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One After The Other

Whoa, I feel like I’ve been neglecting this blog! Just have been so busy. Last week, I had to be in 3 different places at the same time every day! And on Tuesday, it was FOUR different places! I’m getting so stressed that it was beginning to affect my skin. No bueno. I can’t wait until things slow down and I can finally relax.

The film we are working on, “Vampariah” is going well. Still lots to do. We finally were able to create a teaser that introduces the leader of the vampire hunters, Kilmore. You can check it out here: Vampariah Teaser.

I finally completed the first draft of my short film, “Not Quite Unrequited.” Yay me! I drafted, re-drafted, rewrote and re-drafted some more to the point where I just could not think anymore and just turned it in to the producer. I’ll be having an informal reading next week so that I can hear what it sounds like outside of my head. Very excited for that because I got some amazing friends/actors to read for me! I am curious what their interpretation will be for the characters.

My next project is a sketch comedy show in which I’m participating in at Bindlestiff Studio. The show is called “Ad Nauseum” with the comedy troupe “Taste Better Wit.” I’m actually quite excited to be participating as sketch comedy is something I’ve been inspired by since I was in high school through Kids in the Hall. I’m not in it that much since I wasn’t able to make a lot of the rehearsals but I’m happy with the parts I have to do. I have to admit though, I am the worst at doing improv but I usually work well under pressure so when the time comes, I’m sure I will bring it. The show starts tomorrow and I’m nervous as hell but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Wish me luck!

Heard a great quote today. “The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” – Jessica Hische

New Project!

I’m super excited to announce that I was asked to be a contributor to a new entertainment site! It’s pop culture but since I skate harder along the indie track, I suggested an indie channel and that’s where I’ll be writing for! I’m so excited to participate in something like this because I’ve always wondered how those sites work.

My first event that I’ll be writing about is the show at Rickshaw Stop featuring Seeking Empire, Beta State, New Diplomat and The Bruises. Better yet, I scored an interview with all four bands! I can’t wait for that as it will be my first interview ever, at least in the creative aspect. Eventually, I want to attend more events & do more interviews to get those the recognition they deserve.

Just out of curiosity, I wrote down all the projects I’m involved in to see how many there were and currently, I’m up to nine. I’m surprised my head hasn’t exploded due to pressure & stress. Honestly, I’m enjoying each & every project and they all make me happy so perhaps that is the key to my multitasking. I just have to love it. Just imagine if I was getting paid for these projects! Yikes! That would be even better! Like I said before, think positive, and positive things will come your way. I love my life.

Oh How I Wish

As I wandered around the convention center looking for nothing at all, I spotted him. He was seated in a chair, holding a bus transfer with an amused expression on his beautifully shaved face. His printed white t-shirt was difficult to read as the image was so busy but I didn’t care. My 15-year-old self wanted to slam itself against his body & hold him forever. He put his hand up to cover his eyes and smiled while he shook his head.
“Are you okay?” I approached him as nonthreateningly as I possibly could. I smiled. He smiled.
“Yeah, yeah. Look at this, it says 2.5.” He pointed to his transfer. I didn’t understand what he was so amused by. This ‘2.5’ he kept speaking of meant nothing to me but I giggled at his amusement. He might have thought I shared his amusement so we giggled together. “I’m Will.” He reached out his hand to me.
“I’m Ava.” I shook his hand and we started walking around the convention center together. At one point, he mentioned a couple of films he made. He walked over to a table & rummaged through a few DVDs. He made a selection, took it over to a film festival submission booth & threw it into a box filled with other DVDs. He pointed to a young African-American man and said, “Ready to go?” to which he nodded.
“I thought you were going to give that to me!” I yelled, trying to speak above the noisy crowd that had divided us.
“Nope, cause you’re coming to see it at the festival, right?” His dimples made my knees buckle. A warm haze came over me and I nodded.
“Okay, where is it at?” I was hoping it would be in Northern California where I was at but he replied with an unrecognizable city. “Is that in Norcal or Socal?” I couldn’t figure it out.
“Onecal!” I could tell he wasn’t really sure so he just made it up. I relished in the fact that this complete stranger, someone I had been longing to meet since I was 15 was requesting my presence at his film debut. I couldn’t have been happier. “Let me give you my number in case you have any questions!” He scrambled for a piece of paper.
“Okay, I’ll give you my contact info too, just in case.” At this point, my inner self was doing the Running Man/Cabbage Patch combination while my outer self struggled to remain calm while searching for a piece of scratch paper to write on.
My friend, Roczane, spotted me & waved hi. I waved hi back but I couldn’t speak to her at the moment. My mind was too concentrated on exchanging contact info with Will. Eventually, he gave me his number & email, which at first glance, looked like a mathematic equation. I thought, “He’s a dork…I LOVE IT!” We hugged & I watched him walk out the door. I turned to Roczane, walked up to her & started doing the Running Man so fast I missed my step.
“Who was that?” Roczane grabbed a hold of me before I fell down.
“Will Friedle. My favorite actor in the whole wide world.” Roczane & I now had an understanding of my personal victory so she hugged me & congratulated me.

I was proud of myself & how I behaved. When I woke up, I didn’t want to. Then I recalled Last Night and wondered, “Why does Will always have a black friend in my dreams?” I just love how my subconcious always keep Will in the back of my mind, hidden in a secret drawer. While I may not always talk about him on a daily basis or even think about him, he’s there. The best part is that sometimes, my dreams come true & I experience deja vu. I’m waiting…

Two Kids, One Hall

Went to Cobb’s Comedy Club last week to see “Two Kids, One Hall” starring Scott Thompson & Kevin McDonald. The Kids In The Hall have been inspiring me to write since 1994. I can still recall my high school nights when I used to set my alarm to wake me up at the ghastly hour of 3 AM just so I could catch their show on CBS. Back then, we had a VCR and in order to record without commercials, I had to sit in front of the TV and watch through the whole thing with my finger on Pause. I ended up filling 6 videotapes with sketches of Kids In The Hall that I had recorded manually. I kept a notebook and labeled each sketch with my own titles. I didn’t use the official titles that the sketches were given, but my own rather. I knew the sketches so well that I was able to label them on my own and I’d know the sketch from beginning to end just by that one sentence/line/character plot. I put asterisk marks on those that were my favorites & I marked where the sketches of my favorite recurring characters were.

The Kids In The Hall changed my life. I used to write about happiness, love, puppy dogs & rainbows. They gave me the inspiration & motivation to write about the darker side of life such as pus boils, bitter bus rides, jealousy and death. It was a glorious epiphany that gave me great pleasure in discovering what emotions I could bleed onto paper. Just the other day, I was going through an old folder I had found and inside were my submissions to my high school’s literary magazine, “Between The Lines”. Reading through my old work made me realize how frazzled my mind was and yet how much it was attempting to mature. I submitted 5 pieces and the one that got in was titled, “My Letter To You.” I think the current me would have completely written off this piece as pure garbage but at the same time, it didn’t have any hidden meanings to it so I was able to recall all the emotions that I encompassed while writing it.

My Letter To You

Hey you, know what?
Nothing good ever happens to me.
Even if I tried to make something good happen
It always goes belly up in front of my face.
I could try and change things but my fate is the fact that
Nothing good ever happens to me.
Face it hon, when I found those kittens at my doorstep that day,
They were meant for me to see them die. An intention.
In a sense, they were already dead once they met me.
The day they died, I blamed myself and I still do.
I should’ve taken them to get shots but I didn’t know.
    I never had a pet before.
Wish they were my pets. Watching them die was the hardest part.
Body shivering, legs shaking, eyes watering, heart breaking.
The kittens were doing the same too.
I never forgave myself, all I did was blame myself because
Nothing good ever happens to me.
Some nights, I wait for something to do but there’s none.
I’d turn on the TV, look around for the remote, and
watch reruns of The Kids In The Hall, wondering when
am I going to meet David Foley, one of these “Kids.”
I’d get so bored I even had time to become obsessed with the show.
Like my craze for San Francisco’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream.
    Can you imagine that?
    Get a life, girl.
Ha ha ha, I would say, whenever they showed a real funny sketch.
Not witty funny, but stupid funny, Sure you can learn from TV.
    “Love Hurts”
    “Never Put Salt In Your Eyes”
It reminded me of when I grew up watching The Benny Hill Show.
That was a time when all I could do to stay happy was to laugh.
Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Hardy Har Har Har.
It was so bizarre to laugh extraneously in class with a friend.
I got in big trouble with the teacher for that because
Nothing good ever happens to me.
When I liked this guy in school way back then,
I wanted to say something but I had no guts to,
Too afraid of ruining our almost nonexistent so-called
I promised myself I would tell him someday. Someday.
Damn. Waited so long, he got taken by another girl.
I had to keep away from him so that I wouldn’t break down.
Now, we don’t even talk anymore. Not that we ever really did.
    What a shame.
One friendship lost. How many more to go>
My fault. Always my fault. It’s always my fault because
Nothing good ever happens to me. Nothing.
Everything left to happen to anybody always happens to you,
my dear best friend. You, You, You. Always.

Wow, pretty crappy but this is where it begins. I am constantly learning, growing, living & creating. Thank you, Kids In The Hall, for launching my motivation to explore my writing. My adulation for everything you all do is massive & everlasting.
Scott Thompson & Ava

Death of a Player Kickstarter

The Kickstarter page for our show is finally up! We’re in full force now. We need to raise $5000 so please feel free to donate or share the link! Support independent theater and come to our show!!

PMSTA Death of a Player – Kickstarter

Complaints & Collaborations

I’m supposed to be off book by Wednesday. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to memorize any lines. I hate this. I asked Jason Marsden on Twitter for tips and he said “Read out loud 3 times, in a monotone (do not perform). Rinse, lather, repeat.” Haha!! I love him. He’s such an awesome person. I will try his tip. I actually have only read it aloud once during rehearsal. Man, this would be so much easier if I was the one who wrote it. The short play I’m in is called “Circadian Suites” by Shannon Lee Pacaoan. The one I wrote called “Strength” is being performed by Annie Wang from Bindlestiff Studio’s 2009 Stories High show. It will be for the PMSTA show in October. Instead of memorizing, I should be writing. To be honest, I haven’t really been able to complete my screenplay. I want to finish it before 11/1/11. I was thinking of submitting it for admission to CSU Northridge. However, I refuse to submit it until I am happy with it. I don’t know if I ever will be happy with it seeing as I am my own worst critic but I have to move on regardless.

Anyway, I’m in the process of gathering a crew to start a new Youtube channel. We want to make comedic films, possibly all female. There will probably be guys here & there every once in awhile. I know, soooo original, right? But my friends & I are motivated & we love getting creative so why not? So far, we’ve got ideas, writers, directors, equipment, and resources. Now we just need to have meetings and just get it started. Oooh, just writing about this in public is getting me excited about it. I hope we actually go through with it. It won’t be easy if I move to LA but then again, life is always tentative so I really don’t know what’s in store for me yet. Let’s just call it a target; a hit or miss. If things pan out, we can do this no matter where we all are.

Oh yeah, and last night, my brother approached me about doing a children’s book together. He had an idea to create a fantasy world and turn it into a children’s book but he wants me to create the story and our cousin Viking to do the illustrations. Writing a children’s book sounds easy but I know it’s hard. It will definitely have to be put on the back burner for now. I have other priorities to pursue…like updating my resumé. Mama is eyeing a new job.

I Just Want To Create

I added a couple more items to my Etsy page and am excited to continue making more things. I’m constantly looking for inspiration but I don’t have too far too look. It is all around me. I could be inspired by a piece of chewed gum, you just never know. Here are the pics.
Sterling Silver Chain with Silver Wire Pendant
Sterling Silver Chain with Silver Wire Pendant

Choker with Turkish silver cross & antique silver tubes
Choker with Turkish silver cross & antique silver tubes

India Glass Bead with Heart Charm Bracelet (Sold)
India Glass Bead with Heart Charm Bracelet

I really want to venture into making jewelry for men and things that are edgier. This really isn’t my style, too bridal. I like the choker though but it’s so plain to me. Ah well, in time. Today, I’m going to teach myself how to make wire wrapped rings like this one:

wire wrap ringPhoto from Michigan Bead Supply Co.

Another thing I wanted to address. I had been encouraging a friend of mine to write a script because he is so humorous & zany. He kept saying he would and had been coming to me for advice on a script is written. I wasn’t sure he was taking my words to heart until last night when he told me writing was harder than he thought but he was 33 pages in and had 70 – 80 more pages to go. I was so shocked & proud of him. I cannot wait to read his script!! I’m pretty sure it will have wacky scenes and crazy scenarios and he tells some pretty funny stories just for the sake of comedy. Love it!! This has been encouraging for me. Now I feel inspired to continue with my own script. It’s only halfway done for now but I can’t wait to see what happens in my story. I am constantly inspired by events surrounding me, things that happen to me, and the people I come in contact with. When my film goes up, it’s possible my friends will recognize a situation onscreen. Yes, it’s that easy. :0)

A Great Loss

I spend all weekend writing to finish up my final for my screenwriting class. Just sitting around, writing away with my pencil and then typing it up, editing, and eating every once in awhile. And guess what? I lost 3 lbs! Of course, from the 4 lbs I lost from vacation, I had gained back 1.5 lbs so this 3 lbs includes that 1.5 lbs so altogether, I lost 6 lbs. Winning!!
All weekend, I only ate noodles, fruit, and oatmeal. Oh, and part of a calzone from when I had gone to a baby shower. It was a veggie calzone, not very good though I must say. Mostly artichoke hearts, olives, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes & onions. So yeah, I guess I can see why I lost the weight but I really thought I would gain since I barely did any exercise. I went to buy a baby shower card and chose to walk it instead of driving so maybe that had something to do with it.
After coming back from vacation and seeing that I had lost weight even though I did nothing but eat a lot of food and walk around alot, it hit me. The epiphany, the light bulb I had been waiting for. Exercise really works. I had refused to believe it before and thought I could lose weight strictly through dieting and not exercising but Michelle Obama got it right with her Let’s Move campaign. Getting up and moving is the best way to lose that weight and that’s what I plan on doing to get myself down at least 50 lbs. I’m 6 down so I’ve got 44 more to go. It’s going to be a great loss for me! If Sara Rue can do it, so can I, and with help!
My friend and I decided to document ourselves through this weight loss process through video logging. It’s strictly anonymous so I won’t be revealing where the logs are. Hopefully, we can keep each other motivated and get this weight down.

Strength Onstage

Finally read the monologue to others tonight. I rewrote it again all the way up to the last minute at work today. It took a lot out of me to share it as it was based on a true event. Of course, this was only a first test run, not the actual show so I hadn’t memorized it. No one had ever heard it yet, not even the women’s group I’m working with. They heard the original version but not the rewrite. I hope people liked it. It’s still a work in progress so I recorded it so that I could hear it as an audience member. My goal is to tell my story and hope that listeners can go through my emotions with me. Hopefully, I’ll get there by October. Thank god for art. Without it, I wouldn’t have any outlet to relieve my pain.

Violated. Restraint. Support.

I’m going to work on getting rid of the double chin.

To Write Or Not To Rewrite

I’m getting nervous for Wordy Word tomorrow…which is weird because it’s not like it’s a real show or anything. It’s just that I really should be completing my 3rd draft when in fact, I’m already on the 5th or 6th draft because every time I go through my monologue, I change things. And every time I start to read it, I start getting choked up over it. When did I become so emo? Maybe I’ll try to get it on video or something so that I can see myself. I might even upload it here to keep as record.

At what point do you stop rewriting your draft? Does it ever become perfect? Will I ever be completely satisfied with it? Probably not. My take on things is that there is always room for improvement, which is why I have no problem acceptiing criticism. I just can’t tell when I need to stop changing things and when I need to rewrite my draft. I guess that’s why Wordy Word is so good for the artistic soul. It will be good to get feedback from the audience. As great as it is to get criticism from the crowd, I’m not sure when I will stop criticising myself.

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