getting them to fruition. Of course, my ultimate will always be losing weight but I’m just going to let that one simmer for now. It will just have to remain a constant reminder that will nag at my shoulders each time I make a meal decision, try on an outfit, or feel an irregular heart palpitation.

Anyway, I had the pleasure of location scouting last night and I found that I really enjoy the pre-production side of things. Some people think that things just magically happen and that just simply is not true. So much goes into the making of almost anything-concert, movie, theater show, even improv has some kind of pre-production planning involved. I just really love to follow a plan. Without them, there would be chaos, confusion and consequences.

And so it begins…

Granny Cart Gangstas

Scripts & Jewels

I’ve never written a script for a promotional video before. However, tonight, I can say that I have. Not really sure I knew what I was doing but I dove right in because it was an emergency and we needed the script right away. Hopefully, I wrote it right. I don’t care if they want to tweak it. I fulfilled my assignment and put forth my best effort. I just wish I had learned how to write a shooting script instead of only a spec script. I guess I’ll leave it up to the director to figure it out. The thing is, I have this vision in my head of what the video could look like, but translating the visions into words and shots is much more difficult than I ever thought it would be. Even communicating my vision through voice is much easier than putting it into words. I like the challenge though, keeps me on my toes.

Speaking of challenges, I have been out of commission for a week now due to lower back pain. I finally saw my doctor yesterday and she gave me plenty of drugs to keep me comfortable, which is why I am able to write today. She said it’s probably a pinched nerve. It was so annoying to use my computer sideways so typing was purposely neglected. Now I can finally get back to my regularly scheduled programming. One thing I learned from this experience is to never take your health for granted. Sometimes, I feel invincible but deep down, I know I’m not. We, as humans, are all fragile, not matter how much strength we possess. I could strengthen my core, I could work out until I can carry a horse, I could have legs & buttocks as hard as a rock but all could be gone if I get in a car accident. Our bodies only have one life. It’s not easy to bounce back from trauma. It’s just best to take care of it while we can.

On a lighter note, I’ve discovered an interest in jewelry making. I had a vision of a piece of jewelry and haven’t found anyone who has made it. So, I thought, “Why don’t I make it myself?” This was one thing I did with my time away from work. Wouldn’t it be great to be a writer and also sell jewelry on the side, travelling to different places to different jewelry fairs, conventions, trade shows? Maybe it doesn’t sound that strange but keep in mind that I’m a girl who has never ever been into decorating herself. So jewelry has always been the last on my list when it comes to dressing up. Most times, I forget about jewelry and leave the house without it so I keep emergency jewelry in my bag just for that reason. I am going to take a class, borrow some books from the library, and see what I can come up with. I’ve seen a lot of fugly jewelry out there and if they can make money, so can I. My taste dances along the lines of romance, rock n roll, and sparkle. Once I master my craft, I think I’ll make a channel on Etsy. I tried making a simple pair of earrings yesterdays and it was fun to make. I actually wore them and realized they look like earrings I’ve seen being sold for around $5 – $8 a pair. They’re not perfect but hey, they’re my first pair. Yeah, I think I could do this. I wonder what I should name my new business.

Ruby Hearts & Gunmetal

Snitch in Love