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Happy 37th Birthday, Will Friedle!

I just love hearing his squeaky voice. In case you haven’t read it yet, he did an interview with IGN recently.

So happy he is Bumblebee.

Rider Strong in SF

I got the chance to see a show last night called “The Thrilling Adventure Hour” and Rider Strong was a part of it! The show is presented in an old-time radio show where people are voicing different characters and reading off of a script. It reminds me of when you see voice actors do a recording for a cartoon, except in this case, there is no cartoon attached to the program. I confess, I only went to see Rider Strong. The rest were just a bonus. Other people who were also a part of the program included Paget Brewster from Criminal Minds, Keegan-Michael Key from Key & Peele, and Tom Hanks’ son, Colin Hanks.

I have to say, I’ve never seen anything like it. It was very entertaining and I loved the nonverbal interactions between the actors when there weren’t any lines to be said. I could really see the difference in what makes an actor good or bad. It’s the choices they make on how they interpret the script. I absolutely enjoyed it. My only gripe about it was that there wasn’t enough Rider in it. He came out a couple of times and I was hoping he would come out again after that but he never did until curtain call.

I wasn’t disappointed in the show though, had a great time. I just wished he had been able to participate more. There were 2 shows, one at 7 PM & one at 9:30 PM. I went to the one at 7 PM and made dinner plans with some friends after that. I had thought about going back after dinner to see if I could catch Rider leaving but I thought, “What for?” I’ve already met him twice and taken pictures with him twice. The 2nd time I saw him, I didn’t even ask to take photos, just hugged him and had him autograph a short story he wrote for a college literary book. Plus, I didn’t want him to think of me as a stalker. That is the last thing I would want. There were already those aggressive autograph collectors who get signatures on pictures & sell them online. Most of them aren’t even really fans.

Anyway, here is a photo that my friend took at curtain call. It’s blurry but you can tell which one Rider is, I’m sure. Hint: scruff


Will Friedle vs. Larry Kenney

Just came across an article on and saw that they compared Larry Kenney’s Lion-O to Will Friedle’s Lion-O. It’s pretty obvious that the author prefers Larry over Will, which is fine, but I have to say that I much prefer Will over Larry. Even if I didn’t love Will so much, I’d still vote for him because I actually love that he puts more effort into his Ho call. However, at the same time, is there really a comparison?

Back in the 80’s, the cartoons were so cheesy. I almost felt like I was watching one of those horribly dubbed Asian movies where American “actors” would voice over their english, or one of those violent video games they have at the arcade where the main character is talking to his comrades with an unneccessarily overexaggerated fervor. Of course, that was the 80’s and it was completely acceptable back then. Today, I’m not so sure it would fly. Plus, Will has had training in actual acting and Larry’s background is more radio personalities & voiceovers so perhaps that’s where Will is one up on Larry in the acting department? Of course one could argue that given Larry’s background in voiceovers, that he, in fact, has one up on Will.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. To each their own. I’m not going to debate over it because it’s a known fact that I FUCKIN. LOVE. WILL. You can’t change my mind. There will always be people who will love Larry for specific reasons and Will for specific reasons and it’s all good. Anyway, you can judge for yourself here. Oh, and be sure to check out the poll on the right. ;0)