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Girl Meets World: Hmm…Okay.

Disney is making a sequel to Boy Meets World called Girl Meets World. It was announced last weekend. After hearing the news, I couldn’t decided. I’ve been wavering back and forth over this topic this whole week. I don’t know why. It’s not even that important. I’ve been reading & watching articles, tweets, comments, rants, blogs, vlogs, video responses, and episodes of Boy Meets World that ended up making me cry like a baby. I was looking for something to influence my opinion and help me get out of this 50/50 zone that I was so conflicted over for some unknown reason. So finally, after being overwhelmed with all the positive vs. negative words I’ve seen, read or heard, I’ve come to a conclusion and that conclusion is this: okay.

It will be okay. It will be okay that Disney wants to do a sequel to Boy Meets World because there can be nothing but good that will come out of it for Boy Meets World. First of all, BMW is done, finished, in the past, a memory, a retro vintage television show that taught me life lessons and made Fridays my favorite day to this day. As a loyal viewer of Boy Meets World, I am honored that one of my favorite shows was remembered and chosen to get a sequel. A lot of the nay-sayers have voiced their rants that “Girl Meets World” will ruin their childhood and drag Boy Meets World through the ground. They pretty much say that Boy Meets World cannot be touched because it is already imperfectly perfect and does not need to be changed. And then, there are those who are overcome with excitement and & anticipation, like being given a big wrapped present and you have all these expectations and hopes for what could be inside.

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Sigh…well, I have to admit, I was leaning more towards the “Don’t do it, Disney!” side but I took a step back and thought about all the ways I could see this so okay, here goes my final opinion. I think the nay-sayers should concede, withdraw & support. I think that there are only two outcomes here for us 90s kids who include BMW as a part of our childhood world: 1) If Girl Meets World succeeds, great! I’d be so proud of Michael Jacobs for having another successful show. Translation: Nothing really to do with Boy Meets World, they are two separate shows. They just happen to have the same creator. The other outcome is 2) If Girl Meets World bombs, it really has zero negative effect on Boy Meets World because again, they are two separate shows. If GMW fails, we will just say “Boy Meets World” was better, giving our childhood a boost in cool factor. Think of all the shows that didn’t get revamped, remade or even remembered. They’re pretty much stored up in a locked up trunk of the sitcom library that sits in all of our 90s brains, keys lost and never found. We are lucky to possess the nostalgic memory of BMW and I proudly support Michael Jacobs in creating a new one for the new generation that awaits to possess such a memory of their own.

Honestly, one show really doesn’t have anything to do with the other. They could have marketed this as a completely new show and not mention BMW at all but I feel like they are giving BMW a shoutout, a nod, a well-deserved notable form of recognition if you must. So for me, that’s okay. In the world of creativity, you have to take risks. Like Austin Kleon says, “Steal like an artist.” In this case, perhaps Disney is only borrowing, but eventually, we will get it back and in the same condition, you will see.

My favorite episode is……
Eric Hollywood. If you haven’t seen it, the payoff is in the end. I love that broken wall.

Okay, this one too. The ironic part is that they said Eric made an ugly woman. HA!

Trip to LA

My Labor Day weekend was fantastic! Two of my friends, Judith & Lisa, were supposed to go to Universal Studios back in July but they had to postpone it to Labor Day. I had been wanting to go to Universal Studios ever since I watched Jason Marsden’s vacation video to Universal Studios Florida. While I couldn’t go to Florida, I figured Universal Studios Hollywood was the next best thing. Our plan was to drive down Friday, go to Universal Studios Sat, have dinner with our SoCal friend, Yvonne, & go to Universal again on Sun and go home Monday.

We went to rent an Intermediate car like a Chevy Cruze from Avis Rentals but when we got there, they upgraded us to an semi SUV for no extra charge! It was a Hyundai Santa Fe. Plus, with Avis, if you prepay upfront, it’s discounted so it’s like we got a super discount. Yay for saving money! We stayed at a low budget Travelodge in Burbank and arrived at 4 AM. Right away, we hit the sheets & fell asleep. All that driving took a toll on us even though I took a nap for about an hour.

Universal Studios was our first stop. It’s a lot smaller than I remember. Of course then again, I haven’t been there since 1995 so of course, things changed. My favorite part of Universal was the King Kong exhibit on the Studio Tour! The history goes that the King Kong exhibit was burned down in June of 2008. Peter Jackson, who produced/directed King Kong in 2005 & is also the producer/director of the Lord Of The Rings franchise, was brought in to remake the King Kong exhibit. I was beyond impressed! I took a video and you’ll probably hear me screaming throughout the whole experience trip, haha! It was all in 3D and I’m not talking about that crappy 3D you see with blue & red goggles. It was super realistic! I loved it, I wanted to go back! Peter Jackson should figure out a way to redo the JAWS exhibit. I also went to the Special Effects show which was exhilarating for me since I want to get into filmmaking. (ooh, remind me to talk about that later.)

After Universal, we met up with Yvonne to have a delicious Korean BBQ dinner! I LOVE Korean food. We ended up at Soowon Galbi BBQ in Koreatown. It was delicious! We decided not to get crazy so we just ordered 2 orders of bulgogi to share between all of us. Judith ordered a bottle of soju and drank most of it herself. I’m not a big alcohol fan so I only tried a little bit. I prefer Moscato. :0) Then we went to have some dessert and ended up at House of Pies where I ran into an old friend, Aldrich. I used to be Danny Kalanduyan’s teaching assistant for a music class that taught kulintang and Aldrich was one of the students. I wonder if he still plays. I miss playing kulintang. I’ll have to restart & remember.

Anyway, the next day, we decided not to go to Universal and head to the movies instead. Judith & Lisa wanted to see The Help and so did I. I found a theater on fandango near us so we went to the Arclight Sherman Oaks theater. We got there just in time. However, since we had never been there, we had no idea that the movie was $14.50 and assigned seating! What the hell! I was outraged. So, in our own defiance, we sat in seats that we were not assigned so there. Take that, Arclight! Haha! The movie was great!! But no movie is worth $14.50, ok? And that’s that. Afterwards, we didn’t know what to do so we searched the internet for activities and ended up at the Museum of Death. It was soul disturbing, to say the least. I never knew Freddie Prinze Jr.’s dad committed suicide. There were displays that made it seem like you were walking into a DOA scene. *shivers*

After we left the Museum of Death, we were so down & depressed that we needed to find something to do that would pull our moods back up. We decided that looking for the Hollywood sign would do just that! We found some directions online and followed the yellow brick road to Hollywood. So, you go to the corner of Franklin & Beachwood, you turn into Beachwood in the direction towards the mountains. There will be a sign saying No Access to Hollywood Sign but just ignore it and keep going. Eventually, you will get to a driveway and there will be a small parking lot up the hill. Then you have to hike your way up to the sign. We were not prepared to hike up all the way so we went as far as we could and took some photos from afar. After that, we decided to go get dinner. I was in the mood for pasta so I yelped it and made a reservation at a place called Osteria La Buca. We got there and were seated near the door. During dinner, Lisa & Judith noticed a guy outside with his girlfriend and they both realized it was David Anders from Alias & Heroes. I don’t watch much TV so I was like, “Who the fuck is that?” However, I was very entertained by their excitement.

That night, I went out and drove myself to Pink’s because I had been wanting to try their hot dogs for the longest time! I ended up with a Chili Cheese Hot Dog and it was delicious! All in all, my trip was a blast and I’m glad my friends let me tag along. I finally finished editing my video for the trip so instead of reading this whole thing, you could’ve just opted to watch it. I’m learning how to edit so bear with me! Damn, iMovie is super limited!