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A Great Loss

I spend all weekend writing to finish up my final for my screenwriting class. Just sitting around, writing away with my pencil and then typing it up, editing, and eating every once in awhile. And guess what? I lost 3 lbs! Of course, from the 4 lbs I lost from vacation, I had gained back 1.5 lbs so this 3 lbs includes that 1.5 lbs so altogether, I lost 6 lbs. Winning!!
All weekend, I only ate noodles, fruit, and oatmeal. Oh, and part of a calzone from when I had gone to a baby shower. It was a veggie calzone, not very good though I must say. Mostly artichoke hearts, olives, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes & onions. So yeah, I guess I can see why I lost the weight but I really thought I would gain since I barely did any exercise. I went to buy a baby shower card and chose to walk it instead of driving so maybe that had something to do with it.
After coming back from vacation and seeing that I had lost weight even though I did nothing but eat a lot of food and walk around alot, it hit me. The epiphany, the light bulb I had been waiting for. Exercise really works. I had refused to believe it before and thought I could lose weight strictly through dieting and not exercising but Michelle Obama got it right with her Let’s Move campaign. Getting up and moving is the best way to lose that weight and that’s what I plan on doing to get myself down at least 50 lbs. I’m 6 down so I’ve got 44 more to go. It’s going to be a great loss for me! If Sara Rue can do it, so can I, and with help!
My friend and I decided to document ourselves through this weight loss process through video logging. It’s strictly anonymous so I won’t be revealing where the logs are. Hopefully, we can keep each other motivated and get this weight down.

Motivated –> Succeed

Began my new diet since Tuesday this past week and so far, I’ve lost 8 lbs. Woo hoo!! I look in the mirror but I don’t really see any difference. However, I bet if I took a photo of myself, compared the +8 lbs me to the -8 lbs, I would notice some little things I never noticed before. I have to say, my biggest motivational factor right now is the fact that I will be seeing my favorite actor in exactly 22 days. If I can continue on this path until then, hopefully, I will be at a happier weight and my confidence will allow me to be more relaxed when I see him in person for the first time. Just thinking about that day makes me smile so hard my cheeks can balance an apple by my eye.

I’m still getting over my flu this weekend so yesterday, I decided to watch Paulo Costanzo movies to entertain myself. One thing I noticed was that Paulo has a crooked smile sometimes, just like my 2nd favorite actor, Jackson Rathbone!! Except the difference is that Jackson crookedly smiles on his left but Paulo crookedly smiles on his right. Haha! Yeah, it’s really bad when you notice little things like that, but that’s just how passionate I am about him. This is the youthful crazed childhood side of me coming out to play while the mature, responsible adult in me takes a break from life.

It seems the key to dieting success is to love what you are eating. In the beginning, I hated my food. I thought it was disgusting and pondered just how long it would take for me to fall off the wagon. I was eating boiled chicken breasts and cherry tomatoes right out of the plastic container. It was horrific. As I learned more about what foods I could eat, I started to turn my wheels and created food that I DID like and it has helped me to stay on it these past few days without worry.

I still yearn for a piece of cake here & there but when I think about seeing Paulo with a new body on me, it keeps me from breaking my rules and I am content to be without. I just keep thinking I WILL have it again someday, but today is not that day. I’m so happy that I finally found a motivation that works. Of course it won’t work for everyone because not everyone has a celebrity they are passionate about–but I find that there is always something that works for everyone, depending on what drives that someone to smile hard.

South Beach Beginnings

Recently, I came across some good reviews of the new “South Beach Diet Super Quick Cookbook.” The reviewers made it sound so good, I searched for the nearest open-on-Sunday library to borrow the book no matter how many miles away it was. I ended up finding it at a San Francisco library that wasn’t open until 1 pm (???) and picked it up there. Whoever heard of someone being excited to go to the library?

Anyway, I haven’t looked through the whole book yet but so far, they’ve given some pretty good budget-conscious shopping tips. Mainly, 1) shop at ethnic grocery stores for cheaper produce & specialty meats & condiments, & 2) go to farmer’s markets near the end of their hours because they usually slash prices so that they don’t have to drag as much stuff home. Those are my favorite tips. The first one I’ve always known about but the second one was new to me since I rarely shop at farmer’s market. Maybe this is a good time to develop new habits.

It’s pretty premature of me to hope that this new book is the answer to my prayers but I’m pretty confident in it, as I always am in the beginning stages of a new diet. Aren’t we all? People cannot honestly commit to a diet with a pessimistic view of it & actually expect to succeed, right? In one month, let’s see how much progress it has given me. I’ll be sure to let you know. :0)

Weight Loss Challenge Day 3

I got on the scale this morning and I’ve gained 2 pounds!! Eff my metabolism! I even went to the gym last night AND the night before!! Could I really have gained all this muscle in two measly workouts? I think not. I probably just need to take a shet.

Anyway, I’m trying to eat healthy but I can’t decide which diet plan I want to forge through. At the top of my list is, of course, South Beach. But giving up bread, rice & pasta for 2 whole weeks?? Carboholic suicide. Then again, if I want to win this challenge, I’ll just have to suck it up like a real fat-loser. Seriously, I’ve been dieting for 65% of my life. You’d think I would be able to do this right by now. I have the instructions. Why don’t I just fuckin follow them?

Follow them, Ava!! GAWD!


gym: at least 4 times a week
fish: at least 2 times a week
carbs: low carb
meat: low meat consumption
protein: reenter the tofu
vegetables: at every meal
fruits: at least 2 times a day
colors: eat all colors of fruits/vegetables

Just fuckin do it, dammit.

Weight Loss Challenge Day 1

Today officially begins my competition with a friend towards weight loss. Project 180 was NOT working. The deadline is 4/15/11 and whomever loses the highest percentage of our current weight by that date will win.

I’m not too sure what course of action I should take yet but I will definitely need to hit the gym as much as possible. I’m not exactly the most competitive person you’ll ever meet…actually, I’m the most uncompetitive person you’ll ever meet, but I want this more than ever. I had to find motivation somehow so hopefully, this will be it.

If I win, the loser has to activate an E-Harmony profile for herself. If she wins, I have to go on vacation with her to Hawaii or Costa Rica (even though I don’t want to go). Hmm, I’m not sure the terms sound very fair but either way, it’s just a friendly competition to partake in. I sure hope I win. I do NOT want to spend money to go anywhere!!

Wish me luck!

On your mark, get set, GO!

8 Months & Counting the lbs.

Reading weight loss success stories

1) depresses me because I’m wondering why I can’t do it
2) motivates me because I think I CAN do it
3) bore me because I can find anyone who did a plan that my weak willpower likes
4) drive me because I have a boat to hop on in 8 months!!! HOLY UNDERWEAR!!

I’d best get crackin.

Tomorrow is a new day. Thus begins my 8 month fitness regimen.

Upside Down Diet

I got inspired hearing the story of this woman who was in a car accident who started eating her big meals in the mornings, small meals for lunch, and breakfast foods for dinner. Nothing new, but it’s worth a shot. She lost 127 lbs in 9 months. NINE!!! Wow. Don’t think I’ll have such luck but I’m crossing my fingers.

Yesterday, I had Ropa Vieja with rice & black beans for breakfast. This morning, it was fried rice, pork chops & a couple of shrimp dumplings. I feel a little bit sick. All this fat in my stomach is weighing heavy on me. I need to better plan my meals. Maybe I’ll start cooking the recipes from Rocco Dispirito’s new cookbook, “Now Eat This!” Unfortunately, everything costs money that I don’t have and who knows how long it will be before I can pay off my debts. The hardest part is staying home & not going out. Every time I go out, I have to spend money. At this rate, I’ll have to work 2 full time jobs just to sustain the lifestyle I am currently living. Or, I could better my education and just get a decent paying job.

According to craigslist, there are actors working as extras who make more money in a day than I do. Perhaps I’m in the wrong business. I signed up for the Stories High Acting Workshop again. Haven’t gotten onstage since 2007. I’m a bit frightened but I’m thinking the combination of facing my stage fright, increasing my education & switching careers is going to motivate my diet and my emotional health. Yeah, things will turn out allright. I believe in me.

[B]logging for Thinspiration

Excerpt from Project 180…

We all have one thing or another about our bodies that we are unhappy with. Somehow, even thin people have issues with their bodies. Weight is not always the issue. Some people are not happy because they are underweight, they have a boy’s hips, irregularly placed birthmarks, stretch marks, uneven chest, flabby arms, a lazy eye, thin hair, frizzy hair, hairy arms, stubby legs, cankles, outie belly button, big earlobes, and the list goes on.

The point is, no one is perfect. Just because a fat person is unhappy with their body does not mean that a thin person is happy with theirs. I think that’s a large misconception among overweight people who envy thinner individuals. Their issues may not be as noticeable but they definitely exist.

I remember speaking to a friend of mine who is thin as a churro and she complains about shopping just like fat people do. I was hesitant to believe her but when I thought twice about it, it’s true. She has trouble finding clothes that fit her just as much as an overweight person does because all the clothes she tries on are too big. They always make her look like she’s wearing a potato sack, which is just as unflattering as wearing clothes that make me look like a sausage. Now, I don’t want to wear clothes that make me look like food. I just want my clothes to fit my body the way it should, so I can look like a regular human being.”

Project 180 is a log I’m doing for a friend to give some inspiration for losing weight. I don’t know if it will work but we shall see what happens in 180 days. Today is the 3rd day so, 177 days to be exact. :0)

I Answer To Food When Food Is Not The Answer

I don’t know why I do this to myself but I am constantly eating food just to eat. I’m not necessarily hungry per se, just want to eat. I just want to chew on something delicious & swallow it. Even when I’m full, I still want to eat!! What is my damn problem? It’s causing me to be overweight & I have yet to do anything about it.

I think I’m just bored. Because really, if I want to entertain myself, food is not the only solution….but it’s the only solution I LIKE!! I have a love hate relationship with food. No joke. When I go to restaurants, I want a taste of EVERYTHING!! Rachael Ray is living my dream life. How can I live her life? What steps can I take to get to that point? Looks like I will have to do some research.